Rang Rasiya 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
Scene 1
rudra says sorry to maayra, he says you did many things which i didn’t like and i also did things which wasn’t appropriate, maayra sits and says great, she extend her hand for friendship, she says shake hand before i take back, rudra smiles and shakes hand with her, she ask will you have coffee, she shows him coffee mug and says from now on there will be fight, no shouting, no screaming, she drinks coffee, rudra looks at her, he says now we are friends so i wanna say that you are still not desi, you are still American, maayra is stunned, she says how dare you, she says i will make food tomorrow and you will eat your fingers too with it, she stands up, she is about to fall but rudra holds her close to him, they share an eye lock, rudra leave her and says go to sleep, rudra goes from there, she again listens to bell ring, she looks at rudra going.
its morning, in kitchen, shtabdi says to maayra that you will make breakfast? maayra says ofcourse, you all take care of me very well, you made me part of puja yesterday so i thought i make breakfast today and also i want to make it, shtabdi says ok, you make breakfast today, Maithili is not happy to listen this.

Scene 2
all sit at dinning table for breakfast, shtabdi comes and serves them parathas/roties, they see roties not cooked well and in irregular in shape, mohini says what kind of roties are these? maayra comes there and says hello everyone, this is maayra special, mohini pretends and says its good, maayra says thanks, koyal says to maayra that this roti look like exam paper, maayra says to all now quickly taste the roties and tell me how they are cooked because today I cooked these tasty parathas, rudra looks at her and says i will taste it, he taste it 1st, all looks on. he says hmm, its not bad considering you made it for 1st time, rudra says iwhen i become friend, i know how to fulfill it, maayra smiles, Maithili and all looks on shocked as they are talking well with each other.
Maithili is filling pickle in jar, maayra records it, Maithili ask you have fiancée, do you miss him? maayra says no really, you all gave me so much love, you became like my family so i don’t get time to miss my family, Maithili says yeah i know but fiancée is fiancée, you cant be away from him for much time, maayra says nothing like that, he is very good friend of mine, we lived together for many years as friends then my parents said that i should marry rohit and i thought why not, he is good friend of mine so i said yes to him. door bell rings, Maithili says seems like relative came( for rudra’s marriage), maayra says i will open the door, Maithili says no, you go to your room and don’t come out, maayra thinks who has come, secret, seem like i have to give work to kids.

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Scene 3
maayra, dhruv are thinking something, koyal comes there and says two aunties has come, one is young and other is old and rudra has come too.
rudra comes in hall, Maithili makes him meet one girl and her mother, Maithili ask rudra to sit with them while she goes to make tea, rudra sits and sees maayra, koyal and dhruv looking at him, they wave him hi, rudra looks at them, the girl tursn to see but they hide, maayra stops dhruv from going out of room, she says Maithili asked us to not come out of room so we should follow her.
the girl’s mother ask rudra that he is not in bsd, so what he do now, Maithili comes and says he has big security agency, maayra says to dhruv why your father always seem in anger, we will make him laugh, dhruv ask how, she closes window and makes faces, rudra sees it. Maithili says to lady that dhruv is very good guy and i think kaviya(girl) will migle well with our family, lady says then we should match kundlies, rudra ask what? what is happening here, maayra listens this and says to kids that OMG its marriage proposal for rudra, koyal says all are marrying, 1st you and now him, dhruv says he cant marry, i will stop him, he goes out, maayra goes to stop dhruv. rudra says to lady that sorry to disappoint you but there will be no kundlies as i don’t have any plan to marry again, girl’s mother says that Maithili told us that yor wife died 7 years back and you should also think about your son, Maithili ask rudra to understand, mother says to Maithili that you should have talked to him before calling us, rudra says i know you must be hurt but i cant marry, girl and mother leaves from there. Maithili says to rudra that by living in paro’s thoughts she wont come back, maayra is listening all this, Maithili says i feel you should think about dhruv’s future, rudra says i am dhruv’s future, paro is alive in our breaths, her memories are enough for us to live. Rudra says to Maithili that no one can marry without love in it and love happens only once, maayra listens all this and is in tears. he leaves.

Scene 4
rudra is sadly sitting in his room, maayra comes there with coffee, shthinks how can anyone love someone that much, i mean she is not in world but even then.. Maithili comes there and says he loves her a lot, maayra says i didn’t know that such love exist and now when i know it.. is limitless love really exist.

PRECAP- rudra is on call with maayra’s uncle, he says this cant happen, maayra was in her room, he goes to her room but maayra is not present, uncle sasy i got the call, they said they kidnapped maayra, rudra says how is it possible, uncle says find her soon otherwise i will lock your house, your agency and you life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I love you myrud…..fvr parud

    1. love of paro wz lyf 4 rudra…grt job rudra nt 2 marry neoder girl as u r of paro(maayra) only…

  2. Lovely episode. Enjoying now a days a lot coz of this serial 🙂

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