Bigg Boss 8 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 4
Nomination day
all are sleeping, song starts playing, secret society and all contestants wake up, all contestants start dancing.

Upen says to Diandra what love scene was going on yesterday, he is taunting on her and gautam’s closeness, Diandra ask what scene? Diandra sys you also didn’t care about it, upen says you don’t hold hand of other guys.

Gautam and Diandra talks, Diandra says I said to them that we were holding hands infront of all, whats so big deal in it, Gautam ask who said? diandra says someone said that we held hands, Gautam says so what we are friends, he hugs her and kisses her on forehead, he says cant friends hug? cant friend be with each other, nothing big in it, its problem of our country, if they see girl and boy together they think something is fishy. secret society sees them together, deepshika says they are just doing time pass togther, pritam says she is townie girl. Gautam ask who said this all to you, diandra didn’t tell him.

soni talks to upen, she says that diandra was angry yesterday night, she was angry because of gautam. Secret society says oh kitchen politics have started, this is the main thing which initiate fights.
Upen, soni and karishma talks, Soni says diandra got angry and took gautam from there, Upen says gautam came to me, he said that we will make food tomorrow let them make today, Karishma says boys don’t know about grocery, upen says he got excited, Karishma says I told him that if he wants then he can make food, we are not dying to make food.

Praneet says to diandra that if rains happen then Gautam will come to you, diandra says its nothing like that, praneet ask will you guys see each other after bigg boss, diandra says we are just friends, yesterday we are good conversation.
Karishma is making food, she ask diandra to ask about dinner to all.

Diandra comes to plane and says to all that they are willing to make pulse and rice in night so i think its good to make sabzi and roti for dinner, all agrees, diandra says we should talk to them, we should tell them that roties and sabzi should be made in night, sukirti says we have to do activities so we need energy and rice cant fulfill it, upen goes to kitchen and tells karishma that we will eat rice and pulse in lunch and will make roti and sabzi in night.

Diandra comes after washing her hairs, Gautam says you look like this too, she ask which kind of hairs he like? he says I like braid, she says what that long braid? he says no it can be short too, diandra says I cant make braid of my hairs, they talk sweetly, Arya smirks seeing them, Diandra talks to camera and say please secret society give me long hairs so I can impress Gautam. Punnet jokes to deepshika that how to give her long hairs when I am bald.

bigg boss talks to secret society that contestants always break rules so I ask you to give them punishment. deepshika says that sonali aslways talk in English so we should give them punishment, punishment should be strict, we should make them stand alone and not talk with anyone, puneet says Gautam is sleeping in daytime so he will also be punished.
punnet announces to contestants that you are breaking rules like Gautam sleeping and sonali talking in English, now they will stand on plane wing and they wont talk to anyone, they will stand in opposite direction, Gautam and Sonali sits.
puneet says to deepshika that this all will come on us too, bigg boss will show them that we slept in daytime and also used in english in talk then contestants wont leave me.

Soni, upen and Sushant talks in kitchen, sushant says contestants should compromise on food, I also don’t like to not do manicure for days but I am compromising, I also don’t like to work in kitchen like Sushpa bai, soni laughs on this.

Minissha, Praneet and ayra talks about secret society, they say that secret society is fair, praneet says they give punishment when we do something wrong but they reward us too when we do good, they are fair. Secret society relieves Gautam and Sonali from punishment.

Bigg boss talks to secret society and says its time for first eviction and contestants have to choose two person whom they want to evict also you can give us two names whom you want to nominate, those whose names you will give, they will be eliminated directly.
Secret society talks to contestants that its time for eviction, you all will have to choose two names of person whom you want to evict and you have to do this infront of all by burning their pictures and give reason aslo.
all contestants go out in garden area to nominate. First comes :

Karishma: she nominates Natasha first and says I chose her as she is suffering here, she is shy, she chooses Sukirti as her second nomination, she says I couldn’t connect to her so I am nominating her.
Diandra: comes, she nominates first Sonali and says I couldn’t connect to her, she choose Praneet as her second nomination as I couldn’t connect to him too.
Minissha: she chooses Natasha and says there are many problems for her, she cant eat food for her, she cant eat spice, she cant speak hindi, she choose Sonali as she couldn’t connect to her.
Upen: he chooses Sukirit as first nomination as he had spat with her, he chooses second Natasha as she is suffering.
Soni: she chooses her first eviction Natasha as they to prepare food for her alone, she second chooses Sonali for she couldn’t connect to her.
Praneet: He chooses Diandra and Sukirti as he couldn’t connect to them
Arya: he chooses Sonali and says I taunted and made fun when I was doing task, maybe I am wrong but I felt like that, he chosses Natasha second and says I am feeling bad to nominate her but she is suffering, she eats sugar in morning as she cant eat sugar, she saved me from ice room so I feeling bad for her.
Gautam: he kisses his photo, he chooses Sukirti and says I couldn’t connect to her, he chooses Praneet as second nomination as he feels that praneet is little bossy.
Sushant: he chooses Gautam and Arya as he couldn’t connect to them.
Sukirti: she chooses Natasha as she is suffering, she second chooses Praneet as she dint talk to him much.
Sonali: she first chooses Diandra, all laughs, she says we have loose connection and I am sacred with her hair color, she chooses Arya as second, she says I didn’t make fun of you but you interpret it.
Natasha: She chooses Karihsma and Sukirti ad she couldn’t connect to them.

all nominations are done.

secret society says Natasha has got 6 votes, sukirti got 5 votes, they discusses their nominations.
Diandra talks to Arya about Sonali, she says sonali ignore me, I voted her seeing her face but she voted me seeing on other side, she always talk to boys only, I cant understand, Arya says I will talk to her.
Arya comes to Sonali and says what I felt I said, Sonali says I saved sambar for you and you interpret that I was making joke of your starving, Arya says you are becoming angry, he hugs her for patch up, sonali pushes him little and says no its not done, you can says anything what you want.

Secret society talks to contestants, they say that Natasha has got 6 votes while sukirti has got 5 votes against her, we have immunity to choose two persons from you that will be evicted, they are Sonali, her behavior is not good with other girls, the second person is Gautam, his behavior is not good during tasks. He says those who can leave house for in this week is Sukirti, Gautam, Sonali and Natasha.

Praneet, Arya and Minissha talks, Praneet says secret soctiy is forcing all to concentrate on game, they are very serious, I haven’t seen such a serious bigg boss, they are seeing behavior of all and will choose on that basis only.
upen talks to Sonali and say why don’t you talk with girls, Sonali jokes what ,,, upen single

Praneet talks to Karishma about food, he says you should have made roti and sabzi, Karishma says they asked me to make rice for lunch so I made, if you want then go to them and talk, I wont say anything.

Soni and Karishma talks about Diandra, Soni says she is doing all this drama to get attention, Karihsma says she is making relation with Gautam for time pass only to get attention, its nothing else.

Bigg boss says this week showed fire when nominations happened between contestants but till when secret society will be saved. Voting lines are opened for 24housrs, you can votes for you favorite.

PRECAP- bigg boss says to secret society that its time to take difficult decision among yourself, you three will have to choose that person who doesn’t deserve to be in secret society, Puneet, deepshika and pritam looks at each other tensed. in house, Gautam and Praneet gets into verbal spat on food, Gautam ask parneet to not cross his limits and don’t say words which he doesn’t like, Praneet says I am doing my work only, Gautam says you are making me angry, Praneet looks at him and says so what, I am not angry Son.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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