Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj coming in the ward. The nurse stops him and asks him to go out. Sooraj says I want to meet her and thank, she has done a big favor on me and my family, just once, let me meet once. The nurse says fine The nurse calls the lady. She turns and Sooraj waits to see her. He sees the lady and thanks her for the big favor on his family. He says you gave a new life to me, and she nods. He leaves and the operation goes on. A man gives tea to Sooraj. Vikram and Mohit talk about their step. Emily says Bhabho will be fine after this operation. Meenakshi says the big problem went in less money, we got kidney for free, else we would have given 10 lakhs.

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They decide what to do about the deal and they can convince Bhabho later. They say once house goes and they get a big amount, all the problems will end. The doctor says Bhabho’s operation was successful and he will shift her to room soon. They all thank Lord. The nurse says anyone can meet her now. Meenakshi says we all will meet. The nurse says its risk of infection. Sooraj asks Babasa to go. Babasa says you go, she will be glad. Sooraj goes to meet Bhabho. He holds Bhabho’s hand and thanks Lord for giving new life to Bhabho.

Bhabho wakes up and asks him about Sandhya. He says no. She asks did you try. He says she has gone to Scotland. She gets sad. The nurse asks her not to talk much. Bhabho asks him to go. He says calm down, I will call. He calls Sandhya and hears her saying I don’t want to talk to you, don’t call me again. He gets sad. Meenakshi and Emily talk at home about Ankur not calling them after getting the papers of home. Babasa comes and says everyone went to get Bhabho home, when she comes and sees family together, she will be happy.

Meenakshi says she has cleaned the house. Chavi says we should take care of Bhabho’s food. Meenakshi says yes and taunts her on her inlaws. Vikram says Bhabho has come. Bhabho comes home and everyone is happy seeing her. Meenakshi says give us all the worries, we have to serve you. Chavi asks what happened these days you and Emily look good friends. Meenakshi says see Bhabho, Chavi is jealous. Vikram and Mohit ask Bhabho to rest. Ankur comes to them and they are shocked seeing them.

Ankur says I have the right in this house. Vikram and Mohit are tensed and say what is he saying at this time, stop him. Babasa and Sooraj welcome Ankur inside and ask Ankur what does he mean. Ankur says I did not come to sit here, and says I have come to give this to Sooraj. Meenakshi worries and asks is this that paper. Sooraj asks whats this. Ankur says last time I came here for my sister and you told me relations matters to you the most, and for those relations, you have kicked my sister out of my life, I have come to show the real pic of those relations to you.

Ankur says you may realize your mistake and what you lost and what you got after sending Sandhya away. Ankur leaves. Babasa asks whats this. Sooraj opens the papers and Meenakshi is tensed. She takes the papers and says I will show it to Vikram. Chavi takes it and says I know to read it. She is shocked and tells everyone that its power of attorney, which says the house is named after Vikram and Mohit now. Everyone is shocked.

Bhabho scolds all her children and cries. They all cry. Bhabho gets unwell and asks them not to worry for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bullshit

  2. Who was that lady ? Her face was shown or not ??

  3. Any how she is not sandhya…
    Vikram mohit and meenakshi must be puished

  4. sooraj got the time to punish his brothers…

  5. where is sandhya come babyma plz suraj understand for her mistake l know u will be come and solve all the problem

  6. Suraj call sandhya but not showing her face, only hear her voice. whenever sandhya don’t talk to sooraj, like this…I think its not sandhya because ankur changing her sim card…This also ankur plan?

  7. good.. enough… director put a great effort to increase episodes upto 1000

  8. I still think lady who donated is Sandhya!!

    1. not sandhya

    2. not sandhya and chaturi

    3. Its definitely Sndhya who donated her kidney. She asked the other lady to lie down in her place, while she was hiding or Suraj entered the wrong room.

      1. Agree with aa

  9. But Still Suspense exists….is really women given her kidney?

  10. Director end this track soon, u r dragging like hijack one..

  11. Sandhya will come out as Bhabho will become sick again knowing her children truth.

  12. nice episode

  13. minakshi said that donar ‘s room no is 23. but sooraj enters ward no 23 ‘s any room. due to this confusion sooraj thanks another patient.
    now bhabo understand her child are low maintality.

  14. Ankur has destroyed both Vikram and Mohit’s mask.

    1. Sooraj doesn’t know English. He can’t go by him-self to foreign country. If Sandhya is pregnant, she will come by her-self without completing her training.

  15. sooraj is third class man.when all family supports him he thrownout sandhya .now all member turns to selfish ,then he realizes mistake.he has necesaary sandhya to solve all family problem. such an ideot ,devil .sooraj should go to jail for his home violence.

  16. why my family ( except me) love this show very much ,don’t understand.

  17. This serial must kick meenaki and vikram out because gve a lot f problem …
    exchange own daughter … she really devil…
    cannot cover chavi fault.. in the chavi wedding sandhya cover and struggle to finished

  18. Have a small info for the makers of this serial. It is informed that Sandhya is going to Scotland for training. Actually it should be Scotland Yard and not Scotland.

    Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police and is located in the city of London and is supposed to be the best police forces in the world today.

    There is no relationship between Scotland and Scotland Yard.

  19. dr.s.raghnathan

    no kidney transfer. it is a drama organised by ankur and babhoo to educate sandhya husband

  20. hi dr.ranganath,

    iam suprised that even doctors watch this show

    1. this show is going very slowly. now it is good that kidney transplation is not showed.which is not necessary .

  21. Is lady sure sundya

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