Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Emily shouting for Bhawarlal and others and at the same time running back and checking on Rathis. Sandhya tries to calm her by talking but Kajri does not listen. She tells she will get justice. Thakur and others reach the place. Thakur pushes her down and scolds. He asks his men to take her away from there. Kajri takes her knife and threatens everyone who come near her and tells she wants justice for her son’s death. Thakur says he knew she has gone mad but now it is proved. Kajri answers him that he is mad and does not realize what is happening in his house. She wants justice for her son’s death. She wants to see what he would do if someone from his family does the same mistake as her son. Thakur says that no one from his family would do such thing, they all know their limits. Rathis are tense. Kajri drags Emily, brings her forward and shows the cross in her neck to others. Sarpanch is shocked to see it. Kajri says Emily is not just from a different caste but of a different religion.

Thakur scolds Maasa for not informing him and selecting Emily as her bahu. Sandhya defends Maasa saying she does not know the truth. Thakur stops her and says maybe Maasa did not know but Rathis knew it. They fooled the whole village and spoiled their dharm too. Dadasa tries to calm down Thakur saying they are from the city and not bound by the rules of the village.

Kajri brings Mohit near Thakur and asks him to give justice, now that someone from his family has done the same mistake as her son. She says it is the same mistake, same place but someone from Thakur’s house and caste and she wants to see what justice they will give. She also says God has provided her this opportunity to get justice and if Thakur fails to do justice, he can stay at home wearing bangles. Thakur is angry and stops Kajri saying whether it is a banjaran or one from his caste and family, punishment will be same. Villagers also support him. Mohit and Bhabho are in tears. Bhabho begs Thakur to forgive and asks Bhabhasa to say something. Bhabhasa requests Thakur that as parents they have a major part in this mistake and asks him to punish them first. Dadasa interferes again and says they will not accept Emily as their daughter-in-law and asks him to let them go.

Kajri is watching all this and enraged. She instigates Thakur saying his family members are fooling him again and not to believe them. She reveals that Emily is pregnant and the Rathis cannot reject her. After listening to this, Thakur explodes at Bhabho and Bhabhasa for defending a son like Mohit in the first place. Suraj seems like planning something. Thakur announces that justice will be the same for all and no indifference to anyone irrespective of their caste or banjarans.

PUSHKAR: Meena brings Daisa’s daughter-in-law to a messy hospital where a nurse or junior doctor is telling someone that many doctors are on leave and they are running out of staff. She asks Meena to fill the form and take her to the inside. Meena leaves Daisa’s daughter-in-law inside with the nurses and comes to fill form. She is not feeling well and thinks she has to inform Daisa as she cannot handle. She requests to make a phone call and rings numbers but before completing she falls down in pain and other people catch her and think she has got her labor pain.

Precap: Seems like Sandhya is confronting Thakur and Suraj and Momly have escaped in the meantime. Kajri tells Thakur that they have fled and he asks his men to find them.

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