Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarika telling Samarth to make things fine with Shobha and she wants Vikram. She leaves and he is still angry. Sharda talks to Shobha and says she is very glad that they all are together, I promised your mum that I will support you when you fall in love and want to remarry, I did not know Samarth will come back and he loves you so much. Shobha cries being silent and wears glasses hiding her tears. The kids play. Vikram calls Shobha and she misses it. Sharda gives the phone. Sharda asks Shobha to spend time with Samarth and she will take care of kids. Shobha unknowingly calls Vikram and says what should I tell you mum, that Samarth has beaten me, you will hate me if you know this that he has touched me against my will. Vikram hears everything and is shocked.

Shobha says Samarth is selfish, he did not change, I have to bear this. Vikram says Samarth and gets angry. Nani asks Vikram will he have food. Vikram says no, till I beat Samarth, I won’t digest food. Nani says what did he do. Vikram says I can’t tell you what he did with Shobha, I can’t spare him. Nani says sit and listen to me, they are husband and wife, they can fight, I don’t know what he told her, but you don’t have right to talk between them, come and gave food. Vikram thinks how can he claim Shobha as property and not human, how to tell Nani about Samarth’s sin, he should be punished.

Sanjay asks Garima to go and meet Samarth and Shobha. She says if he is troubled by her, she will go. He says he was just saying. She asks did he ask her about her health. He says complains again. She argues with him about trying to kill baby. He says what nonsense. She says the oil which he dropped on floor would have made her slip. He says I did not drop any oil, I m sorry, maybe I did mistake. She says don’t act, I know you don’t care for me. She leaves. Vinita comes to Sanjay and asks him to go bank in morning. He agrees. She asks what happened, why is Garima angry. Sanjay says no reason to fight.

She says she stays happy with me all day and fights with you, once baby comes, then she will make one team with child. He asks what is she saying. She says I m joking and leaves. Shobha thinks she is angry on herself this time, as everyone say listen to heart, I should have heard my mind, how did I believe him again, he fooled me within a month, how did I get blind in kids’ love, will I be able to forgive myself. Vikram says Shobha can end friendship with me, but I won’t be quiet, its about a woman’s dignity and respect, I will not leave him.

Its morning, Vikram comes to Shobha’s home, and says to himself that it was the most difficult night for him. Sharda opens the door. He asks about Samarth. She says kids miss you a lot, and tells Samarth went to meet Tiwari, come and lets have tea. He thinks he does not have time to have tea, he will meet Shobha after clearing his way, better watch out Samarth, I m coming. Garima reads the book and says who has torn its pages. She asks Vinita about it. Vinita thinks she has torn it. She says I don’t know and says we both are here, maybe servant has torn it.

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She thinks before Garima doubts on me, I have to kill the baby. Vikram thinks about Rohini’s words and calls her. He asks can they meet, he has some imp work. She says I have meeting, can we meet tomorrow. He says I had to talk about Shobha, its imp. She says fine, I will end meeting and call you. He says thanks. Sarika thinks Shobha is still angry and it will be problem, she will do something. She is not old Shobha to bear now, what will she do now, Samarth has to stop her. Sharda comes and says Vikram came and was asking about Samarth. Sarika asks why was he asking. Sharda says I told him he went to meet Tiwari. Sarika thinks did Shobha tell him everything.

Samarth talks to Tiwari and says he will try his best. Sarika calls him. He says call me later, work is imp, and ends the call. She says everything will go wrong if Vikram reaches there, if his ticket gets cancelled, help my brother Lord. Sharda comes to Shobha and asks won’t she go office today, is she fine. Shobha says she won’t go today, she is feeling weak. Sharda says leave the job, Samarth will do his duty and manage home. She says I will call him and he will come to take care of you. Shobha says no, don’t call him, I m fine, I don’t want to leave job. Sharda says if you feel he can become like old one, its nothing lie that, he started taking care of everyone, he changed. Shobha says yes, everything is changed.

Sharda says its good they you both get along well. Shobha says she is scared of this togetherness. Sharda asks what happened, and why is she so scared, is she still afraid. Shobha says yes, its much change suddenly. Sharda says I feel you did not forgive Samarth, forgive him by heart, go close to him and see. She says she will make tea and keep breakfast ready, come. She leaves. Shobha gets up and shuts the door. She thinks how to tell mum what did her son do, he is spineless and cheap man. Samarth talks to Tiwari and Vikram comes there to meet him.

He asks what did he do with Shobha. Samarth asks what did I do, are you drunk, how can you come anywhere like this. Vikram says you feel no one is there to speak in Shobha’s defense. Samarth asks who is he for her, and how did he become mad about her, what type of man is he. Vikram scolds him. Samarth says she is my wife. Vikram says you used her, you spoil the name of men. Samarth asks what did I do. Vikram says you have hurt her self esteem, apologize to her. Samarth asks are you mad, I can do this every night what I did that night. Vikram holds his collar and the guards take him out. Tiwari asks Samarth whats this.

Shobha thinks she tells everyone that she can handle everything alone, but there was someone like shadow, its Vikram, I did not ask help, but he came as angel and solved my problem, this time I can’t tell him anything, I m alone.

Vikram tells Sarika that family and love terms don’t look good by her, Samarth has to pay the price. Sarika says f you do anything, it can be bad for Shobha, you think you can get Shobha doing this. Vikram says Samarth does not know me.

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