Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kady coming to Vikram’s room and seeing him looking at toys. Vikram asks her to come in. He shows toys and tells how and when he bought them. He says Neha asked him to give to to charity, but he wanted to keep it. He says he will give these today to the baby. Kady asks if he wants to bring babay home. Vikram says he wants as baby is Sammy’s last evidence but cannot. Kady asks him to speak to Priya then. Vikram says he wants to, but looking at their happiness, he is hesitant.

Pihu and her siblings happily play with the baby. Priya asks Pihu to go and change as she has not changed since yesterday and says baby will catch infection else. Pihu goes to change and gives baby to her sibling. Daadi takes baby and happily plays with her. Everyone start of baby’s name. Everyone suggest their name. Khush takes baby and says he will keep her name. Pihu takes baby from him and says why will he keep baby’s name as Sammy is her father and she will keep her name instead. Khush snatches baby from her and says he is the father of girl as he waited for 9 months for her and took care of Suhani. He takes her with him while Pihu shouts at him.

Vikram speaks to Sammy’s pic and says he wants to give toys to baby, but Ram’s family will think he wants the baby. He says he will somehow bring baby home for 2 days and will go and check if Khush is taking care of baby well or not.

Pihu locks her door and starts crying saying baby is Sammy’s daughter, then how can Khush take her. Priya comes and asks her to open the door, she says nobody will take baby from them and they will find a solution. Pihu asks her to go away as she wants to live alone for some time. She sadly goes from there. Ram asks if Pihu opened the door. Priya says she did not and is getting obsessive about the baby. She says both Khush and Pihu fighting for baby and they both right in their ways. Ram gets a call and informs Priya that he is going for a business meeting. Priya asks him to carry on as she will handle the situation.

Khush and his siblings try to console crying baby, but she keeps on crying. Khush goes out to bring baby’s milk when Pihu comes and takes the baby to her room. Khush comes back and gets angry hearing Pihu took the baby from there. He goes to Pihu’s room and asks her to open the door, but she does not. Priya watches that silently.

Vikram gets ready and asks Kady and Ridhima if they are ready. He gives them instructions about their clothing, etc. Kady asks him to relax as they are going to Ram’s house. Vikram says they have to go and familiarize with the baby as he cannot see baby getting Ram’s habit. Kady asks him to relax.

Priya asks Pihu and Khush what is wrong with them, why are they fighting for the baby. She says they will each handle the baby half day each and will not interfere while the baby is with one of them. Mamaji starts his jokes, but nobody laughs. Priya asks Vikram if her decision is right. Vikram says yes.

Khush is not happy with Priya’s decision and sadly stands at a corner. Mamaji sees him and asks why is he standing in a corner. Khush says nothing. Mamaji says why he does not think him as his dear one and thinks only Ram and Priya as his parents. Khush says both their situations are same and says he cared for him when Priya was in coma and he is like a father for him. Mamaji gets emotional and hugs him. He promises he will get back his baby. Khush asks how does he know what he is thinking. Mamaji says he knows him from childhood. He gets a call and goes from there.

Natasha sees Priya tensed and asks why is she tensed. Priya says she is tensed about Pihu and Khush. Khush will understand, but Pihu will not understand easily. Natasha says she agrees as Pihu is her younger version. With time, Pihu will be more mature. She says everything will be alright.

Precap: Pihu gets worried seeing baby not waking up and calls Priya. Khush comes and tries to take baby. Priya scolds both Pihu and Khush and asks them to call doctor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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