Hamari Sister Didi 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan asks Amrita that does she think he was being practical, but like her he had to do it, this time. He says that she is his friend’s mother. He tells her that he was there for every moment. He says he used a calculator, and he won’t give her any further explanation. She turns to him, but he says she has no right to argue with her chief house doctor. Before stepping out of the door, that he has becomes so great with what he did today, but she will never ever forgive him.

Khushi prepares food. She asks Babay, why is dadi mama staying at their home, she can stay in another room. Khushi says she can only stay at mama’s room. Babay says that they will keep on fighting always. Sooraj decorates the wall with wrong spellings of Welcome. Sooraj explains that dadi mama is ill, and might not be able to read it.

Malika comes across Bobby, when a patient bitten by a dog comes to hospital. Malika attends him, he introduces himself as Rastogi. She ignores him, he reads her name from the card. She asks does he makes films, from he would say some dialogues. He says he has a family business of films, and is a producer, director and distributor. The doctor comes there, and sends Malika in the ward. Bobby gives him the injection.

Karan says to Mrs. Kapoor that her BP is getting normal. She was lost. He asks isn’t she happy. She says she is going to a home, she lost everything; she had decided not to go there ever but she is going their only for children. She says she snatched them their time, and their father isn’t with them. Karan asks what is the problem? She says it is what always was. Karan says that the heart bears the pain, even when the arteries around are blocked. He leaves.

Amrita was in the terrace. Mehr brings Mrs. Kapoor’s medicines and prescriptions.
Karan comes there, and says that Mrs. Kapoor isn’t going to be discharged today as she went through trauma today. Karan says that her blood pressure isn’t stable, and will stay in observation. Amrita asks that she is alright, children are waiting for her. Karan asks they have to keep her in observation, does she has an ECG machine at home? Amrita is angry, and asks Karan he could have discussed this with her as she is her relative. Khushi asks Amrita, but she says that Dr. Karan wants to keep her under observation. She tells Sooraj, that dadi mama is ill, she will come to them tomorrow. She asks Amrita about Babay, Khushi tells her that she is doing her studies of nursing.

Amrita hands a baby to a patient. Amrita tells her she is going to live with her mother-in-law, she must take care of her. It was patient Harpreet. She tells Amrita to do the same in her case, her mother-in-law will also forgive her one day. Karan hears the conversation. He calls her, and says he has signed the discharge card and will drop them home tomorrow. Amrita says she will take her. He says he is informing her, not asking. Amrita tells him that he is incharge at the hospital, he must not interfere their personal life. He says he is interfering in hers.

Malika brings a file to Karan. He tells her to take the file away, as he is tired right now. She says it is an emergency. She is annoyed, and asks does he know about the emergency or him. She must go to nursing station and gossip about him.

Amrita watches Mrs. Kapoor’s file, there comes an emergency surgery. Amrita comes to call Karan, he was asleep shirtless. She turns around, and tells him that she might have to come to his apartment at times. Karan goes for the surgery. He gets the flash-backs of Avi’s operation. Karan removes his mask and announces it is done. The patient’s brother cries outside. Amrita comes out and informs him that his brother is now fine. Karan also comes out, the attendant asks him have they met somewhere. Karan says he doesn’t remember, but he saw him in Mumbai in Liberty Cinema Hospital, last year.

PRECAP: Everyone hears, as the attendant tries to remind Karan a case in which media and police got involved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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