Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daisa telling she will trouble the people who showed her this day. She will go home and take her grandson Kanha first. Her bahu cries. Meenakshi is shocked. Everyone is playing with Kanha at home. Sandhya makes Misri tie the rakhi to Kanha, as Pari ties first. Everyone look on and smile. Chavi asks Kanha what will he gift them. He shows the laddoos. Mohit captures the video. Misri does the aarti, helped by Sandhya. Daisa comes and stops Misri from tying the rakhi to Kanha. Sooraj brings Meenakshi home. Everyone look at Daisa. She comes to Kanha and takes him in her arms.

Kanha cries. Daisa says Kanha, strangers don’t tie rakhi. She says this two are not your sisters, you are not related to them. Misri holds Daisa’s hand and asks her to take her home. Daisa holds both of them and everyone looks on. Daisa leaves Misri’s hand and asks Bhabho to keep her. Meenakshi stops Daisa and gets scolded. Daisa says I have always bear your every mistake, but you stole my Kanha. She says leave my way. Bhabho stops her and says don’t do this, I know you are angry, you are hurt, even lour hearts are hurt. She apologizes to her. She requests her not to take Kanha, its not his mistake, they don’t know what happened.

She says see Misri, how she is looking at you, she regards you her Dadi even today. She says I m Kanha’s Dadi. Daisa says she has come to correct Meenakshi’s mistake. She says she will take Kanha. Babasa stops her and says its raksha bandhan today, don’t separate the kids. Sandhya says kids can’t bear this truth, they won’t understand, when they grow up, we will explain them. Mohit also requests Daisa. Emily says yes, let them be as it is, don’t take Kanha. Chavi also says the same.

Daisa says no way, she has come to take Kanha and will take him. Daisa says come Kanha. Bhabho asks her not to be so rude. Daisa says Meenakshi has made me this rude, I have always supported you as a sister and friend. She asks Sandhya is this not wrong in her law. Everyone cry as Daisa takes Kanha. Kanha cries and gives his hand to hand. Misri cries seeing Daisa leave. Vikram goes to stop Daisa. Vikram says Daisa, its not the kids’ mistake, they are innocent, its Meenakshi’s mistake, why should the kids suffer, please think by heart, punish me. I will become your slave, but don’t do this.

Vikram cries breaking down. Bhabho says Daisa to ahgree to her and give her Kanha. Daisa says you all are liars, I won’t listen to anyone. Daisa leaves with Kanha and goes her home. Kanha cries. Everyone looks on getting sad. Everyone cry as Kanha is gone. Sandhya asks them to come and see wahts happening here. She says I want to show something, come. Everyone go and see Misri feeding Pari as her elder sister and smile. Bhabho says my heart became somewhat light and prays to Lord. Misri and Pari bond well. Sandhya asks Chavi to tie rakhis to her brothers. She asks Sooraj to come. Bhabho looks on.

Zakir comes and Bhabho asks is everything fine. He says he came to meet Sandhya, as SP Sir has asked them to go Jaipur for a special work.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Its meen’s fault wht would be the childrens do daisa is to bad but misiri is too awesome that she is feeding to pari and she is getting attach as soon as

    1. its really a horrible situation… poor kids and other folks…

  2. So did the rathi family expect daisa to not react and happily let them take both the children, Erm I don’t think so,,

  3. Daisa has every right to khana,

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