Tumhari Pakhi 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Lavanya talking to Pakhi. She leaves with Girish. Pakhi’s feet gets caught in the rat trap and she shouts for Maha ji. Veer comes to her rescue but she does not take his help. Veer asks her to appreciate what he did, as he is not her enemy. He says let me help you. She says no. He says I m alone here, so its practical. She says we have many people here. He gets hurt while freeing her of the trap. He asks her to return the hanky, as he will clean it himself, as he does not want to annoy his boss. She asks him not to be superstitious. He says no, I m not, I was just making you happy.

She thinks about superstitions and Vaswani’s weakness will be my strength, I will make him agree to give me blueprints. She tells Veer that she can know see a clear way. She leaves. Veer thinks whats it. He comes to Ayaan and talks about independence day. Ayaan says Maa taught me about it. Veer says well done, what are you going this time. Ayaan says I will see Life ok Now Awards. They promote it. Pakhi thinks how to make Vaswani scared of his superstitions way. She thinks about Veer’s words.

Maha ji and everyone come to her. Pakhi asks what happened. Maha ji says we came to talk to you, we all can see whats going on, Vaswani wants 3 crore, how will you manage, we know we are poor, but we can help you. So we have decided that we will not take our salaries till the situation gets better. Pakhi says no, its nothing like that, its enough that you said that, but money problems is for few days, don’t worry. Ashok says if we can help you. Pakhi says yes, I will tell, not now.

Pakhi gets an idea thinking how they have helped Ayaan by becoming his parents in his hostel interview and stops them. She says she needs their help and wants two people, Maha ji and Sukhi. Ashok and Ramesh gets upset. Pakhi says I will ask your help next time. Ashok says don’t worry about home, just work for Anshuman’s dream. Pakhi asks Maha ji and Sukhi to become husband and wife and act. They say no. Maha ji then agrees and taunts Sukhi.

She tells her plan to them, to make Vaswani get afraid of his superstitions. She says his bahu goes to market to buy vegs daily at 11am, so do anything and stop her there for 1 hour, if this can happen, I can get the blueprints from him. They agree to do this. Sukhi says I saw many films to kidnap heroine, we will kidnap her. Pakhi says don’t use this much mind, do as I say.

Pakhi says superstitions did not help anyone, Vaswani should also know this. She calls Vaswani and says like we spoke, I will bring the Rs 3 crore cheque tomorrow at 11am, please bring blueprints ready, as I have meeting at 11.40am. Vaswani agrees. She ends the call. She says I don’t want to cheat you, but I don’t have any option. These blueprints are very important to me, but wrong is wrong. She talks to Lord and asks for some help.

Anuja talks to Ayaan about Lord Krishna. Pakhi hears them and thanks Lord that her confusion is gone, this project has many people’s houses running and she is now ready to do this, as she is doing this for everyone. Ayaan thinks he is lying to help Pakhi, he is not wrong. He runs. Pakhi asks Anuja to go for her routine checkup. Anuja asks is she not worried. Pakhi says no, why did you need Veer to talk to me. Anuja says will you agree if I tell you to bring back Aryaman. I did not wish to cheat you. She says I love you more than Aryaman, but can’t see him like this. She goes for the checkup.

Ayaan comes for the audition. They ask him to leave as he is underage. Ayaan asks them to give him one chance. They ask did anyone come with him. Ayaan says no one. They say we have anyone with you, so you have to come when you are over 15 years. Ayaan says tell me what to do, I m talented. They ask him to go as rules are rules, if he gets anyone, they would have allowed him. The man takes Ayaan out. Ayaan gets upset. Veer looks for his shirt button and gets stuck near the cupboard. Pakhi comes to him and sees him stuck. She says his hanky is washed. He asks her to help him and she jokes just like he did. She smiles taunting him.

Pakhi comes to Vaswani and asks him to see her, as she got the cheque. Vaswani does not open the eyes and gives her the blueprints. His bahu comes and he sees her and opens his eyes. He stops Pakhi.

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