Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun saying only Ishita can bring Sanjana to Mihir, and he had to admit that Shagun is his sister, not Sanjana. Shagun tells Sanjana that Ashok will produce her play as promised, thanks, its done. Sanjana says sorry Ishita and leaves. Amma takes the kids inside. Mihir scolds Shagun and calls her a manipulative woman. He says my sister had a heart, and you don’t have a heart, you proved my decision was right, get out.Poornima comes and says stop Mihir. Ishita says Poornima ji. Poornima asks Mihir to stop it and not scold Shagun, how is he to tell her this. Shagun says did you tell Ishita that you broke your relation with your mum too. Ishita and everyone are shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks Poornima how dare she come when she warned her. Poornima says she could not leave Shagun alone, she met Ishita and understood she is Ruhi’s new mum, I wanted to meet her, as I have right being Ruhi’s Nani. Iyers leave from there. Mihir asks them to stop. Ishita says she will see them.

Raman scolds Shagun and Poornima for stopping Mihir’s tilak function. He says Mihir did right to break relation with both of you, you won’t deserve relations. Raman leaves. Ishita asks everyone to stop. Raman says I will talk to them, Shagun created all this drama. She says Mihir did not tell us as his sister is Shagun. She says she will talk to family and asks him to go to Mihir as he needs him more. Mihir asks Shagun is she happy after snatching everything, his love, his family. What does she want? She says she wants to marry Ashok, Suraj kept a condition that my brother will get this proposal for me, else he won’t allow me to marry Ashok. He says are you joking. She says Suraj got the article where you spoke about breaking the relation with me. She says he is sure that no one is backing me, he wants me to get me on roads. He says what should I do. She says get me married to Ashok. He says no, think its same Ashok who got you away from your family. She says its not a single person’s mistake when relation breaks, you always take Raman’s side, you forget I m your own sister, I love Ashok, this is not fair.

Mihir and Shagun argue about Ashok. Mihir asks is she mad to support Ashok. Shagun asks him not to favor Raman, as she loves Ashok, why is he blaming him, its her life. Mihir says mad woman, you think you left Raman for love, you left him for money, and taunts his mother to be ashamed. Poornima says how can I let my daughter stay in loveless marriage, I supported her for securing her future. Mihir scolds both of them calling them gold diggers for breaking the hearts of people who loved them and says he has seen Raman going through the pain when Shagun left him, he loved her so much and he got stone hearted and what right she has with Ruhi. He asks does Poornima want Ruhi to become like Shagun. He asks them to leave and says he is not related to Shagun, get out before I kill you. He shouts leave me alone. They leave angrily. Mihir cries breaking down. Raman sees everything standing far.

He gets tears in his eyes and leaves. Everyone come home and is upset, Raman comes to them. He talks to Amma and Appa. Amma says how did this happen, its all bad that happened that Mihir, he might have felt so bad. Raman says he had this anger in his heart which he got out. Amma says Ishita and Mihika’s trust got stronger, you and Mihir are ready to do anything for each other, he is such a loyal friend, Raman you are very lucky. Raman asks you don’t have any problem with this relation. Soumya says no, why did you think so. Appa says Shagun created a big problem and we felt we should come home. He says Mihir would have felt bad if we were there.

Soumya says Mihika is lucky as Mihir left wrong relations for his ethics. Amma says Mihir is our son in law. Raman cries with tears. He thanks Amma and Appa. Bhalla joins them. Mrs. Bhalla praises Amma that she proved she has sense. Amma says the wedding will be in south Indian style. Mihir comes and hears this. He leaves and Ishita goes after him. Soumya says we will do tilka function in family, if the guests are gone. Romi says I still have pandit ji, lets do it.

Ishita talks to Mihir. Mihir says he can’t forgive Shagun, he cheated Raman and me too,l she went to meet Ashok and I used to cover up for her, I cheated Raman too and I did not know. I was 16 years old when Raman married Shagun, my dad was not alive, Raman accepted me with so much love, I felt I got an elder brother and father, he got me educated and sent abroad like a father would do, he did not have anything, but he spent everything on me, Shagun and my mum. He encouraged my mum to learn cooking and publish her book, and Shagun left Raman for Ashok. He says thanks to Lord, you came in Raman’s life. Ishita asks Mihir to forgive Shagun, as Raman has moved on in life, and he is still there. She says if you unite, maybe love won’t be same, but atleast hatred and bitterness can go.

Mihika’s calls her. She says I will just come. She turns and sees Raman hearing everything. She leaves. Raman comes to Mihir and asks is he ok. Mihir says yes. Raman says what Ishita told is right. He says its good to make everything fine, till when will we spoil the future because of past. Mihir says Shagun wants to marry Ashok. Raman says whats the problem. Mihir says I can’t do this, she is marrying Ashok who always hurt you. Raman says he believes in fate, what happened is my fate, I m happy today, look at me, I m married, got wife and have children. Raman says set her free of your hatred, forget everything, our hatred can’t deny she is mum of my children.

Raman says Shagun is the mother of my children, don’t call her by some bad name, this will affect my children and my life, think about it, she is troubled by her life and making her frustration out on us, she wants to stop your marriage to get herself married to Ashok, please end this matter, you are starting a family, I started, she has right too, you gave her the right, then she will give us right to leave peacefully, please for my sake, give her rights to her. Mihir says no, no. Raman says I know its tough decision, but I know you love me a lot and won’t disagree, thanks. Mihir and Raman cry and hug. Ishita hears them and smiles. She thinks she respects him a lot, he is not the Ravan Kumar, he is not Shagun’s Raman, but her Raman now. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………………plays………………….. She smiles. Raman turns and looks at her smiling.

Raman asks Mihir to stop crying. He says if you cry so much, what will Mihika do. Ishita asks them to come for tilak and she will do all the rituals as his sister. Raman says did you not get anyone to make sister. The tilak function is done happily. Mihir and Mihika hold hands. Ishita and Raman look at each other. He signs asking what. She signs nothing and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………..

Raman says he thought to tell her when she says him and gets closer to her. Ishita is shocked. Ashok and Suraj talk about Suraj;s condition to free Ashok from marrying Shagun. They are stunned seeing Mihir who comes with marriage proposal of Shagun for Ashok.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plzzz no more problems in ishras life n make them live in peace n romance

  2. Poornima and shagun i ll going to kill u how dare u to intefere in ishras life arae go to hell ya. I remember that mihir is a main villian of this story and i cant understand whts going on. Plz mihir dont spoil ishras life plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. what! Mihir is the main villain?! oh god! aprox. how many villains is this serial going to have! Ashok, Shagun, Suraj, Parmeet, Pournima and now you say Mihir also! These are hell lot of villains yaar…

  3. Dont get d time to watch dis serial.But telly updates….i can always come n read here.

    1. yeah…its the same even for me

  4. wow wow really its was amazing today yaar.what a bro relationship of raman and mihri.ishu ur right raman is not shagun ka raman.he is only for ka only fos ishita raman kumar balla ka.great yaar raman.and u will never change.there is lot of series phir bhi u joked wow raman wow.what did u say to mihri only ishu ur u guys r superb.what a stupid yaar that shagun aur her maa.put them in hell yaar.

  5. and from monday we can watch in 7.30 slot.iam happy of that.

  6. Of course i ll waiting for that moment till the announcement of yhm time slot is changed when will monday come arae sunday go fast ya.

  7. superb episode hereafter i can watch easily and thanks to star plus for time change …… and pls can we some romance between raman and ishu

  8. Awsome

  9. Does someone know the real name of the artist who plays Suraj Khanna? He’s damn hot!

  10. +Ms Kapoor he is ew man I prefer raman mm… and can someone explain the promo for mons epi with raman and ishita when he get closer to hwr what does he say?

  11. Ms.kapoor he is
    Vineett Kumar as Suraj Khanna
    check this link:

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