Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya catching the lady in the burqa. Vikram and Emily come there. Sandhya says your game is over and lifts her veil. They are shocked that lady. Zakir says its good Sooraj you came to us, as it’s a crime for child marriage, we have to catch them red handed, if they know we are coming to stop them, they will deny everything and say we came to meet relatives. Sooraj says yes, we have to leave now and stop it. He asks Zakir can he come. Zakir says yes and asks Lohya to bring the team. Misri is called din the mandap. Meenakshi comes to Taisa’s bahu and hides. She mixes something in the spray.

She comes back and puts the spray on her face. Its all black and she shouts. She says what happened to my face, how can I go in my daughter’s marriage now. Taisa asks her to come soon. Taisa comes and is shocked seeing her face black. Her bahu cries. Taisa says you keep crying here, I will do the kanyadaan. Meenakshi gets tensed. Sandhya sees Sudha. Vikram and Emily say Sudha. Vikram asks Sudha whats all this, how can you blackmail your own sister, how did you fall so low.

Emily too asks her the same, fitrst you asked Rs 5000, then 15000 and now Rs 50000, are you not ashamed, you know she did not have money and selling jewellery to give you money, how can you do this. Sudha cries and says I m engaged. Vikram says so what, will you get money from Meenakshi. Sudha says I want money to give the guy’s family, when Meenakshi told me about the pink chits, I did this. Meenakshi told her about Kanha secret and cried.

She says I thought I can get money from Meenakshi, so I did all this. She says I was sure that she will not let the secret come out, as she was very afraid of the pink chit blackmailer, please forgive me. She says I was helpless. Sandhya says I understood this, but whats the reason that Meenakshi agreed to you. Vikram says yes, you are right. Meenakshi loves money and jewellery, if she is giving money and jewels, it means there is something big. He asks Sudha to tell the truth.

Taisa brings Misri and says she will do the kanyadaan. Meenakshi says she will risk her life, but will not let her daughter’s life ruined. She says she won’t bear injustice with Misri and save her at any cost. She goes to stop Taisa wiping her tears. She tells them that they can’t do this illegal child marriage. The groom’s family see this and signs his goons. Meenakshi scolds Taisa for ruining Misri’s life, she won’t allow this. Taisa says I did not invite you, just go. Meenakshi says she won’t let this bad thing happen, this marriage can’t happen, is she not ashamed to do this with such a little girl. Meenakshi says she will go but not alone. The goons hit on Meenakshi’s head and she faints.

Sudha tells about Kanha’s secret but she does not know anything more. Vikram says it means you were just scaring her to get money, are you not ashamed to do this. Sandhya says no, I feel she knows it, tell the truth else I will arrest you. Sudha gets tensed and says no, don’t arrest me, I wll tell the truth. Vikram turns.

Sandhya asks her to tell fast. Sudha tells Meenakshi has swapped her baby daughter Misri with Kanha. FB scene shows Sudha was shocked knowing it, as it was a big truth that Kanha is not her son and she swapped her daughter. Sandhya, Vikram and Emily are shocked knowing this. Meenakshi wakes up. The guy asks her to go as he will not leave her. Meenakshi says she won’t let this marriage happen. Vikram is broken by this truth. He says I did not know this, I m going to be mad now, before I mad, tell this is a lie. Sudha says this is the truth, Misri is your daughter, Meenakshi has told me this.

Vikram says is Misri my daughter? Emily cries. Vikam says she was infront of my eyes and I did not realize it. Vikram is very heartbroken and cries. Sandhya too cries by this truth. He says how can Meenakshi make me far from my daughter. Taisa asks Meenakshi why is she doing this. She asks her to go. The guy asks the goons to tie Meenakshi and free her after marriage. The goons take Meenakshi. Meenakshi says leave me, and says I have seen many like you, I won’t let this marriage happen. She takes a fire stick in her hand and says if Pandit reads the mantra, she will burn him first, and then the mandap. The goon goes to hit her again.

The goon beats Meenakshi again and the old man asks them to take her away. Taisa is tensed and cries.

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