Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Swamni and Vanshika are spending time with arshad saying look how time changes. Swamni asks Jeevika where is Vidhi ? Jeevika says i’ve sent the meal in her room. arshad says, what bhabi ? i thought i’ll spend time with her. Jeevika says Arshad forget Vidhi. I talked to her she isn’t ready for wedding. Arshad is startled and so is everyone.

Scene 2
Dabo is looking for the beeji asks him to, in the store. After rummaging for a little while he’s find it. He then finds a photo of his dad with monty. He tries to remember where has he seen this man before. He glances at the photo.

Scene 3
Viren goe sto vidhi’s room. He says i wanna talk about something important. He asks jeevika came here ? She says yes

she was talking about my marriage i told her that i don’t wanna marry. He says may i know the reason ? She says why do you all want to get me married? The guy who likes you is a really nice one. She says it doesn’t matter how he is when i don’t wanna marry. He asks if there is someone you want to marry or you like someone? Or do you still have feelings for me? Vidhi says that stupidity has endded long ago. Viren asks the reason again. she asks to leave her alone. He says no i won’t until you don’t tell me the reason. He is a bit loud and so is vidhi. Vidhi finally utters because i’m already married. Viren taken aback by this. vidhi goes ahead saying my wedlock has done so long ago and cries. She says i’m sorry hided truth from you people. Viren is unable to say anything. Why did you lie ? Asks he. I and jeevika both wanted an unmarried woman as our surrogate. What was the problem then ? My wedding was joke, the biggest joke of my life. I always dreamt that a good man will take me away from my dad but nothing like that happened. He was in to gambling and a drinker. You know the situation of my house there is no one to earn neither i’m much educated. Then i heard of you people and became your surrogate. If i had told you the truth of my wedding you’d never have accepted me. If my husband came to know he’d never let me do this. I’m really grateful of you all what you have done to me and my family. First time ever i felt happy but suddenly my husband called. If he comes here and gets to know about my pregnancy he can do anything he’s crazy. I need help. Viren consoles her sayin till the moment you’re here nothing would happen to you and my child. Viren says please apologize me vidhi. Vidhi says you don’t need to apologize you are a really nice man. You will always be in my heart. she says don’t tell all this to jeevika. He says i won’t be able to conceal it from her.

Scene 4
Manvi’s phone rings. It’s Jeevika. She asks how are you ? She says i miss you a lot di. I’m not habitual to live away from you. Jeevika says i’m more sad about the fact that i am not with you in this hard time. She says di please don’t start crying know. You are always here on phone with me more than the people who are close here. Virat calls and Manvi says i’ll call you later. She says oh you forgot di when virat calls.She says do nagging later .

Scene 5
Virat is in dressing room and asks whats up? then puts the phone on hold.

Scene 6
Sundar brings vidhi some flowers. She asks who has sent them? He tells her that someone left them at the door and your name is written over it. she takes the flowers in wonder. She finds a card on it. It says, How are you vidhi? in this red suit you’re blossoming like a red flower. I feel like singing the song “Baharo phool barsao mera…” Vidhi is so worried.

Scene 7
Vidhi goes to jeevika. Jeevika says look i’m looking at our wedding pictures why don’t you join. She says i wanna tell you the reason why i don’t wanhna marry. I told viren before. A voice comes from back saying In red suit you’re blossoming like a red flower. Its arshad. Vidhi is so dazed.

Precap:Monty is in front of beeji asking for a pardon, saying i can’t change what has happened. Beeji says from which right you came here? Suddenly manvi comes in and says uncle you ? Everyone is bewildered.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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