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Bigg Boss 8 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 126 (continued)
Upen sys to Gautam that now Ali is running away from us.
Dimpy is crying missing Rahul. she says to Ali that this was it, she says now we will meet at court, Ali says this will not happen, Rahul said to me to take care of you, i have responsibility to take care of you, he hugs her. Dimpy says i cant explain. i start doubting myself that if i am that bad that people call so much that bad, Rahul was strength for me, Ali says i am strength for you now, all are targeting me,Dimpy says to Ali that Sambhavna dont know what happened in my life, she said many things about me, that i am animal, witch etc, Ali says i am not bad for you. Ali says i swear on my mother that i will not be bad with you, i am internally with you, we will talk out things.

Sambhavna says to Upen that you and Karishma are with me, i have no tension, i saw who used to call mye friend are not with me now, i cant expain Dimpy anything.
Dimpy says to Ali that i was silent because of Rahul but Sambhavna said many things, Ali says Rahul was at fault too, he didnt stop Sambhavna, Dimpy says but Sambhavna say so much bad words.
Sambhavna sys to Upen that Ali was with me, i tried to understand him about Dimpy but now he safe so he is being nice with Dimpy to avoid nominations of tomorrow and be safe.

Day 127
Finale Week
song Saree ke fall sa plays. all inmates dance. Dimpy is sadly sitting on bed.
Karishma says dialogue of movie that be silent else i will get violent.

Sambhavna and Ali take hot water in washroom from kitchen, Gautam says to Pritham that you are captain tell him manners that he should have brought bucket in kitchen.
Pritham comes in washroom and ask Ali that you are very mad person, you should have brought bucket, Ali says why cribbing like women, Pritham says i am captain, Ali comes close to him, they grab each other and fight with each other with hands, Pritham brings his belt to beat Ali, they start their banters, Ali throws water at Pritham and he beats him with belt, Pritham hides in washroom, Ali comes out from other with water to throw at him but Pritham hides.

Sambhavna says Ali and Dimpy were fighting on show, were torning clothes of each other and in night they are together like besties, i thought Dimpy was clever than this, Upen says they are like this, Sambhavna says Dimpy was talking about Rahul with Ali, can you imagine, Upen says Dimpy is doing all this for camera, she is not to dumb, Sambhavna sys she is doing sympathy angle but discussing with Ali? who use it against her only, Upen says she just want attention and want Ali to pass her talks further, using him.

bigg boss says to inmates that this is time for last nominations, all says wow. this time nominations will be done team wise, one champion team member will nominate 2 challengers and vice-versa. Upen will not be part of nominations.
ALI: he nominates Karishma saying she is strong contender, second nominates Gautam and says he is strong too.
PRITHAM: he nominates Karishma, Pritham says Karishma always allege me that i dont give strong reasons to nominate so i am giving it now.. she got angry yesterday that we talk about her personal life but there was a time when you use to talk about personal life of Dimpy earlier and she used to get angry too, he then nominates Dimpy saying same reason as Karishma.
SAMBHAVNA: she nominates Dimpy and says she is strong, she second i have to select from my two friends, it would have been so much difficult fro me if it was not Karishma in this house so i nominate Gautam, i am sorry, i have no choice, he says no problem.
KARISHMA: she nominates ALi and says he is of no one, we talk on back of others but he doesnt know limits when he talk about someone, he goes to cheap level. second i nominate Pritham, we have not fought like anything, we used to solve things but he holds grudges and he plays too much safe.
GAUTAM: he says like Karishma said ALi is not loyal and backstab people, we cant trust him, i forgave him as he said he will imporeve this, i nominate Ali, second i nominate Sambhavna as she came late in house and Pritham is my friend, Sambhavna says no problem.
DIMPY: Dimpy says here all think that wildcard entries should go out first which is wrong, she says i will not nominate Ali as we had to show more fire, more struggle after coming late in house, it was not easy for us so i nominate Sambhavna and Pritham.

bigg boss says nominations done and ALL INMATES ARE NOMINATED. inmates laugh on this.

Ali says to Dimpy that they allege me for loyalty, are Pritham and Karishma loyal to anyone? Dimpy says Karishma didnt take stand for me when Sambhavna threw shoe at me, but when she was looking bad on camera because of Rahul she went to take stand, she talk so much bad about me behind back, i can say many things too to show her reality, she uses people to only take out her benefits.

there is one task, all inmates have to tell who doesnt deserve to be winner. Upen will be referee and will give his point too.
DIMPY: She says Sambhavna doesnt deserve to be winner, she said many things to me that i am witch, Sambhavna says yes also called you cheap, Dimpy says Sambhavna insulted me so much, my parents, her parents must be seeing this show, i am sure they must not be proud of you using such cheap word, Sambhavna ask her to move on and let other come, Dimpy says you cant always insult people to stay in this house, this show is no. 1, so she definitely doesnt deserve to be winner. Sambhavna says if someone is bad with me then i am bad with them too, Dimpy says what i did with you that you threw shoe at me? Sambhavna says yes you are saint? Dimpy says i am no saint, Sambhavna ask her to get lost, Dimpy says talk with respect. Upen makes DImpy sit.
GAUTAM: he says its weird to say who doesnt deserve to be winner but i will take Ali’s name, he forgets that he is talking to whom, he goes below the belt, he should hold his tongue, Ali says i will work on it and in life after here will be nice to all, Gautam says very nice, Ali hugs him.
KARISHMA: she says Ali doesnt deserve to be winner, he is not loyal and he says cheap words for anyone, Ali says that in this show we can say anything inmates, like their personal, professional life, i have not talked bad, if i start talking bad then you wont be able to listen, Ali says in this last week, i want to tell you that topics are stretched here, if i have hurt you then i am sorry, i am saying forgiveness right now.
SAMBHAVNA: she says i wont say that you people dont deserv to winner, Dimpy have worked too to come here but i like to answer Dimpy that i am not so classy, i have studied from hindi medium school but all are classy here, i am not able to coem to their standard, Dimpy says i didnt talk about schooling here, you used slangs, Sambhavna says i only said dog but we have all seen what slangs did you sue for Pritham, Dimpy says it was outburst, but i dont know why you got violent on me, you dont know how to talk, they start the verbal fight again. all ask them to finish it.
ALI: he says i wont say that she doesnt deserve to win but i like to take Karishma’s name as she is all about herself, she is selfish, Karishma sys i think thinking about myself is not bad, if i do freindship then i hold it.
PRITHAM: he says that i didnt see winning spirit in Sambhavna, she always said that why she is here? Sambhavna i dont know who will win show but i had spirit to come here and i am sitting inbetween you people now.
UPEN: he says Ali doesnt deserve to be winner, he is like this 24*7 then it cant be his game, he is realself, he tried to poke me too so i use violence against him, he calls Karishma selfish, i ask him to see mirror and see that he is selfish too, Ali says i am saying i will try to change, Upen says you do things then use these words for forgiveness, Upen says i think Karishma deserve to win, i know her very well, she is very nice person, i wish that audience vote for her.
Ali ask Dimpy to solve things with Karishma, she says not force.
in kitchen, Gautam jokes with Upen that you got girl so she deserve to win? you forgot your brother, dont you remember how we were friends in childhood, Karishma laughs.
Pritham says to Ali that you are fine but you have to change few things in your personality. Upen says to Karishma that now Ali will say bad things about us, Karishma says even Dimpy said that Ali hits below the belt. Karishma says to UPen that thank you for being there with me, Upen says i am with you for life, you know i love you and you? she says do i have to say it now? he says slip of tongue, they laugh.
Dimpy says to Ali that i told Sambhavna whatever i had too, i said slang to Pritham but said sorry many times but Sambhavna in anger said many slangs, it can destroy life of person as it is on Tv. Sambhavna says to Pritham that Dimpy started the fight again, i will not fight with her but wont talk to her too, why she brings family in all this, she starts crying, she says if i say slangs in hindi then what about her using slangs in english, is that fine, why she is digging at my family, after Rahul’s eviction i thought she must be weak so i wont give strong reason to nominate her but she iws doing everything to make me anger. Dimpy says to Ali that she behaves like nice girl but she is very cheap, i dont think a decent girl can use these kind of words.

Bigg boss calls Karishma and Upen in activity area. UPen and Karishma comes inside, there is date setup. Upen and Karishma sit infront of each other around table, there is pani puri on table, Karishma is so much excited seeing it, Upen says its first date of ours, Bigg boss says you both bought some gifts in snapdeal task so its time to give it to each other and we hope this will be memorable day for you, Karishma opens box and take out shirt which she bought for him, “i love my girlfriend” is written on it, Upen wears it, then Upen takes out ring from box. Upen says to Karishma that i want to tell you that this ring is sign of my feelings, as best friends i give you this ring. he makes her wear ring. he hugs her and kisses her.
Bigg boss calls Dimpy in store room, she comes there and finds flowers which Rahul bought for her in task, she cries reading his letter and seeing flowers.
Upen says to Karishma that when i entered the house, i had no intention to love but connection happened and its like at on time you realize that yes she is the one and you are one for me.
Dimpy says thank you big boss and Rahul for flowers and Saree, she reads Rahul’s letter that i miss you, keep smiling and dont fight please :), she says i miss you too.
Upen says to Karishma that you are everything for me. Karishma says you are most nicest person to me, you try to be romantic, you took best side out of me. bigg boss says to Upen that you entered house again with mission to complete one task which you couldnt fulfill in your first run in house, we hope that you got successful in your mission so its time for coming out of house. bigg boss says now time for Upen to leave house, Karishma says bigg boss this is not fair, Upen says one week only, he ask her to hug, she says i dont want you to go, Upen hugs Karishma last time and says you are strong, i am always with you, he leaves from there saying bye.

Karishma is hugging Sambhavna, both are in tears missing Upen. Karishma tells about date setup, she says i talked with Upen that when we will go on date we will have pani puri and bigg boss arranged that, he went outside again surprised.

Karishma says to Sambhavna that i met Upen 7 years back, it was opening of his modelling agency, we clicked a pic too, but i just talked to him there, i didnt meet him in years, iw as with someone else, Sambhavna says but you were not happy with him and life gave you another chance, Karishma says if i would have been happy with him then i wouldnt think about Upen, he didnt even send a letter on bday even knowing that my bday is special to me, i was fighting in this house alone, my ex-bf could have sent a letter writing that i love you, i am with you, couldnt he write that much for me? Sambhavna ask was it that bad relationship? Karishma says he was very possessive and we use to fight alot, Sambhavna says Dimpy was saying that you got more nice in house so left the outside bf, Karishma says how cheap talk is this, Sambhavna says she had to throw one person out in nominations so she targeted you.

PRECAP- Karishma reads the task that this is last chance to win 25lacs bag, task name is “last ladder”. there is green and red ladder steps for both the teams, inmates have to steal ladder steps from other team to make ladder fully. later Karishma and Pritham fights. Karishma says this is real Pritham that he will play dirty politics now. Pritham says oh selfish girl in class speaking about dirty poilitics, Karishma says yopu dont talk about it, you say to us that you dont wish to Gautam’s friend and he use your wife’s naem and all then i washroom you speak against Ali infront of Gautam, this is your diryt poilitcs, Gautma silently listens all this, Pritham ask Karishma to not go personal else it will be bad for her then, Dimpy says the first person who went personal in this house is Sambhavna Sambhavna is stunned and says its between Karishma and Pritham, why you are taking my name, be in your limits, Dimpy points finger at her and says i will hit you, Sambhavna ask her dare you touch me, they both come close to each other to fight, Karishma holds back Sambhavna.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. bigboss 8 is on fire really ha

  2. actly pritam shud b at 5th position he is the worst guy of bb8 ever…finaly upen left feeling kt was not that worried for him..wotever gauti u r superbbbbbb..

  3. GG is by far the winner…..he is real and is not acting at all…he has great class!! Am so happy he has mended his relationship with KT…that shows he is a mature person! Pritham is the worst now…i like KT more than Pritham…For me GG no.1 then KT no.2 then Ali no.3 and then Pritham no.4 and others do not matter.

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