Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir coming to the police station and seeing Sandhya’s name plate. Everyone is happy with a man officer. Hetal scolds them and praises Sandhya to be their inspiration. She says I regret I could not do anything for you. Hetal comes to Zakir with his name plate and takes Sandhya’s. She leaves. Zakir reads Sandhya’s lines on the board. Sandhya is doing her duty and sees the staff working. A man does not wear helmet and says take the fine and let me go. Sandhya sees how people pay notes and throws the receipt. Sandhya says yes, we are not here to take fine. She says lets think how to make them realize this.

Emily counts money and she has 2000rs. She says don’t know Moht has money or not. I will take this money to him, I will give him food too. She says Bhabho is not at home and leaves. Meenakshi catches her. She sees food items, and money in the bag. She asks is this for Mohit. Where are you going. She says if Bhabho knows this, she will get angry on both of us, and she can kick you out of this house, think about Paro, where will you go. Bhabho comes home upset. They are shocked to see Bhabho without her Maang Tika. Meenakshi says where did it go.

Zakir sees Sooraj and asks him to come in. Sooraj talks to him about Sandhya. Sooraj says Sandhya is very deserving, she is highly qualified, can we help her, I want her to be back in this post. Sooraj says she is bearing this punishment v=because of me, she did a lot for Pushkar, and the department was happy with her. Zakir says I have an idea, we can help her. Sooraj asks what. Zakir says even I want her to get her respect back. Zakir says we can talk to SP and higher authorities, do one thing, write a letter, I will give it to SP as I have a meeting with them.

Sooraj asks for a paper and pen. Zakir gives him. Sooraj writes a letter by his heart. Hetal and Ketan come there. They tell Zakir that some people came to meet you. Zakir asks how many. Hetal says many. Zakir says fine, I will come out. Zakir talks to them. The people praise Sandhya. Hetal says we worked with Sandhya, she was very honest and qualified, she did her duty very well and risked her life too. She says its our bad luck that she went, we did not value her till she was here, but now we regret. Hetal says we wrote this letter.

Zakir reads it. The women says Sandhya has helped us a lot, we want her to be back. Sooraj smiles hearing this. The woman also give their letters. Zakir is happy too. He says he will help them, and he wishes their try gets succeeded and Sandhya gets her chair back. Soorja gets glad and feels proud of Sandhya hearing so many people praising her.

Sandhya stands on the road. Kavita comes there and to taunt her. She says come in my car and sit in AC. Sandhya says no, I m not having a problem with sweating, you won’t understand this. Don’t worry about me, go. Kavita says showing attitude being traffic police, is this your frustration. Sandhya gets angry. Kavita says a person should have mind, so I run away from mandap, Sooraj has landed you in trouble, a husband is one who make a wife proud, not to make her ashamed. Kavita speaks ill about Sooraj.

Sandhya says I m always proud to be Sooraj’s wife. Zakir passes all the letters to the department. Sandhya taunts Kavita and says understand whats family. My family is my strength, thanks a lot, as you run away from Mandap and I got a good husband like Sooraj, you don’t know what you lost, but I know what I got. Sandhya smiles.

Sandhya asks Bhabho to wear her Maang tika as its her pride. She will work hard. Bhabho says I promise I will wear this by your hands when you succeed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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