Chanchan 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 10th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav’s family bring the Baraat. They are shocked to see that the wedding hall is not decorated. Manthan says did we come to the right address. They see that its a art gallery. The guests laughs on them. They come to know that its an exhibition hall, not a banquet hall. Umaben says only Manav’s happiness matters, and these all does not matter. Umaben sees Manav dancing, and she asks why is he dancing. Babuji says Himanshu is his best friend. Chhan Chhan’s family comes and greet them. They ask them to stop the band. Everyone are shocked. Himanshu asks what happened. Karthik says there is a hospital nearby, so he said so.

Maithili does the aarti. They do the rituals. Umaben does not do anything. Manav says he will be like a son to them. Umaben smiles. The hall is well decorated, but Umaben does not like it. The guests say they did not decorate with real flowers. Umaben says its good. Dadi says this decoration is done by some kids, whom Chhan Chhan’s helps. The guests comment on Umaben’s status. Umaben hears all this and gets angry.
Manav’s brother gives him few tips. Manav asks Himanshu when will Chhan Chhan come. Himanshu asks it loudly, everyone hears and laughs. Chhan Chhan enters, and Manav looks at her. They smile seeing each other. The guests like Chhan Chhan a lot, and say she is very beautiful. They warn Umaben to be careful from Chhan Chhan.
Manav and Chhan Chhan exchange garlands. Everyone clap for them. Sanjana and Ranjana discuss about Chhan Chhan.

Umaben tells her husband that its good she did not call few important guests. She comes to know Kemji bhai came. Umaben is shocked. She says how can he come here without invitation. Kemji Bhai comes in, Umaben and her husband welcomes him. He says he did not get the invitation, but still he came as he is like his family. Umaben says its your goodness, that you came without invitation. He says he does not feel bad about it. Umaben says we are sorry for our mistake. They welcome him.

He sees the decorations. Umaben says Chhan Chhan’s family is modern, so they kept it here in the art gallery. Manav also wanted his marriage to be simple. Kemji Bhai asks for the couple. He meets them, Himanshu signs Simple that she is looking beautiful. Manav and Chhan Chhan pulls their leg. Kemji Bhai comes on stage and Umaben introduces the couple to Kemji bhai. They greet him. Chhan Chhan says she cannot accept his gift. Everyone are shocked. She says your blessings are enough for us. The gifts can be given to others. She asks him to put the envelop in the donation box. Kemji Bhai puts it in the donation box. He looks at Umaben.

The guests move to the food section and they criticize the food. They tell the same to Sanjana. The guests compliment Sanjana’s family and the way they did the marriage. They taunt Sanjana, and she feels sorry too. They ask her not to feel bad. Sanjana comes to Umaben and tells her what the guests were saying. Umaben asks her to bring water. She says the guests are talking negatively, and they have to bear the insult. Umaben thinks Chhan Chhan did all this by planning, she says wait for a month, and I will laugh on your insult.

The guests are throwing the food, and the kids request them to eat it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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