Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha bringing Anaya in the living room. Jyoti asks Anjali where is Niranjan. Anjali says he is busy in office work, and talking on phone. Shlok says Taai wait, I will go and call him. Shlok comes to Niranjan and asks him is he busy. Niranjan says no. Shlok says Taai is going. Niranjan acts as if he did not know. He says I told Anjali don’t let Jyoti go without meeting me. Shlok says Anjali said you are busy in office work and gets angry on Anjali. Niranjan goes to meet Jyoti. Its night, Shlok and Astha sit on the bed and are annoyed. They look at each other from the corner of their eyes. She thinks he should make up to her, as he has scolded her. Shlok thinks I swear, this small packet has so much ego, she did mistake and she should make up to me, I think I will talk first. Astha thinks she will talk first.

She thinks Shlok was not wrong, as what he did was because of his care for Niranjan. Khuda…………….plays…………. They start talking. Shlok asks her does she want to say sorry. She says why would I, you scolded me infront of everyone, you insulted me infront of Riya. He says if I got anger in hall, I will scold there. She says next time when I get angry, I will also scold in hall. He laughs. She asks why is he laughing. He says scold me. She says yes, when I get angry. He says come on scold me, please. She says no. They laugh.

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Varad is in his office doing pending work. Mansi calls him and sounds romantic. She asks whats his plan. He says he has lots of work. She says take me out for shopping. He says not today please, I have much pending work. She says fine and ends the call. She says whats wrong with you Mansi, if Varad is busy, you can go on your own. Atha goes to meet Pawar with the fake notes bag. Anjali stops her and asks is she going somewhere. Astha says yes, I had some old clothes, and wanted to give to orphanage. Anjali says fine, come home some, its Shravan month and the bahu has to light diyas all this month. Astha feels bad for lying to her.

Sojal and Kavya come to meet Varad in the office. Kavya says she wants to go for shopping. Varad says he is busy. She insists and says I have competition in school and I have to go today. Sojal thinks she can also buy few things. Varad says he will do his work tomorrow and take Kavya for shopping today. Astha comes to meet Pawar. Astha asks him about the original DVD. He asks about money and she shows him. He gives her the DVD. But stops and asks why does he want this. She says as I respect Niranjan a lot, and I can’t see his name defames because of you. She takes the DVD and leaves.

Mansi does some shopping alone. She shops for Varad. She sees Varad, Kavya and Sojal there and is shocked. She feels bad. She calls him and asks where is he. He says yes, I m with Ka…… She ends the call not hearing it. Astha plays the DVD. Anjali calls her and she goes without checking it. Anjali asks her to light the diyas. Astha places diya everywhere. She keeps few in her room. She thinks maybe this house will have the light of truth soon. Niranjan is watching her. Astha leaves. He comes in her room and keeps the diya near the curtain. Shlok comes and sees the diya near the curtain.

He moves it and says Astha is mad to keep diya anywhere. Astha comes in Niranjan’s study and keeps the diyas in the window moving curtains away. Nianjan says do such household work, as it suits you, don’t try to fight with me and my mentality, its waste. Astha says you broke the DVD, it does not mean you won, I have proof against you which I will show to Shlok, he came from office and he is in room, I will show him the proof and then you see how Shlok goes far from you. He says did you play chess, your value is of a slave. He says my wish was to see you and Shlok together, but I m adamant now to make you and Shlok away.

She says I don’t want to fight with you, are you my dad and I respect you, but if you are wrong, I will bring out the truth. She leaves. Niranjan looks at the diyas. Astha thinks she will show the DVD to Shlok today. She goes to her room. Niranjan keeps the diya near curtain and it catches fire. He says you can’t tell my truth to Shlok in my presence. Astha is on the way to her room. She comes in her room and sees Shlok. Niranjan says this fire will burn your and Shlok’s relation forever. He says this fire will make you apart from Shlok. Today Shlok will show you your place Astha. You will wish to shout and tell the truth, but no one will listen to you, you will cry but no one will wipe your tears, as you can’t come out of this Chakravuy.

Niranjan shouts for Shlok. Sojal sees it and shouts for everyone saying its fire in Baba’s room. Shlok and Varad run to save him. Niranjan falls on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episort

    1. Hi.. its episode * 🙂

  2. Shlok is blinded in his dads love.. when he knows the truth I’m sure he’ll be shattered.. but its the time now for him to know his babas truth right?

  3. oh,come on CV’s its too much you know. how much will you drag this story.. isn’t it enough??
    Shlok, open your eyes. get some life dude. stop running after your so called Baba.
    Astha : are you mad?? why did you tell Niranjan, that you will show prove to Shlok??

  4. sorry its *proof

  5. Astha is such a silly girl! Btw this story is turning out to be like a different version of Bollywood movie “Beta”… Shlok is playing Anil Kappor(Baal kalakar) n Astha as gorgeous Madhuri.

  6. Did u guys see the new promo..where shlok divide the house with a rope and tells asthathat shes gonna stay in the other half of house what the heck…he doesnt even trsut astha once. .they dont even deserve to be fav husband and wife category.shlok u marry your father Nd stay with him..also i would hate if astha forgives shlok after this.and also they should show mrs agnihotri support ashtha

    1. aww, that’s sad now…

  7. The drama has been dragging on for too long now. Hurry up and reveal the truth!

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