Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit and everyone going to meet Ragini. Mohit says we are from Sandhya’s family and get VIP treatment. Babasa says I look younger than you three. Mohit says I feel today that Sandhya’s IPS is beneficial to us, see we are getting VIP treatment. Babasa says shall I go and meet her. Mohit says sit, she will come. Vikram says yes, its fun. Vikram says we have seen her, just want to meet her now. Meenakshi wakes up by Kanha’s cry and is shocked to see him missing. She sees Bhabho out and asks what are you doing here. Bhabho says your Babasa did not come till now from loo.

She says no, Vikram is in bathroom. Bhabho says what, then where did Babasa go. Emily comes and says Mohit is also nowhere. Meenakshi says he does not come home early, so its not a big issue. She says even Babasa roams a lot, but Vikram does not go anywhere without asking me, he can go only loo without my permission. Chotu comes out and everyone look at him. Bhabho says you are here. Bhotu asks what happened. Meenakshi says where did they go. Emily says the same. Bhabho says come Emily, lets find them. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to go and sleep.

Meenakshi says it’s a worry, where did the men go, who took them, find Kanha’s dad. Bhabho says where did they go, yes, I will wake up Sooraj. She says lets go to Sooraj. They go to Sooraj’s room and find him missing. Meenakshi cries. Bhabho says stop it. Meenakshi says all the men are missing. Emily says we should call Sandhya. Bhabho says be quiet now and calls Sandhya. Sandhya comes to see CCTV video and gets Emily’s call.

Bhabho talks to Sandhya and says all the men of the house are missing. She says they slept in room and now they are not here. Meenakshi talks to her and says I think someone has stolen our husbands. Sandhya sees them on CCTV video and asks Meenakshi not to worry. She says I will bring them home, they are infront of me. Meenakshi gives the good news to Bhabho and says Sandhya will bring all of them. Emily says it means they have been kidnapped. Bhabho says its good Sandhya caught them.

Meenakshi says its good to make Sandhya IPS officer. Ragini meets everyone as they are Sandhya’s family, Mohit says we will give our introduction. Mohit starts talking to her in English. Vikram gets worried and thinks what to say. Vikram then talks to her in hindi and silly English. Mohit smiles. Ragini says you are very good looking, try in films, maybe any director can give you a chance. Vikram says I will leave my wife and go to Mumbai. Mohit asks Sooraj to talk but Babasa talks to her next.

Ragini says its good that whole Rathi family came to meet me. Babasa says I m their elder brother, I brought them to meet you. She says how sweet. He says I made a shayari for you. She smiles. Mohit and Sooraj laugh. Babasa reads the shayari. Vikram gives a rose to Sooraj and asks him to give it to Ragini. Sooraj says me? Mohit says yes, come on. Sooraj gives the rose to Ragini and reads the shayari. Sandhya comes and sees them. Ragini says your name is good, Sooraj. Vikram asks Sooraj to hurry up in reading the shayari and with love. Sooraj reads the lines.

Ragini smiles and Sandhya gets jealous. Sooraj sees Sandhya and is shocked. He says Sandhya ji. Ragini laughs and says who is Sandhya ji. Sooraj hides the shayari. Mohit says lets take photos with her. The shot is ready and Ragini is called. Ragini says your poetry is sweet, I will meet you later, sit. She leaves. Mohit asks Sooraj what did he do. Sooraj says look there, Sandhya ji. Babasa says there is no one here, its only Ragini here. Sooraj says Sandhya is here. They are shocked to see Sandhya.

Sandhya brings everyone home. Bhabho looks at them angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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