Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sakshi invites Meeta at their home in the evening for renewing Suresh-Sharda’s marriage vows. Meeta had plans with someone else so Sakshi asks invites her friend too. Meeta happily agrees. My friend knows Sharda ji too. Sakshi feel happy. Meeta calls Pallavi. Suresh is there too. Meeta tells Pallavi about it. Pallavi happily agrees to come. She tells Suresh that she has to go to another wedding tonight. But before she can tell him about Sharda’s wedding he gets a call from his Japanese investors and excuses himself to attend the call.

Sharda wonders what she is doing. I am marrying him again? The guy who has made fun of this chaste relation? Why did he do it? Sakshi and Dadi give Sharda a dress to be worn in the evening. Dadi tells Sakshi how beautiful the couple looked together even in

those days. They looked just like Ram-Sita. Sakshi notices that Sharda is crying. Dadi too calls them tears of happiness. Wedding vows hold a very special place for those who are getting married. Forgive me Sharda for I couldn’t complete your pheras earlier. Sakshi is positive about it. What if the pheras couldn’t be completed, papa belongs to Ma only! The pheras will anyways complete today. Latika comes to tell them that the girl who will put mehendi has come. They all leave.

Sharda’s hands are being adorned with henna. She sits there looking lost. What am I doing? I will have to stop all this! If he would have loved me then he would have never married Pallavi. I cannot put on a show like him for he has cheated me. Sakshi wants to apply mehendi in Sharda’s hands now. I will write papa’s name and you will have to look for it. Sharda’s hands are shivering. Sakshi and Latika tease her that she is shivering as if she is newly married bride. Dadi supports Sharda saying it happens whenever someone is getting married. Sakshi looks up only to notice the forlorn look on Sharda’s face. Why Ma? I cannot even ask you anything now as you have told me against it. I cannot disobey you.

Everything is set. Suresh goes out in the balcony. He thinks to inform Pallavi that he would be home late tonight. He calls Pallavi and lies about a client dinner. She tells him she too will be late as she is going to Sharda ji’s house tonight. She is getting married to her husband all over again. Shock registers on Suresh’s face. Pallavi ends the call for she has reached her destination. Suresh looks down and notices Pallavi stepping out of her car.

Sakshi and Latika take Sharda to the mandap while Suresh is observing Pallavi. She goes to meet Meeta. They both head for the main door. Suresh doesn’t want Sharda and Pallavi to meet tonight. I will have to stop them somehow. He calls Pallavi again. He lies to her about having severe chest pain. Meeta too wants to accompany her. Sakshi hopes well for Pallavi’s husband. Suresh is relieved as both the ladies leave.

Pheras begin. Suresh doesn’t look interested. Sakshi tells Sharda that her happiness will be complete today. All Suresh’s frauds keep flashing before Sharda’s eyes as she takes pheras with him. Sharda’s step falters and she stops midway. Dadi tells her to complete the fourth phera. You stopped again at 3 and a half phera. Suresh is in a rush. He asks pandit ji to finish it fast. I am doing this only for my kids’ sake. Tell me the next ritual? He is given a vermilion box to fill vermilion in Sharda’s forehead. Pallavi’s words are echoing in Sharda’s hand. She eventually pushes his hand which makes the vermilion fall on the floor. He is angry while all the others are taken aback. He tells her that she should have told him before if she wasn’t interested in all this. What was the need for this drama? She replies that this havan kund and vermilion are very pure in nature. Before we complete the pheras and you fill my forehead, can you tell me whose name’s vermilion is this – Suresh Modi or Mahesh Ajmera? Suresh is shocked while all the others are shocked. Karan politely asks the priest to go home. He obliges. The name strikes a chord with Latika. She wants to know everything. Sharda asks Suresh if he will do the honours or she should tell it. Finally she tells the truth to everyone. This man has shared my vermilion with someone else. He has married someone else too. All the family members are stunned by this revelation.

Sharda tells that her life was all about him but he has two lives, two wives, two families. Our family was based on this relation since last 35 years but he has shared the same rights with someone else as well. I dint know a thing! He used to go out citing work. I used to trust him completely but he got himself another family. I always used to pray to God to make him my partner in my every birth but he himself snatched that right from me. You shared my wifely rights with Pallavi? They all cannot believe their ears.

Pallavi reaches home and calls out for Mahesh / Suresh. She calls him as he is not at home. Suresh’s phone rings and it is Pallavi’s call. Karan takes the phone. He recalls the fund transfer on Mr. Ajmera’s name. So this is your reality? You only are Mahesh Ajmera! With this second identity of yours you have a second wife too (while showing the incoming call). How can you do this to mom?

Pratik takes Diya home. Karan asks for an answer from his dad. Suresh’s phone rings again. This time Suresh disconnects the call. He turns to Karan. You are my son so it is good if you will stay like that only. He removes the dupatta around his neck and is about to go when Karan stops him. You cannot go from here without answering our questions. You will have to tell what is mom’s and our value in your life? Suresh reprimands Sharda for her upbringing. You are proud of this? Your son is looking right in my eye and asking me a question? You are at peace now. You all had no problem with me, my love, my upbringing till date. Then what has changed today? You all are still my kids. This Sharda is my wife. Whatever you all wanted was given by me. I spent my life in that and I dint mind it. But don’t I have a right to be happy? I never cheated anyone but till when could I cheat myself? How could I spend my whole life with an illiterate woman who was no match for me? Sharda is hurt by his words and so is everyone else.

Precap: Suresh comes to his other home. Pallavi was waiting for him. She asks him about his whereabouts, his phone and then his attire. He realises his error.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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