Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindia enjoys the drama being created regarding the baby, and is shocked to see two men enter the house. She gets worried, runs to their foot and asks she must not have left her film. Gopal comes there, Bindia makes up that this is electrician and asks him to look if Golu is playing with an electric item. The man takes Bindia from the back of her neck, and says she must return his money else he will tell everyone here who she is. She gets into his feet and asks her for time. He gives her a week time. Dayal comes there, Bindia stands up and tells Dayal he is electrician and Gopal called him here. She asks Dayal to go to Shayl as she was calling him; Gopal goes after him in confusion about who called the electrician.
Gunjan thinks about Seema’a blames. Shayl brings Kesar’s milk to her. She says she doesn’t want it. Shayl says right now she has to think about her child, and must not over think about little things. She must take care of herself, and stay healthy as it will affect her baby. Gunjan stands up and says she thought the child will bring happiness in the house, mummy ji was so happy taking this baby. And now, there are so many differences. She dislikes Mayank and Seema arguing, and the test is about trust. Shayl says she knows Seema, soon everything will be alright. Gunjan says her mummy ji isn’t talking to her even. Shayl says she must let her little Mayank come into the world, she tells her that he was a healthy and naughty child. Gunjan laughs. Seema watches this from window, and goes crying into the kitchen.
Seema comes to kitchen, Bindia asks what happened to her. Seema says Mayank misbehaved with her a lot, and Gunjan was laughing so loud as if she doesn’t care. Bindia says that someone is filling Mayank’s ears, and she suspects Gunjan. Seema stares at her, Bindia says someone can’t take away a son from a mother, Mayank is her daughter and she must show her right on him. Seema understands this.
Seema brings tea for Mayank, with spinach pakora. Mayank denies eating, Gunjan comes there too. Seema says he likes them so much, but Mayank says he is busy. Gunjan asks him to take them, Mayank takes the plate. Seema watches Gunjan, she says now he wants his wife’s permission in eating her mother’s cookings. Mayank asks Seema what has happened to her that she isn’t supporting who really needs her. Gunjan says he must not talk to mummy ji like this. Mayank says this is about his child, and he won’t listen to anyone.

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Seema comes to kitchen, Shayl comes there. Seema complains why Gunjan is taking Mayank away from her. Shayl says she is thinking wrong, Mayank is right. Seema says why is Gunjan denying about the test, atleast her doubts must have cleared. She stops looking at Gunjan. Gunjan says she came to make a tea. Seema says everyone will blame her, if he watches her in the kitchen. Shayl says she will bring the tea for her.
Gunjan tells Rachna, she can’t see Seema like this. Rachna says she has an idea, discusses it with Gunjan. Gunjan hopes it works. Rachna calls everyone downstairs, and says the new mummy has a little request, and she wants to fulfill it. Gunjan wants to play musical chair with everyone. Seema heads to leave, but Rachna stops her and says she is a champion in the game and requests her to agree. Seema agrees.
Bindia comes to Vikram to help him set the music. He requests her to leave him alone. The music is played. Dayal is out in the first go. Shayl is the next to go, Gunjan watches Seema enjoy. Mayank goes afterwards. Gunjan and Seema are left in the last, as Prabhu is also out. Bindia thinks are the enemies going to be in one party. Gunjan and Seema run on the music, Bindia thinks she must let Gunjan win at any cost. She shuts the music when the Gunjan is on the running side. Gunjan stops while Seema cheers winning the game. She boasts that she has won. Prabhu says to Seema that she must thank Gunjan as she let her win. Seema turns to Gunjan, who is worried at this.

PRECAP: Gunjan feels dizzy at night in the corridor. Seema helps her and brings her medicine. Bindia changes the tablet and watch Gunjan eating the false tablet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. When is Binda and Aadi will leave this show , can’t stand them

  2. why the hell someone do not get rid of bindia a is misery itself she is the second one who just entered the house and wants to take over it looks like is anyone off the streets they taking in bindia is a mischief maker I do not want her to kill gunjun baby I hope he man from the movie whom she is owing money kill her off quickly so that all could be back to norma at that house

  3. Omg. Pls stop this bindia character. She’s the most annoying person. Don’t tell me no one ever noticed what dirty work she’s doing behind the family? This is what they did with charu’s character as mittu. I’m pretty sure that most of the audience would have stopped watching SSLK because of bindia and aadi.

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