Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Zakir reaching the ground and checking things there. They see everything ruined by the blast. Lohya tells about the doll which Sooraj informed him. Zakir says they just wanted to create a havoc and asks about Sooraj. Sandhya says yes, Sooraj ji and runs to him. She asks how is everyone. Lohya says Sooraj saved many lives. He says everyone is fine, that doll was same like Misri, I heard announcement and then I went to Lohya and told him everything. She says how did Misri get same doll. Sooraj says I don’t know, Mohit got it and when I asked him, he said Disha gave it. I asked Disha, so she said it’s a surprise. Sandhya thinks its strange.

Sooraj says even toys are having bombs. Zakir says yes, you have helped us and saved many lives, thanks a lot, we will need you again, but now go home, the family might be worried. Sandhya asks Sooraj did Disha come here. Sooraj says she did not come with me, she came alone, I saw her and she was shocked seeing me, she was afraid. He says don’t leave the people who did this and leaves. Sandhya doubts on Disha and tells Zakir that they need Disha’s details. He asks why. She says even RK stayed at our house last time, and maybe this time also, he tried same thing, I can’t take risk. She says she will leave. He asks where are you going. She says to meet Disha.

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RK smiles hearing about his win. He says my operation graham will be good, Sandhya’s police force can’t stop it. Meenakshi asks Misri not to cry as she will get the new do.. Disha comes her home and looks at the revenge wall pics. She smiles seeing Rathi family’s pics being crossed. Sandhya comes to meet her and Disha is shocked seeing her. Sandhya says she came to see if she is fine, as bomb blast happened. Disha says I m fine, it made me recollect in which my parents died. She thanks for her concern.

Sandhya asks about the doll, which matches with Misri’s doll. Disha says its bad as they are using toys. Sandhya starts coughing and asks for water. Disha tries stopping Sandhya at the door and goes to get water. Sandhya walks in. Disha says water is here. Sandhya sees the revenge board. Disha is shocked. Sandhya says it looks your mission is going on very well. Disha is ready to eat the poison and die. Sandhya says food festival is good for you and Sooraj. Disha stops her suicide. Disha thinks how did the pics change. She says yes, I was working on designs. Sandhya gets a call from Zakir.

Zakir says he got details about Disha, she lost her parents in bomb blast, what she said is true. Sandhya says thanks, I will talk later. Sandhya says she has to go now, take care. Disha says you too. Sandhya leaves. Disha sees someone in her house. Everyone is tensed by the bomb blast and asks is RK free. Sooraj says no, he is in jail. Don’t worry thinking about him. Bhabho comes home and thanks Lord that her family is fine. Everyone greets her.

She asks why is everyone upset, what happened. Mohit tells about bomb blast which could have killed their children. Vikram says Sandhya has lost her parents in similar bomb blast, if this ruined our family then. Sooraj says everything is fine, I believe Sandhya and her work, she will not let anything happen. Sandhya says yes. She thinks the whole city believe on police and hope we will protect them, I can’t let them hope break. Its Prema at Disha’s home who changes the pics on the revenge board.

Disha asks when did you come here. Prema slaps her and says your foolishness would have failed our plan. She says Vikram told me that Misri’s doll was used in bomb blast. Prema says Sandhya came here doubting on you. Disha says sorry. Misri says why did you keep the doll in Rathi family, you could have died, we can die, but this mission has to be successful. Disha says yes, I know my mistake. Prema says when I came to you, I saw Sandhya following you, I came inside by this window and hidden all proof. Disha thanks her. Prema asks her not to make Sandhya doubt. Prema says Sandhya got her details and then she went.

She says RK did right as he used our real identity. I have bear my useless husband since years. I would have killed him, but I stopped myself. I have compromised with my self esteem, as this operation is important for me. Disha nods yes. Meenakshi stands outside Bhabho’s room. Sooraj and Sanshya talk to Mohit to see time and tell everything to Bhabho. Bhabho asks Meenakshi where is she going. Meenakshi says to sleep in Chaturi’s room. Bhabho asks but why.

Meenakshi tells her about Vikram’s decision to leave her and marry Prema. Bhabho is shocked knowing Babasa is supporting Vikram, She tells everything to Bhabho. Everyone looks on. Vikram says he he thought well and took this decision, and he won’t change his decision. Sooraj says yes, you are riht, you have grown up and does not respect anyone. Vikram says you know I respect my family, but this woman has made me worse than a human, I have decided and my decision won’t change now. He leaves.

Sooraj asks Bhabho not to forgive Vikram and scold him. Bhabho says its night, go and sleep, we will talk about this in morning. She comes in her room and Babasa turns and sleeps. She gets tensed thinkin about Meenakshi and Babasa’s wrong’s decision. She looks at the Lord’s pic.

A lawyer comes with divorce papers for Vikram and Meenakshi. Everyone is shocked.

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