Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani telling Raghu that he can’t stop her from marrying Karan. She asks him to give the answer. Raghu says, I will do whatever is right. He looks at Karan and asks Gini to come. Shivani says, I don’t accept your decision. She turns to Karan and tells him sorry. She says, I couldn’t tell Raghu about Gini. Please forgive me. Karan says, I can understand. I have fallen in Raghu’s eyes, but I don’t want Gini to fall in Raghu’s eyes. He asks her to go and explain to Raghu and Gini. Shivani looks at Karan. Karan tells her that he wants to ask her something. He asks about her condition to Raghu.

He asks her to tell, if she still loves Raghu. Shivani recalls Raghu and her happy moments. Then she recalls his wedding with Sumitra and tells that she doesn’t love him. She says, he never cared for my emotions. Karan says, emotions are still there in you. You couldn’t throw him out of your heart. You said that you will break our marriage if Raghu divorces Sumitra. Shivani says, I have decided to marry you. It is my decision. Don’t worry. Raghu won’t break his marriage with Sumitra and I don’t step back from our marriage.

Rupesh counts the notes and says it is 10000 Rs. Maya says, our poverty days will go soon. Baburaam says yes. He takes money from Rupesh. Rupesh gets sad. Baburaam gives him half of the money. Rupesh thanks him. Vivek asks him to give the money. Baburaam takes some of the money from Rupesh and gives it to Vivek. Maya keeps the money. Bella says, they insulted us and gave us money. Baburaam says, what did this money do? Rupesh says, we should have get 10000 more from them.

Sumitra tells Bella that she is worried about Gini. Baburaam asks, where is she? Sumitra tells him that she went to her friends’ party, she took babyji’s permission and went. Baburaam asks Bella to call Gini and asks her to come home soon. Bella calls Gini, but her phone is switched off. Bella gets tensed. Baburaam tells that Gini is getting careless. He gets angry at Shivani for giving her permission to go. Sumitra smirks at her plan.

Mahima tells Renuka that your idea haven’t worked. Renuka says, you was confident to insult Shivani. They argue with each other. Renuka asks, why you didn’t stop me. Mahima says, you should know your son. She asks her to make Karan understand. Renuka says, Karan is stubborn like his father. He has the bad habit to do the right thing and say truth. Baburaam awaits for Gini. Raghu comes home with Gini. Baburaam and the rest of the family are shocked to see her in short dress.

Bella asks Gini, where did you go and why you wore such clothes. Baburaam blames Shivani for Gini’s doings. He is about to slap her. Raghu stops him and asks gini to go inside. Shivani is on the way to Raghu’s house. Shivani says, I couldn’t tell the truth to Karan. She says sorry for lying and says I still love Raghu and that’s why I have the right to hate him. I have to go away from him. I can’t tell you that I am not coming near you, but instead going away from Raghu.

Raghu calls Gini and asks, where are you going? Gini says college. Raghu asks her to go inside the room. Gini says, please….I am so sorry….Raghu asks, why did you do this? I am feeling bad. I can’t make myself understand that my sister had done this. I trusted you and you have broken my truth. You are like my child. I taught you everything. I can’t tell you, what I am feeling. I am feeling pain. Gini cries and goes to her room.

Bella asks Raghu, what did Gini do? Baburaam asks him, what mistake she has done? Raghu asks him not to make an issue. Baburaam says, we were making an arrangements for babyji’s marriage. Raghu says, no need. This marriage won’t happen. Baburaam asks, are you saying this because of Renuka. Raghu says, this is not the thing. I won’t allow the marriage to happen.

comes and asks him the reason. She tells him that she will decide whom to marry and she has decided to marry Karan. Raghu says, I told you already. Don’t argue with me. Shivani says, I am just announcing my decision. She tells everyone that she got ready to marry Karan because of Raghu. And now Raghu is asking her to decline for marriage. She says, I want to live my life on my own terms. She says, I will tell my condition to you.

She asks him to break his marriage with Sumitra then she will not marry Karan. Sumitra gets angry and says it is not possible. Shivani says, then my alliance with Karan can’t break. Raghu leaves. Sumitra is shocked and thinks please God don’t break my fake marriage. Shivani thinks, if Raghu confesses his love to her then she won’t marry Karan and this is her last chance to keep her marriage.

Raghu’s soul asks him, will you forgive yourself if babyji marries Karan. Raghu says, I can’t let her marry that bad person. I have to tell her the truth about my fake marriage to Sumitra.

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