Rang Rasiya 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
rudra is laughing on maayra, maayra says my life came in hand and you are laughing, its not funny, PRECAP. maayra starts hearing bell ring and says again ring bell, rudra ask her to get off him, they sit, maayra says its not funny, she leaves while rudra smiles.
mohini is massaging maayra, maayra likes it and says do it around spine, mohini ask what spine? maayra says nothing, maayra says you should stop this pickle business and open message center, mohini says i listened that you asked shtabdi to make food so i am saying.. she rubs her back tightly in anger, maayra shouts and says enough.
dhruv is crying, koyal ask him to not cry, rudra sees them, koyal says maybe she is not your mother but has same face, she is opposite, you see my grandmother doesn’t get afraid of anything but my father is very afraid of everything, dhruv says yes maybe that’s why maayra is different from paro, Maithili comes to rudra and says that i cant see dhruv like this, why don’t you tell everything to maayra, she will undersntd and will go from here, rudra says you think she will go from here, she is not paro, she thinks that she can buy anything from money, she has no value for emotions and also she will get married in somedays and will go from here than i will pacify dhruv but i cant involve her in my personal life.

Scene 2
maayra is drinking juice and says that rudra was laughing on me as he proved that i am foreigner, i will do something that he will look joker and i will laugh on him.
shtabdi checks her daal and feels it so spicy, mohini comes there and says i am happy that now you wont get work from maayra and i didn’t do it, shtabdi says what if you didn’t do it than who did it, koyal? when did she come kitchen, she remembers koyal came kitchen and put spice in it, she says i wont leave koyal today, she goes to koyal and dhruv and scolds koyal for putting spice in food, dhruv says i did that to check.. shtabdi says you did that to check how much will i scream, i wont leave you today, she is about to slap them when maayra comes and stops her, she says you cant do this with kids, shtabdi says they put spice in food, for any reason you cant beat them, its not a mother daughter relation, shtabdi goes from there, maayra ask why did they do that, she ask if they don’t like her then she will leave from here, dhruv and koyal says that no we wanted that you have spice like we eat spice in bulk quantity so you become like us, maayra says so sweet, rudra sees all this, she says to dhruv that i love you a lot, all 3 smiles while rudra looks at them all happy. rudra comes to kids and says come, we are getting late for school, maayra gives them bag and says to study hard in school and then in evening we will see movie, she says to rudra that invitation is just for kids not for you.

Scene 3
rudra, koyal and dhruv are in car, rudra looks at dhruv and says that your mother used to shake her head like you only when she feels something is not right, koyal says tell about her, rudra says she used to like butterflies a lot, dhruv ask what else, rudra says she used to sing very well, like fighting with tones, dhruv ask what else? rudra recalls flashback how he gave imli to pregnant paro. she ate it, rudra ask what else? she says sing song for me, rudra says you want to embaress me infront of my child, rudra sings heeli mali song, paro laughs, fb ends, dhruv ask what happened then, rudra says then i asked paro to sing for me, koyal says please sing what she sang for you, rudra says you wanna listen? he plays mp3 player in which he recorded paro’s song, dhruv listens to it and gets sad.
rudra is resting in his room and listens to paro’s heli mali song, he gets emotional, maayra listens the song and tries to see who is listening it, Maithili comes to rudra, rudra wipes his tears, Maithili ask him to stop this song, maayra listens their conversation hiding behind window, Maithili says you know when you listen this song, you get upset a lot, rudra says yes when ever i listen this song, chill goes down my spine, i cant bear it, maayra listens this and smirks to used this against rudra.

Scene 4
maayra, koyal and dhruv are busy watching horror film, they are terrified but seeing movie, rudra comes there and says its time to sleep, come, koyal says just some minutes, its going to end, rudra looks at tv and says you are seeing movie, come with me, dhruv says just 2 minutes, maayr says are you afraid of horror movie? rudra says i don’t feel fear, maayra says then why are you showing your back to movie? rudra takes koyal and dhruv from there.
dhruv says to rudra that before sleeping, can you sing the song for me which mother used to sing, rudra says wait a minute, where is my phone, they listen some sound like someone(probably maayra) fell down outside.

PRECAP- koyal says to dhruv that till now we don’t know whether maayra is sent by your mother or not and even if she sent her then it doesn’t matter because there cant be any friendship between your father and maayra, they always fight with each other, dhruv says so what, your parents fight too but they are still together so why cant my father and maayra live togther, rudra hears all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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