Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling Bhabho how will he live without her, he can’t live. Babasa asks Bhabho not to leave them. Sooraj asks Bhabho to stay for him. Bhabho gets unwell .Sandhya runs to call Sooraj. She asks him to come fast, as Bhabho is finding him. He says I won’t come. She asks what is he saying, Bhabho wants to see you, she is very critical, it can happen that you never meet her, come. He says if I go, she will be sure, I won’t go. He says else a mum will have hope to meet me, her breath will be running, I have always run to see her always, but today I won’t, as if I go now, then she will leave me and go. I can’t let her go. Sandhya cries. He says he will meet her when she gets fine, when she calls him by her voice, I will go by her voice, she should fight for me and wait for the moment when I run to her.

He says else I will not go. She says don’t say this, she is conscious for sometime. She runs back to Bhabho. Sooraj cries. The doctor asks everyone to go outside. Bhabho looks at Sooraj. She closes her eyes and her hear beat sinks. The doctors treat her and do heart pumping. The media gives this news about Bhabho being critical. Bhabho meets Sooraj again as soul light. Sooraj says I knew Bhabho you will come. Bhabho says yes, but I have to go to Lord now. Sooraj says what about everyone, we all are waiting for you, even I m waiting, you pray to Lord and I preach you. He says fine if you want to go, tell your Lord that he can’t win over a son, lets see your prayers have power or my preaching.

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Bhabho does not respond. Everyone cry seeing her. Sooraj asks will Babasa stay without you, fight with the death else your family will break. She cries and says you are here, you will manage everything, I know you will listen to me and take care of everyone. She says I have to go. Sooraj says I swear I won’t do any duty towards family, don’t go. She says you are my son. He says I won’t listen to you now, I have never questioned you since I was 14 years. He says how can she leave them forever. He reminds him about Chavi, who will tell him how to manage home, she has to stay back.

He says what will I tell your grand children when they ask where is our Dadi. What will I do when Mohit goes wrong again, he changed now, if you go, this family will break. He says he can’t manage everyone, he is not so elder, don’t go. Bhabho still does not respond and the doctor gives up. Mohit asks Babasa not to worry, Bhabho will be fine. Sooraj asks Bhabho to hear Babasa is crying. Babasa requests Bhabho to come back. Sooraj says you know Babasa can’t live without you. Sooraj asks who will take care of him, how will I manage, how can I take your place. He asks her to think about family and him.

She says I know, but what can I do, nothing is in my hands now. I have to go, my time is up. Sooraj says what time, which was not yours. He says the death was for me, the bullet was shot on me and you came in between, you cheated my death, my fate, Lord. He says you went against Lord’s decision. He says if you want to go, go, but I have a promise that my love and duties are true for you, you will not go alone, I will come along. Bhabho is shocked. Sandhya signs the doctor to try again. He says we will try once more. Bhabho gets heart beat running and opens her eyes. The doctor is surprised by this, and everyone get glad seeing Bhabho conscious. She is quickly treated. Bhabho cries. Babasa hugs his sons. Sandhya says I will inform Sooraj and goes to him. She hugs him and cries. She says your trust has won, Bhabho came back to us, she could not go leaving you. Sooraj is relieved.

Bhabho gets better and everyone smile seeing her. Meenakshi says she is very happy and jokes about money. Vikram asks Babasa to see Bhabho is fine now. Mohit says we will ask doctor when to take Bhabho home. She sees red syrup in nurse’s hand and gets scared of red color. She recalls how she has shot Ashu and throws it saying no. Bhabho sees syrup stains on the white sheet and shouts blood…….. The nurse says its medicine. Everyone get shocked.

Zakir tells Sandhya that she got her third memo. She cries and says I will make Bhabho wear the bor myself. Babasa says he has taken a decision for the family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. dis babasa gona tell dat sandhya has 2 choose between job/family………aftr lot of drama babasa wil agree dat sandhya has 2 run both (family,duty)

  2. Hope that he says smething good, no more drama!!

  3. bina drama k serial nhi chalta boss

  4. Bullshit and crap.

  5. What decision does he taken he will do against sandhya.

  6. if bhabo dies then whole show will be week..bhabho is the pillar of diya aur bati…i would request producer of this show sont let bhabho go off the show….

  7. Stop it guys….bhabho is no so imp that she shld not die…she is not d pillar ok…suraj is awesome… his acting

  8. Love suraj acting. …he is the best…he is the best… him….

  9. huh babasa does some drama dat sandhya is nt doing her domestic duty well,risked bhabho life etc etc etc…does he use his brain dat its done 4 every1’s welfare…dumbo charctr is babasa….when he shld open his mouth thn he gona b like a widow n nw he does al shit draama

  10. nw story shld move frwd wid sandya family etc irrespective of other chrctrs,cz they only add flavour n they r nt solely imp as such

  11. nicee….dabh rockss forever

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