Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Babasa telling Sandy that whether she ever thought how Suraj would feel after knowing this. Adds that Suraj is dying inside & prays that his confidence dies forever & ever. Adds that he knows that she is also dying inside. Asks her whether she wouldn’t share with her father. He asks her to consider him as his father & share her pain with him & takes vow on him. Sandy is shocked. Babasa insists her to tell the truth if she considers him as her father & promises that it will be kept a secret. Sandy tlels that she doesn’t want to break the confidence of suraj but doesn’t want bhabo to have pain. Adds that though she gave many chances to her she was dying inside. Sandy goes on to tell that she came to know about this for the first

time when bhabo gave her LC in momily marriage. Adds that whatever bhabo did was against her own character & when she realised her deeds she did all that she could do the next day .. She adds that her mother is always a righteousness lover but slipped only becoz of her dream. Asks babasa how can she make stopop bhabo like this. Babasa tells that with her sacrifice Bhabo’s pain will be relieved not Suraj’s who considers her dream as his dream. Asks whether his fault to consider so. He adds that he saw her dream growing in his eyes & a pride in his eyes. Babasa asks her not to do so with suraj.
Sandy tells that she knows that fact but he would be in more pain if he is separated from bhabo. Babassa is shocked & asks her the reason. Sandy tells that bhabo has clearly said that she must pick one between family & her drea,. Suraj hears this. Sandy tells that it is bhabo’s final decision. Sandy adds that she has lost her parents already & she can’t take same pain again & can’t give suraj that pain.. Adds that she is ready to sacrifice her dream which holds no good infront of this. Sandy adds that babasa shd not reveal this as she has said this to a father. Adds that he need not worry as all these things are done for her family & asks his blessings so that she can get her family. Suraj is devastated. Babasa is speechless.

Sandy leaves the room. Suraj wonders what to do. He runs & sees SRK coming forward. He asks him whether he can have 5 mins but SRK denies saying that the break time is over & he can talk with sandy after the competition. Suraj tries to explain that it is very important ut SRK leaves.

Everyone gather. Suraj tries to look at sandy from the inside hall. Babasa stares at bhabo.
SRk was about to start the competition but looks at suraj who is so tensed to talk with sandy. stops there.SRK tells that he made one mistake & adds that he has promised his wife that he would talk with her over phone. If he doesn’t he would not get entry in his house. He takes break & leaves. Suraj folds his hands & thanks him…

Srk nods & leaves. Suraj calls sandy & take her alone.

Suraj tells sandy that they have taken vows & also he knows what is going on. Asks her to give all the burden to him & take part with free mind. Sandy tries to explain. Suraj interrupts saying that he heard everything which she said to babasa. Adds that both bhabo & sandy are important for him & he would set everything right. He adds that it would be coward ness to step back & asks her what not they did for achieving this. He adds that he wants to fulfill both the duties hubby one & also a son’s duty. He has tears. Sandy too…

SRK enters saying that he has never seen such a pair. Asks sandy to feel him & tells that Sun would set if she doesn’t. SRK leaves… Suraj tries to speak.. but sandy leaves with force,.. Suraj is confused…

Suraj takes his seat. Sandy looks confused… SRK tells that women power will give tough fight to lawyer.
SRK says that he would like to show CE trailer before proceeding. They show a train passing through the canal. SRK’s entry Rahul. Meenamma gives her entry… They also show someone falling from the bridge… Deepika padukone tells that her father is a don … OMG (myself giving LU for CE trailer) Don’t underestimate the power of a common man… Such a long promo…

Sandy looks at the promo very carefully.

SRK asks everyone to clap SRK asks whether they watched the trailer carefully. He says that the question is from that only. He asks what is the name of the bridge shownm. Sandy looks at suraj & presses the buzzer. Everyone is surprised. Bhabo is grins…

SRK tells that this is the last question. He shoots out th elast question. Everyone press the buzzer. but SRK announces that Ashutosh pressed it first. Sandy Babasa Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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