Chanchan 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 24th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in the party. Chhan Chhan says Manav lets go I will introduce to you to everyone. Himanshu says he is being treated like a VIP. Chhan Chhan shows them some dogs. Chhan Chhan’s family also become happy meeting Manav and Himanshu. They talk friendly. Chhan Chhan says his father is a painter. Manav asks Chhan Chhan to let him meet his special friend Anarkali. Chhan Chhan asks him to find out himself. Himanshu jokes on seeing Manav with Anarkali.

Chhan Chhan introduces his sister with Manav and Himanshu. She says this is Mr. Susu. Himanshu says the whole family knows him. She introduces herself as Rushaali, the tattoo maker. Manav asks about the birthday boy Puch Puch. Himanshu wishes Puch Puch happy birthday. Manav gifts him something. Chhan Chhan introduces them to her Dadi. Dadi asks where did a dog bite him. Manav is embarrassed. Dadi then leaves. Dadi asks him to meet her before going home. Chhan Chhan complements Manav and he feels happy.

Chhan Chhan introduces them to Poorvi as few dogs are fighting. She takes Chhan Chhan along with them. Himanshu says he will go and meet Simple. Chhan Chhan gets a call and she says I will come there now. She tells Manav she is going to bring the cake. Manav says he will also come with her. They both leave on a scooty.

Manav says he did not think that he will talk to Chhan Chhan after the Susu incident, she says see now we are friends.
Umaben is in a car beside their scooty, and she is talking on the phone. But she does not see Manav and Chhan Chhan. They reach the cake shop. They discuss about Chhan Chhan’s family. Manav says the girl gave back the tablets to the shopkeeper. Chhan Chhan says she was the girl who gave back the tablets. Manav asks why did you return it for me.

Chhan Chhan says because I wanted you to come to the party. Manav asks her why did you wish I come to the party. Chhan Chhan is unanswerable to this and goes to take the cake. Umaben sees Manav on near the cake shop on a girl’s scooty. She thinks what is he doing here.

She calls Manav and asks him where is he. He lies to her and disconnects the call. Umaben thinks why is Manav lying. Umaben thinks to check who is Manav’s friend. She gets down the car. Manav and Chhan Chhan leave. Umaben thinks they have gone, but Manav was lying. She feels that his friend made him lie to her, so his friendship is not right.

Scene shifts to the party:

Puch Puch’s birthday is being celebrated. Simple praises Chhan Chhan. Manav is happy to hear it. Yun tera muskurana… song plays in the background as Manav looks at Chhan Chhan.

Scene shifts to Umaben:

Umaben sees few proposals for Manav. She does not like the girl’s portfolios. The matchmaker asks whether his son is ready. She says what if her son rejects the proposal. Umaben says that he is my son, he will not go against her. He will not even see any girl without her permission.

Scene shifts to the party:

Manav and Chhan Chhan stare at each other. Music plays..

Scene shifts to Umaben:

The matchmaker asks which type of girl you would like to get. Umaben thinks of Chhan Chhan and tells the matchmaker the qualities she is searching her. She says she wants a modern girl who is fearless, the one who is goes against ancestor values, the one who teaches the elders, who is witty.
Umaben says she wants a bahu ooposite to the qualities she made her write.

Chhan Chhan and Manav thank each other. Umaben says since Manav started lying to her, she has started looking for a bride for him..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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