Divya Drishti 8th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone plans Divya and Vicky’s marriage

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Scene 1
Ojaswani says what was that growling Vicky Vicky says it was the night saying go and sleep. Lights turn off. Vicky goes out. He comes to the jungle and growls. He turns into a monster. Divya and Drishti see everyone asleep in the hall. They come to the jungle. Divya and Drishti hear the monster. Divya says where is this growling coming from? They look around. Divya says no one is here. They hear some noise from the house. Divya and Drishti rush home. Drishti says I heard something. Divya says so did I. They see someone going to Shekhar’s room. They come inside no one is there. Divya and Drishti check other rooms. Shekhar sees Vicky leaving his room. He locks his door. Divya says whose shadow was that? Drishti says is all that connected to the book? They both realize they saw the shadow in the past as well. Drishti says it’s connected to the past. But who could that be?

Mahima gives Vicky juice. She says Ojaswani wants to get married. What kind of girl? Drishti like? It can only be Divya then. Vicky hugs her and says thank you. You always understand me.

Divya and Drishti are asleep. Drishti sees Divya being attacked by the monster. Drishti says Divya, I saw you in a bridal dress. A monster was running after you. You were scared. Divya says it must be a dream only sleep, please. They both fall asleep. Drishti says you will find your real love soon as well. A good partner. Is there someone in your life? Divya says there’s no one. There are more important things in life. Drishti says we should tell Rakshit. Divya says yes.

Scene 2
Rakshit says to Mahime everyone was drunk last night. Not you mom. Mahima says i knew this naughty guy added to wine in our drinks so I didn’t drink it. Divya says should we tell Shekahr about all this? Drishti says no we will tell him later.

Shekhar recalls everything. He holds his head. Shekhar says I am the son of this house? How did I end up in hell then? Why did I live there like a prisoner?
Divya and Drishti are on the flying carpet. They see a cave. Divya and Drishti come there. They hear growling again. Divya says let’s hide.

Mahima says Vicky is a nice guy. If Divya agrees, we can get them married. Rakshit says isn’t this too early? We can’t ignore Shekhar. I should talk to Divya. Ash says I only want her to get married and just be happy. No matter who that person is. I want to see her jolly like she was.
Drishti says it must be an animal. Divya’s hand touches the wall it glows. Divya says what is happening. There are four hand marks there. They both put their hands on the wall. Their hands glow. Drishti says what is happening? Divya says we have to put four hands. The cave door doesn’t open. Divya says we need this person. This hand has a mole kind of scar.

Rakshit says Drishti open the door. He comes in, no one is there. He says where are them? Divya comes in. Rakshit says where did you go? Tell me at least. Simran says how are they two here together? They are made for each other? Drishti says what? Rashi says she isn’t talking about you. We were talking about Divya. Rashi and Simran says Vicky and Divya’s marriage talks are going on. Vicky leaves. Ash says so shy. Divya and Drishti are dazed. Mahima says Divya, he is a very nice girl. Pandit ji said tomorrow is a nice day.. Would you think about it? Divya says I am going to my room.

Divya says how can I marry him? Drishti says you don’t even know him. Rakshit says I know him. Drishti says how did you decide? You can’t decide. Rakshit says I came here to talk you two weren’t here. Drishti says we went out to walk. Rakshit says tell me where did you go? Pisachini is listening. Rakshit says tell me. Pisachini says in heart tell him. Drishti says why should we tell you? Who started this marriage talks? Why weren’t we told? Pisachini says what did that star mean?

Rakshit says Vicky is a nice girl. We all want a good partner for her. I am with you no matter what you decide Divya If you like him you can get married if not you can say no. Drishti recalls her vision where she saw a beast and Divya in bridal dress. Shekhar says who should I talk to? What is happening? Why was I in hell all those years? He sees dog fur. He says where did it come from?

Drishti says how could he tell everyone and not Divya? Rakshit says he is romantic. Drishti says unlike you. Rakshit says I want her to have a good life partner. Drishti says this is about my sister. I don’t want her to get married. rakshit says yes I am stuck in marriage not her. Drishti says I am stuck not you. I don’t want her to get married. Rakshit says something wrong with the guy? Drishti says I was a vision. She was wearing a bridal dress and someone was attacking her. He says why didn’t you tell me before? Drishti says I am not sure if it was a nightmare or a vision. Rakshit says he is here for a few days only. Drishti says you were talking about Shekhar before and now Vicky? Rakshit says Shekhar never said to me he liked Divya.

Shekhar sees Vicky going out. Drishti says she is happy in her life. Don’t force a marriage on her. Rakshit says I am not forcing her. She will only get married if she likes. Also, she will get rid of you. Drishti leaves in anger. Shekhar follows Vicky. Mahima says to Shekhar are you and Divya good friends? He says yes we are. Mahima says you should talk to her about her marriage then. Shekhar says me and her? Mahima says no Vicky and her. You’ve to convince her. He likes Divya. Please convince Divya. Shekhar is shocked. He says okay I will talk to Divya.

Shekhar says hi Divya. She says would you like chips? He says would you get married? Divya is shocked. She says yes. He says so I don’t have to convince you. You have already made your mind for Vicky. She says in heart I thought he was talking about himself. He says in heart I wish I was talking about myself. Divya says would you be happy if I marry him? He says yes, that’s what everyone wants. Divya says what do you want? He says we are all family. Please don’t come near me, your husband to be might not like it. Divya says would you like seeing me marrying someone else?
Precap-Divya says to Shekhar okay then I will say yes. Shekhar runs after her and sees footsteps. Divya says to Mahima I am ready.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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