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The Episode starts with Govind telling everyone that Panchi’s parents agreeing for marrying her to Titu. Everyone is shocked. He says they have said yes and beats the plate. He asks Bhagwati to get sweets and says Kamlesh called and said yes. Titu hears this and coughs signing Surekha. Govind says come down, and dances with Titu happily. He says he will not scold him even if he does anything bad today as he is going to marry now. He says the sweets have come, and asks Titu to open his mouth. Surekha says you can’t do this. Govind says its not time to say like this, you also have sweets. He says I will ask pandit to find a good mahurat and makes Titu sit.

He says I will wake up Titu and he can have bath, he will get horse and he can sit on it. Rekha laughs. Govind says you will have to take seven rounds and I can’t decrease it. Titu says I did small mistake and you are doing this. Govind hugs him and says Panchi has said yes, and shocks Titu and everyone. Panchi talks to Rachna. Rachna says Titu can feel that you are taking advantage of him. Panchi says he understands me and trusts also, I will heal his broken heart. Titu tells everything to Golu. Panchi talks about Titu. Titu tells Golu that Govind is making someone enter his heart forcefully and is upset.

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Bhagwati comes to him with juice and puts the straw. She says I know you are worried for this marriage, but think good, who knows this marriage can bring much happiness in your life. He says Panchi and I both are worried, she might be thinking she is stuck because of me, Panchi says I will be happy all my life and smiles. Rachna says this romance can end in 6 months, and asks her to meet Titu and clear things once. Panchi feels Rachna is right and she should meet Titu once. Bhagwati asks Titu to meet Panchi once, and everything should be clear before marriage, else he has to regret later. Rekha hears this and says she is always dancing, if Titu and Panchi meet and cancel this marriage, Govind can also get Vaishaili for Titu. Titu says I will talk to Panchi once and calls her.

He says its busy, while Panchi is also calling him. She says I will go and meet him. Rekha comes to Mukund and says we have to get Titu and Panchi marry soon, and asks her did he pass lawyer studies by getting marks from teacher. She says if they don’t marry then they will get after Vaishaili. He says no, this can’t happen. They hear Surekha telling Titu not to meet Panchi. She says its her no and why did Panchi say yes. Titu says maybe Panchi said no and he thought its her yes, as it happened with me also, dad used to think its my yes when I said no.

Surekha asks do you feel she said yes being under pressure. Titu says no. She says no, she fought for Rachna, and she will not get under anyone’s pressure. Titu says I bet she will refuse.

Titu says Panchi will tell her parents and their no will come in few days. She says lets see, first give me your phone, till all this is decided. He says fine and gives her the phone. She says she will be happy if she loses, once she breaks the marriage, she will make him marry Vaishaili. Titu says again marriage, can’t you see my broken heart, I will not marry now, whoever it is. Panchi comes there and Govind meets her. Govind tells her about Titu, and ask her to make Titu responsible, then he will be thankful to her, he chose her as he believes she will make Titu lose one day, by breaking his laziness, his stupid love, she will make him a better man, a wife is not just wife, and tells the good things about wife in Mahabharat.

He says a wife should serve husband to make him free, and all good virtues. Sbhe should be an idol of love that she gives love of seven births in one birth. She smiles. Surekha tells Titu about his life after marriage and even Titu feels he will become coolie after marriage and life will change a lot. Panchi comes home and Rachna asks did she talk to Titu. Panchi says no. Rachna says mum and dad went to his house to fix the marriage. Panchi says its fine, I got all answers, I m waiting to go Titu’s home now.

Titu is shocked seeing Panchi’s parents and calls Surekha. Surekha wishes they break the relation, and Rekha prays that relation should not break. Mukund wishes Titu and Panchi to marry. Keshav thinks all property will go now. Pratibha says we have come to fix the marriage proposal of Titu and Panchi. Surekha and Titu are shocked and look at each other.

Govind says I have called you here so that pandit can take the mahurat. The pandit ji says its in next two days and Titu is shocked.

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