Uttaran 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Hospital and the brothel
While all are tensed, yuvaan comes beside mukta and asks her not to be tensed, as nothing would happen to vishnu and that they shall go to a better doctor, and ensure that vishnu is cured. mukta is tensed, while yuvaan smiles evilly. Tapasya calls up rathorer and asks him where is he, when tapasya needs him the most. Rathore gives her the good news that meethi has been saved. While they are talking, rathore notices press reporters coming around. He cancels the call to go attend to meethi and akash, surprising tapasya. The reporters throng meethi with insulting and probing questions, while she clutches at akash, as akas h, kanha and rathore ask them to leave meethi alone. They leave.

Scene 2:
Location: meethi’s residence
The next morning, meethi is tended to by doctors, while she is flanked by her family. damini comes and hugs her, while kanha and thakur get emotional. Meethi wipes her tears and complies. Kanha composes her and distracts her, by talking about meethi’s bravery, and all clap for it. kajri stands behind the door. meethi notices her and asks her to com in. She rushes to meethi, profusely apologising, and touching her feet, but meethi stops her. Kajri says that she is elder after what she did for her. they hug each other. All are relieved.

In the kitchen, the ladies are b*t*hing while manjiri’s mind is diverted to how this incident would cause a taint on her insult. The servant comes in saying that he wont have them talking like that about meethi. But manjari says that meethi has actually been to a kotha. Akash comes in, and puts them botht o their size, reminding manjari and the other woman too that she was the one who had lied about kajri. They are all shamefaced when akash talks how can they be so shameless, that instead of standing beside her, like a family should, they are b*t*hing. After he is gone, akash’s mother tells her that she would rip off her tongue. The ladies retort that they are saying the truth as thids would bring in infamy and god knows what happened in the two days at the brothel. She vehemently protests for meethi’s character. manjari says that akash is innocent but she should understand. as the ladies leave, his mother is set to thinking and gets tensed, remembering what they just said.

In their room, while akash gives meethi money, she is taken back to the haunting memories of the brothel, which gets akash disturbed. She rushes to the bathroom, and starts the shower taking a bath under it, trying toi wipe off every trace of the brothel from her body. Akash is surprised. Meethi starts ranting incoherently that she is tainted and soiled, and starts asking him if she is clean now. Akash is apalled to see her like this. He rushes to her, and hugs her tight, motioning her to stop talking, as there has been no taint. He cups her face and says that she cant be spoiled like this and she would always be pure, and they are there for each other. He kisses her on the forehead, and then hugs her tight. She asks him not to leave her ever, as she wont be able to live without him ever. He too reciprocates the same. they romantically embrace.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Damini apoplogises to mukta, saying that she shouldnt have slapped her that day. Mukta kisses her hands. Tapasya says that she has full rights to slap mukta. Damini says that she made a mistake of having slapped her. Mukta says that she should have apologised, and does so profusely. Granny unable to take this any longer, asks her why should she apologise. Rathore reprimands granny that she wont ever apologise for what she does, and neither would she let others do the right thing. Meanwhile, the doctor says that vishnu’s condition is critical and needs blood. rathore instantly agrees. rathore agrees to, but the doctor says that they need a specific B- blood type. When rathore says that he isnt, the doctor ask them to arrange for blood, as vishnu’s condition has begun to sink suddenly. rathore asks who can he be so casual and that he should have told them earlier. Yuvaan comes in saying that he can give blood to vbishnu as his blood group matches. all are shocked.

While yuvaan lies down to donate blood, mukta comes in and hesitatingly says that she doesnt know how to thank him. He begins to casually say that a smile is worth all this pain. Yuvaan thinks that vishnu has to die eventually, but he would see that mukta becomes his.

Outside, Damini and the family are shocked to find footage of meethi and akash, outside the brothel, as they uncover the story. they are all tensed. rathore is too angry at the reporters not respecting privacy too. Tapasya tries to compose damini, who is stoned. Granny says that she is right, but the channels are indirectly hinting at this, that meethi has spent two nights in the brothel.

Scene 3:
Location: Akash’s residence
Meanwhile, akash’s family too watch the news and are extremely tensed, to see the footage. Akash sees this and is shocked. Akash is instigated to file a case against the news channels, but his aunt suggests him not to, as this would cause unnecessary infamy, and news that meethi has spent two nights in a brothel. Akash asks her to shut up, while he gets shut himself, seeing that meethi is hearing all this from the balcony. All are tensed as they see meethi. The screen freezes on meethi’s tensed face.

Precap: Meethi tells akash that she knows that he has full faith on her and her character, but she holds the Bhagwad gita in her hand and says that she is saying this for the sake of his family, that for two nights, that she stayed at the brothel, nothing ever happened that could taint her soul and body, and nobody could even touch her, and nothing happened that would be a taint on her, their relation and the prestige of the family. she says that she is still as pure as she was, ansd that she would always be her meethi, and noone would even get anywhere close to her. Akash is apalled, while all others are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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