Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya talking to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Babasa took the wrong decision, he just saw my mistakes, and did not think what good things I did at home, I helped even you, Babasa said I always caused trouble to them, I m the first bahu of this house, I saved Misri from child marriage. Bhabho has always forgiven me and did not kick me out of the house, she would have not done this, I m missing her, only she can understand me. Sandhya says time is bad, Babasa is angry so he said all this, its festival day, maybe his heart may change. Meenakshi says yes, Dusshehra ends the evil. She says this time Babasa has made me away from my husband, Bhabho would have stopped him. She cries and says she can’t bear this, she is worried what will happen now.

Sandhya says she will support her and thinks she did not think Babasa will do this. Sooraj applies oil to Babasa’s feet and tries to talk to him about Meenakshi. She asks him to forgive Meenakshi and change his decision. He says you have always forgiven me, Sandhya, Mohit and Vikram, forgive Meenakshi too. Babasa asks him to go and sleep. Soorja gets upset. Its morning, Sandhya gets ready to go for duty. She comes to Babasa and touches his feet. He blesses him. Sandhya says she will come back till the aarti time. She reminds him of the family, and how they gift each other. Babasa says yes, Bhabho has kept everyone’s gifts. Meenakshi hears this. Sandhya leaves.. Meenakshi brings tea and samosas for Babasa and he likes the snacks.

Meenakshi says she made his fav food and he keeps it back. Mohit sees them and asks Babasa to have the food. Babasa says he has learnt that he does want to eat the snacks as it cause bad health for him. He says he will eat with friends and goes out. Meenakshi cries. Mohit looks at her. Zakir tells Sandhya that everyone is finding how the rats died and we have sent to lab too, the reports will come in one hour, we have to shift RK, else he will get a chance to postpone his hanging. Sandhya says uts RK behind the rats death. Zakir says but how did he do this. They cover their noses because of the bad smell.

They bring RK out. Sandhya thinks if RK did this, its his plan. She goes to insoect the room and gets the soap near the sink. Zakir keeps an eye on RK. She thinks that RK used the soap to kill the rats. She calls Zakir. She tells what RK did and shows the soap. The other men aim gun at RK. RK smiles and throws the table at them. He beats them up and uses the chemical gas on them. They faint. Zakir comes out and RK hits him with the gas. Sandhya aims the gun but is stuck inside. She tries to shoot RK. Everyone faint. Sandhya covers her face and goes out. RK makes her gun fall and she still holds him getting into a fight. Zakir faints. Sandhya struggles to stop him. RK pushes her and falls too. RK gets up and she holds his hand. Rk wears the face cap and leaves from there. Sandhya tries to extend her hand and coughs. She faints..………..

RK comes outside and uses the PCO to call Disha. She is shocked hearing him. He tells her his plan. Sooraj looks at Disha and asks what is the matter. Sge says its my cousin’s call Prachi and talks to RK. She asks are you fine, where were you, I tried to contact you. RK asks her to keep the doll safe and send it to the field. She is shocked as she kept the doll. He says don’t make any mistake this time. He does not oay and leaves. Disha thinks she has to get the doll.

Mohit tells Babasa that he will dye his hair. Disha comes to them and hears them talking. Babasa says fine.Disha looks for the doll and thinks did anyone get it at home. Babasa tells Mohit that he won’t change his decision. Disha sees the doll with Misri and thinks to take it back. Mohit sees her and says you. Dishaa greets him and I wanted to have pot water. He says ok, I will get it. He goes. Disha looks at Misri and greets Babasa. She makes him busy in the newspaper riddle. He goes away from the kids. Disha takes the doll while talking to Misri. Misri does not give the doll and says its mine. Disha scares her and Misri starts crying. Babasa and Mohit come and asks what happened. Misri says she is bad. Disha says I was pulling her lovely cheeks, so she is calling me bad.

Disha thinks she has to take the doll and reach the ground. Zakir gets up and looks at everyone fallen. He tries to wake up Sandhya. He moves her and she wakes up. Zakir says get up. She says RK…….

Disha asks Sooraj to call Misri out. Sooraj brings Pari and Misri,. Disha tries to take the doll and stop the bomb.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jeyam Ramachandran

    We could not understand how RK was able to obtain the hose and other chemicals to produce the poisonous gas. Will the director explain or will he simply fool the viewers?

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