Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying she won’t go to London, as she can’t leave Adi here. Harish scolds her and says you have to go, you can’t stay here forever, Adi is better now. Nani says the same. Mama tells Ambika that Pankhudi will never get her memory back. Ambika gets upset. Ayesha says she will tell Adi about her London trip. Harish says fine, but don’t tell her the name of the college. Mama says Ghalib went to Mumbai, I called Adi and he did not hear Ghalib. He says but till when will this go on, as Ayesha has to go one day, I m afraid how will Adi face this truth.

Ayesha comes to Adi. She sits by his side. He says what is it, why are you sticking to me today. She says I m going. He asks where. She says I m going to London next week. Adi is shocked. He gets angry on her and says how can you take decision alone, I know you lost your memory, but the fact is you are my wife. She says stop it, its my life, I will decide. He says no, you are wrong, you won’t go to London. He says I got you after much wait, I won’t let you go. She says no, I m going, thats final. He says no, you won’t go.

Everyone wish happy birthday to Nafisa. Nafisa cuts the cake and everyone sings birthday song. They like the cake. Ayesha says lets spend the day out. Nafisa says idea is good, but can’t we go in evening, I have to go office for some important work. Nafisa says let me go today, else Diwaan’s can face problem as I have to give them some documents. Nilofer says fine, but come back soon. Ayesha says she has some visa work, and going to SM Mall. Nilofer says go where you want.

Ruksaar says can I come with me. Ayesha says no, be with mum. Rubel tells Nafisa that we will leave separately and meet at SM Mall. Payal hears this. Rubel is shocked seeing her. Payal comes to him and thinks Rubel is hiding something, she should follow him. Rubel leaves. She goes after him. Sheela stops them. Rubel says I have urgent work and leaves. She says Payal take me out. Payal says I have to go somewhere. Sheela says please take me for shopping, take me to mall, I need someone to lift my bags. She says I have to go SM Mall. Payal agrees.

Ayesha stops Rubel and asks her to drop her at visa office. He says I m getting late, ask the driver to drop you. She says fine, I will manage. He leaves. Adi talks to Harish about Ayesha. Harish says how can you be so selfish, let her go and make her career, don’t you want her to be happy. Adi says I want to be with her, I can’t live without her. Harish says if you really love her, then let her go. Does her dreams not matter to you. He says I love her and I will let her go, but she has to take me with her. She can live her dreams, but with me. Harish is shocked. Adi says I have decided I will go London with her.

Rubel brings Nafisa to a beautifully decorated place. Nafisa gets happy and thanks him. She says if this for me. He says yes, can you see anyone else here. I have one more surprise, a small little gift for you. She says I will be mad today. She thanks him. He says cut the cake. She cuts the cake as he sings happy birthday to you. Someone is shown coming towards them. Nafisa makes him have the cake and hugs him. She says this day was never special to me before, thanks. He says you do so much for me, can’t I do this for you. Ayesha comes there and is shocked to see Rubel and Nafisa hugging.

Rubel too acknowledges Nafisa’s hug and gets flowed. He gets Payal’s call and moves back. He says I think we are going in wrong direction. She says not wrong, its all perfect. He says no, lets go from here, I can’t do this with Payal. He leaves. Nafisa says you can’t leave me here, you can’t go, as I love you. Rubel stops. Nafisa shouts I love you. Rubel looks at her. She runs to him and says Rubel, don’t take me wrong, I don’t know when I fell in love with you, actually no one gave me such love and concern, so this happened, I tried to stop myself but my heart did not listen to me.

She holds his hand. He says I did this for you as a friend. She says don’t lie to me, I know you also love me just you don’t have courage to accept it. Rubel says I m really sorry, you are mistaken. He removes her hand off him. He says the truth is I love Payal, only her. She says then what was this. He says sorry Nafisa, I know this should have not happened, forget this and lets go home now. Nafisa cries. She hugs him. He holds her consoling her. He says I regarded you my friend, forget your love. He says please, I m sorry, lets go home now. Sorry. He leaves.

Ayesha tells Adi that Rubel and Nafisa were together. Adi says Rubel can’t do this. She asks him to call Rubel and ask. Adi calls Rubel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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