Qubool Hai 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 24th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Razia is berserk and keeps talking to humaira to get up, while the family watches on helplessly. Finally humaira has glimpses of ayan’s moments with her, and wakes up screaming for ayan, pleasing the whole family. Rashid tells her that he isnt here, as he’s gone to pray for her. The doctor says that its a miracle, and she’s just slightly weak now, for which she has to rest, and that they can discharge her in the evening. Razia and the family is very happy. The girls ask humaira not to worry. She says that she’s sad as to how this important day of hers turned out to be, and ayan isnt here too. Nikhat cheers her up saying that now she knows for sure, that ayan loves her real bad, and hence its still a very important day of her life. Humaira gives a smile.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Razia asks if the news is for sure this time, that zoya is gone. tanveer says that she has actually gone. Razia is happy at the good news. She asks tanveer not to try to lie to her, tanveer vehemently denies lying to her about zoya. Tanveer looks on at zoya unpacking her stuff. She think that zoya is such a fool, to think that she can stay here, as if she had gone, her life would have been spared, but now she would have to die.

Razia remembers the slap of badi bi, and is very angry at that, and think that she would give a befitting answer to it. She removes a hankey from a bottle, and looking at it, she opens it and pours the liquid inside it, on the hankey. she goes into badi bi’s room, and says that she had slapped in front of everyone, and that she is very courageous, but today she would teach her a lesson that she would forever remember. She takes out the bottle from under the dupatta. Badi bi is shocked to see it. she uncorks it, and takes badi bi’s hand, saying that this was the hand that she had slapped her with. As they get into a scuffle, bdi bi jerks her hand away, and razia falls on the floor at the impact, and the bottle falls on the ground, with a a few drops falling on razia’s face, scaring her. she covers her face and runs to her room.

She looks in the mirror and finds her face okay. Badi bi taps on her shoulder. She asks razia to rest, irritating her all the more, calling her foolish. razia warns her that she might try anything, but she wont let humaira and ayan’s engagement being called off. Badi bi says that its already done. Razia promisess that when ayan returns, he would engage with humaira. As she leaves, badi bi calls her from behind and says that she might try anything, but ayan wont ever marry humaira and thats her promise.

Nuzrat informs humaira that she has called ayan, and asked him to come home, telling him about her safety. Humaira asks if he would finish the engagement. Nazma teases her saying that it cant be done, and ask her to wait patiently till she is okay. Humaira says that she has waited for years, and cant anymore, growing emotional.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is unpacking her stuff, remembering the drama at the airport, and asad’s eyes, and clarification. She storms out of her room, and tanveer opens the briefcase, and taking out a wire, smirks at her plan. She goes into the bathroom, and gives way to her evil plan.

In his room, asad remembers the airport scene too, looking at zoya’s earring. He thinks that he got engaged. Zoya storms into his room. Asad reprimands zoya that she shouldnt come in unknocked into someone’s room. She retaliates back saying that he also shouldnt come in someone’s life, without knocking, not even knowing what they are doing. She asks asad that when this ring and the engagement dont mean anything to him, then why did he place the ring on her finger. she asks what does this ring mean, as she knows what it means for her, and wants to know what it means for him, as he had said that he doesnt believe in drama about the institution of marriage. She asks him if he means it. He asks her not to daydream, as he didnt mean it. when nazma calls out for zoya, she storms out warning him that their talk isnt over yet.

Zoya gets into the bathroom, cursing asad and his foolishness, and emotional challenge. she decides to take off the ring and give it back to him, but its gets stuck. Meanwhile the bathtub is filling with water, containing the wire with electric current, that tanveer had placed in the bathtub, and connected to the electrical circuit, thinking that people would think it happened accidentally, causing her death.

Asad is very angry at zoya in his room. the water causes the electrical circuit to fail, causing the light to dim in asad’s room, and he goes out to find whats wrong. Asad finds the faulty wire going into zoya’s bathroom, while zoya oblivious of the danger in her room, is trying to get the ring off. tanveer waits in anticipation, unaware that asad has gotten to know about the wire. As the water starts to brim out, and fall on the ground, reaching out to zoya, who’s thinking that the ring getting stuck might be a sign of something, but then brushes it away saying that its no sign.

Zoya, obliviously starts approaching backwards towards the bathtub, and asad runs into the room frantically, to be able to save her. He storms into the room, and saves zoya, somehow. While zoya is very angry at asad’s behaviour, asad overwhelmed at having such a close shave, hugs a shocked zoya tight. tanveer is distraught at her plan having failed. The screen freezes on their romantic embrace.

Precap: Dilshad shows tanveer the dress, that she had saved for asad’s wife. Zoya wears the same dress, and asad cant take his eyes off her, as he watches mesmerised. Zoya too looks longingly at asad. Dilshad watches their eyelock. Tanveer is irritated at all this. A celebration is on at asad’s residence.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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