Pavitra Rishta 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th August 2013 Written Update

at the D house.. savita ayee looking at a collection of sarees.. there is afunc at home n ajee is selecting a sari for teju but she doesn’t want one.. manav n sachin look at them arguing n laugh.. damodar also teases that savita is even worse compared to the younger gen n takes so long to choose a sari.. archana cooking n looks worried.. manav enquires..he asks her if she is not happy with purvi’s marriage.. archu says she is thinking abt ovi.. she says that she spoke to ovi n told her abt Arvi wedding..n that ovi took it sportively but archu says she wished she cud hug her, n rite then, ovi comes home, surprising them all.. manav tells her good that she arrived, coz her ayee was worrying abt her.

arjun gets a call from ovi, he reluctantly answers it.. she says she heard he

is getting married.. arjun feels weird n doesn’t knw what to say.. she cheerfully congratulates him n arjun is relieved.. she tells him she is back home n will surely attend the wedding.. archu is very happy that ovi is back n tells ovi that.. but ovi thinks to herself that she has come to india for a different reason n she cant tell them what it is.

purvi is selecting jewllery at home with her frnd sheetal.. ovi comes there n approves of the necklace.. purvi wants to explain abt the marriage n their situation.. but ovi cuts her short n tells her, that she has now realised that it was not purvi who came in between ovi-arjun, but inface it was she who interfred in ARVI’s relationship.. purvi says she is gladto hear this from her n is now happy..ovi tells purvi she needs a favor.. purvi readily agrees.. ovi then tells her that it;l be diificult for purvi but she has to help her n that she cant tell abt this matter to arman. she tells purvi that she tells her all abt it in the car, n they leave..

in the car,ovi tells her that sometimes we have to keep our emotions aside n help others.. purvi says she is very happy ovi thinks this way she thinks ovi is being supportive for pari’s sake.. but ovi tells her that she is talking abt her n onir… purvi gets all flustered.. but ovi tells her that they need to help onir, and that they very well knw that the case is all false.. but purvi says she doesnt want to help.. ovi tries to convince her but purvi requests to stop n car n gets off.. ovi stops her n says she knows that onir has hurt her but that doesnt mean he is a bad doctor, she also points out that it was on her request that onir swapped the babies .. she tells purvi her statement could help him get his medical license back. purvi agrees.

at the court, ovi’s canadian friend shika is taliking to onir she tells him that she is there to support him.. he thanks her, shika tells him not to worry and that after a particular statemant he will be free.. onir wonders whose statement could change his case n ovi n purvi come there.. onir is shocked to see them.. purvi tells him she is doing this coz she thinks its the rite thing to do..

the case begins n a number a ladies come up as witnesses n finalyy purvi comes to the witness box n says it was coz for her he swapped the babies.. the judge finally rules i his favor n says that the med council is notified to give him back his med lisence..

after the case onir thanks purvi she tells him she just did it for humanity sake.. purvi tells him this does not mean she has forgiven him.. and to leave their personal things as it is. onir then leaves..

shika then comes there n tells ovi she needs some signatures from onir on sum papers.. she requests ovi to take her to his place, ovi declines but shika insists as it has to be done that day itself.. purvi tells ovi to go..

ovi n shika reach onirs place n shika gets the sign, shalini offers to make coffee, ovi angrily looks at shalini.. onir then gets a call n excuses himself.. shika then spots an album on the table n looks at their wedding pics n shows ovi too.. ovi is not interested.. shika goes to the kitchen to help shalini.. ovi then begins to see the pics.. she finds some thing fishy n takes a pic out of it..

PRECAP: arjun n purvi all dressed up for the func.. arjun tells purvi he is the happiest person today.. purvi asks why, he tells her that after so many obstacles she is finally going to be his..


Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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