Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with sandhya telling emily that she has found the culprit behind suraj’s shop vandalism. Emily gets scared. Sandhya tells that she wants them to confess & adds that hiding within the family is like breaking their belief. Emily tries to change the topic. Sandhya asks her not to do that. Asks how did she make the oil yesterday but emily tries to deny by saying that she didnot do that & adds that the gas went off after she finished her work. SAndhya asks her not to lie & tells that she has proof & shows her the red candle. Emily tells that it is hers but doesn’t know how it went to suraj’s shop. Sandhya drags her to the shop.

Suraj enters the police station. The constable rudely behaves when suraj asks for forgiveness & suraj adds that he wants to meet DSP in person. The constable asks him to write his name & address on a chit. They make them wait for a while. Suraj waits patiently. Inside the DSP is in a meeting. Suraj looks at him through glass doors. He is so obssessed with that meeting & thinks that sandhya too will become like this one day.

Sandhya shows emily the wax fell on the floor at night when emily came here.

Emily is shown in the shop when someone screams Jaagthe raho (be awake)

Sandhya also tells that she has also another proof in the form of suraj’s shop cloth. Emily tells that she didn’t do that intentionally & sandhya asks emily to come home & talk the left over matter.

Emily confesses all the truth. She cries telling that she didn’t do that intentionally. Sandhya tells her that she understands her & asks her why did she lie to bhabho???
Emily tells that she is not in a position to tell the truth due to her circumstances & adds on telling that she is trying hard to become a good DIL to bhabho. She questions sandhya what woul;d have done in such situation. Sandhya tells that she will tell the truth & she knows quite well that by telling truth one can never gain confidence of other. Sandhya further asks emily to confess the truth to bhabho. Emily leaves.

Sandhya sees the video where the friends of emily tells about that liqour choc & its effect & bhabho picking up the choc box. She also sees bhabho feeding her & gets disheartened & cries. She leaves that room & walks slowly through the balcony remembering bhabho feeding her more chocs. Bhabho calls sandhya but sandhya fails to listen. She calls her again & also notices her wiping her tears. SAndhya turns slowly & calls her to serve food to everyone. SAndhya silently walks. Bhabho twonders what is she doing!!! Emily offers to serve.

BreaK: Suraj requests DSP whether he could speak with him with rgd to an imp matter

Suraj thanks DSP for giving him such a big order & asks him if he can talk about sandhya’s dream. The DSP gets elated saying that the dept needs sandy like persons. Suraj asks him what kind of preparation shd sandy do. The DSP explains him baout the UPSC procedure & adds that one should be aware of the current matters.

Sandhya remembers the words of bhabho & those girls on the mimily wedding & all those words how bhabho asked everyone to feed sandhya on that day. And also remembers babasa asking to postpone the wedding date & bhabho asking sandhya to take over the responsibility & also ehr taunts on the day when sandhya slept near the water tub. Sandhya thinks to self that she was a fool to think that bhabho is agst momily wedding as emily belongs to other caste. Adds that bhabho was not worried with emily but with her dream.

Precap: Bhabho asks sandhya to reveal the person. Sandhya tells that the person is in front of her. Emily gets frightened.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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