Tum Aise Hi Rehna 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Lata asks Ria, is everything alright. Ria tells her that Abhi came there to see her mehendi. Lata gets tensed and says your inlaws was here, if anyone would have seen him that it would be a problem. Revathi tells Rukmani that Agarwal’s guest list is less. Rukmani praises themselves and says there guests list is very big. Kiran asks Abhi to remove his kurta for the haldi ceremony. Sarthak asks him to do as per the rituals. Abhi agrees reluctantly. Rukmani applies haldi on his face and hands, followed by other ladies.

Rukmani asks who is decorating Abhi’s car. Dheer says it needs to be unique and suggests elephant ride. Rukmani disapproves it. Kiran says baarat on the camel. Dadisaa likes the idea. Kailash says horse. Rukmani says she is thinking something unique and says Abhi’s baraat will go on a camel. Abhi calls Ria. Ria tells him that her mehendi color is very dark and opines that her mum in law will love her so much. Abhi says I hopes so. Abhi says tomorrow we will become husband and wife. Ria says we will be happy like always. She looks out at the moon and tells Abhi to take seven vows before their wedding. Abhi looks out through the window and sees the moon. He asks about the seven vows.

Ria asks him to promise first vow. She asks him not to change, even an inch. Abhi promises to be same as always. Ria says second vow is we will be boyfriend and girlfriend, even after marriage. Abhi promises. Ria says both our houses will be ours. Abhi says I will become your parents’ son as well. He says you can go at anytime and can take me along with you. Ria says forth vows. She says we will clear the misunderstandings if anything pops in. Abhi promises. Abhi says fifth vow, he asks her to serve him tea early morning. Ria promises.

Abhi asks her not to get tears in her eyes. Ria says no one can have hold on emotions. Abhi says we will modify it a little. He asks her to stop crying when he wipes her tears. He tells her last vow that whenever he gets ill, she have to treat him and take her fees as well. Ria says you remembers that I am a doctor. Abhi says you are a best doctor and I won’t give my life to any bad doctor.

Kailash tells Abhi that groom’s pride is his turban. They smile seeing Abhi. Rukmani takes off the evil eye from him and applies kajal on him. Abhi takes elders’ blessings as he is ready to marry. Everyone bless him. Raman says lets go with the baraat. Dev tells Raman that Camel got angry and the mattress falls from it. Dadisaa gets superstitious. Rukmani says it is a prestigious thing to go on a camel. Abhi gets a call. He goes inside to pick it. Rukmani seems upset. Abhi sees Jatin’s photo and recalls their happy moments. He thinks I hope that I would have inform you about my marriage. I hope your blessings are with me.

Lata says baraat would come at any time and asks are you ready. Ria smiles. Lata takes off evil eye. Mr. Bhalla calls on Ria’s number and asks her to come. Lata tells him that Ria is getting married today and she can’t come. She disconnects the call. Mr. Bhalla calls again and tells Ria that Mrs. Bhalla wants her to see her. Ria asks him to relax and gives the call to Mrs. Bhalla. He gives the call to Mrs. Bhalla. Ria reminds her of her words and gives suggestions to normalize her BP. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come and says she is getting tensed. Ria says she will come in some time. Lata gets tensed.

Lata says you are not going anywhere. Ria reminds her of doctor’s duty. She says she won’t be able to forget herself if anything happens to Mrs. Bhalla. Lata asks are you mad. Vishesh comes. Lata tells her that all the relatives came and even Mrs. Rastogi came. She gets tensed.

Lata calls Ria and asks her to come soon. She says she can’t stop Rukmani if she insists to meet her. Ria gets tensed. Rukmani asks Lata to bring Ria as Mahurat is ending. Lata says Ria is coming.

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