Bigg Boss 13 8th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Himanshi gets eliminated. Vikas enters the house

Bigg Boss 13 8th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says we have poison in the house. See what happened last night.

In the house:
All are at the gate. Arti tells Sana to not make a face at her. Sana says we all are same here. Let’s solve it, call everyone here. Arti asks them to call inside. Sana says we all get aggressive in the tasks. Arti says it about action and reaction, people provoke here. Sana says I will do fun here, you people should be careful about action and reaction. Himanshi says Rashami got hurt because of it. Shefali says I advised you to not do it, Rashami can file a case on you.
Arhaan tells Rashami that she knows almost everything about him. Rashami says you know the intensity of the things happening with me? A person who gave me everything and said…
Sid says to the camera that people conspire here and become good at the face, I fought with people over wrong points, why do I have to tell the right thing all the time, that’s why I get angry, I am not trying to look good over here, people don’t stay here with someone for two days, they keep changing sides.
Sana tells Mahira that people change in two days, nobody listen to Salman, they become kids too.
Bhau tells Madhu that they don’t listen to anyone. Bhau tells Vishal and Shefali to not teach anything to anyone.

Rashami is in the garden, she says I am ready to leave. Please open the gate for me. Madhu and Shefali come there. She says I am ready to leave. Shefali tells Rashami that if you can’t sort this out here then go out and sort your life out. Arhaan says we can’t sort it here. Rashami says my life is more important to me.

On the stage:
Salman says it’s about their relationship. Salman goes in the house and greets everyone. Rashami hugs him and cries. Salman asks them to sit. He says to Rashami that Arhaan proposed you here and got engaged with you so I want to know if you knew about him? Rashami says no. Arhaan says my life was a mess, I tried to explain to her but I couldn’t, she knows everything else about me. Salman says you should have told about your child and told her that you have moved on in life. Arhaan says I did a mistake. Salman says I just wanted to ask Rashami if she knew about your past, this was important to clear. I told Rashami as you proposed her so I wanted her to know before saying yes to you, I don’t know if your intention was right or not. Rashami says a man did everything right with me then why would he hide this from me? I want to know the reason. Salman says I could do this after the show but you proposed her so sort this out with her. Arhaan says don’t make this an issue for her respect. Salman says then sort this out. He hugs Rashami and leaves. Arhaan hugs Rashami and says I will talk to you, you are mine and don’t worry about anything else.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Dabang’s cast. Sonakshi and others come there. Salman dances with them. Salman promotes his movie. Salman says Sonakshi is still a fan of the Bigg Boss. Salman says we will play a game. He plays a game with them. Salman greets them and they leave.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says that the house looks empty to me, I asked you to leave, who left? All are silent. Salman lies on the floor. Bhau says you look good when laughing. Salman says I make you listen every weekend, don’t curse and beat each other but you don’t listen, what is this? You know who watches TV, the family watches it so violence is not the solution, we want entertainment but it’s upto you. I would say to be safe in the tasks. I am clear but I want to ask you all. Asim brings the glasses. Salman talks about Dabang, Sonakshi was ready to go in the house but I asked them to not go inside because of the environment. You all will make others wear the glasses who is not seeing with clarity.
Bhau makes Sid wear the glasses as he can’t see that he is not the king. Asim makes Vishal wear the glasses as he thinks Mahira and Sana are not his friends. Himanshi makes Sana wear the glasses and says she has potential but she is going in the wrong direction. Shefali and Madhu make Sana wear the glasses. Bagga makes Asim wear the glasses because he is too aggressive. Vishal makes Mahira wear the glasses she is his friend. Arti makes Bagga wear the glasses she as she is trying to show the way to others but she should focus on herself. Sid makes himself wear the glasses and says if I follow others and say yes to others then I will be right. Salman says when you advised others and then they listened to you but I advised you too. Sid says they say that I talk with respect not only because you are Salman Khan but because you have given me the right advice, you listened to me as well. I tried to talk to them but if I don’t agree with them then I am wrong, I have tried to put my point across but I have a short-coming that I don’t take something wrong. Salman says you have to improve yourself. Sid says I don’t become a friend to have gain in the game. Salman says there is a difference between anger and temper. Anger is about doing something in life but the temper is about doing small things and annoying others. Sana makes Bhau wear the glasses and says I am not an aunt. Mahira makes Bhau wear the glasses and says all others are disrespectful too. Arhaan makes Mahira wear the glasses. Rashami makes Sana wear the glasses and says you are making others uncomfortable. Sana says I will do it more. Salman tells Sana that even Himanshi says that you are talented, you are the only one that can live peacefully in a house with everyone so I advise you to be positive with everyone. All are saying good about you.

Salman connects the call to the house. The caller says to Asim that you are becoming friends with Arhaan but he used to call you a follower of Sid. Asim says Arhaan talked to me and clarified things, I am just talking to Arhaan but I am not best friends with him, he said sorry to me. Sid says he is two-faced. Salman says if someone says sorry then you forgive them. The caller says that Arhaan used to taunt him when he was with Sid. Salman ends the call.

Salman tells the inmates that Shefali Zari and Himanshi are in the bottom two. Salman asks the inmates who they think will stay in the house. Bhau says Shefali Zari. Asim says I think Himanshi will stay. Arhaan says Himashi. Rashami says I think Shefali is more deserving. Madhu, Bagga, Vishal, Arti, and Sid take Shefali’s name. Sana says Himanshi should stay. Mahira says Shefali is strong so she should stay. Salman says Himanshi’s time ends here. He says Himanshi is eliminated. He ends the call.

Himanshi hugs Bhau. She hugs Asim and cries. She hugs Shefali, Mahira and Sana. She asks Sana to think about she said today. Sana says you will meet right? Himanshi says I don’t know, you know I am very moody. Sana laughs. Himanshi asks Asim to stay strong. She asks Bhau to not cry. She hugs Asim and Shefali. Shefali cries. Himanshi hugs Asim and says be strong. Asim kisses her cheek. She leaves the house. Shefali says this is not fair. Sana and Rashami console her. Asim hugs Shefali and cry. Bhau cries. Arti says she will meet her boyfriend and marry him now. Shefali tells Asim that we can be positive about it.

Asim tells Sid that you must be happy to call us two-faced. Sid lies on the floor and says leave me alone. Asim says you are not with Paras anymore? He used to treat you like a dog but then you went in his team. You talk to Mahira and Paras but I can’t talk to Arhaan. Vishal says let it be. Asim says let me talk to him. Asim tells Sid that you are two-faced. Sid says what else? Asim says you were laughing at me, you lick Paras, keep lying, you deserve this only. You can handle them but not me. He says you are shit and leaves. Shefali asks everyone to give some space to Asim.

On the stage:
Salman plays Devoleena’s message. She says my close friend Vikas Gupta is entering the house. He will play on my behalf.

In the house:
Arti tells Sana to take a stand. Doorbell rings. Arti says Himanshi is back. Vikas enters the house from the confession room. All are surprised. Vikas greets Sid and everyone else. Arti hugs Vikas. Mahira asks if he is a wild card entry? Vikas hugs Rashami and asks if she is okay? She says yes. Bigg Boss says we welcome new wild card entry Vikas Gupta. Arti says mastermind is here. Vikas says there are so many minds here, you all are getting love outside. Mahira says seriously? He says yes. Vikas says Himanshi is eliminated? Asim must be heartbroken. Asim says yes. Vikas asks Sana why she is not smiling? Sana says I thought someone else was coming. Vikas says you all are bringing all the emotions out. Mahira asks if her lips became famous? Vikas says your lips are not that famous.
PRECAP- Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they are taking Sid out of the house. All are shocked. Arti and Sana cry for him. Sid enters a secret room. Paras enters there. They watch the stream of the house and laugh at the inmates. Sid hugs Paras. Paras says Asim is a follower that wants to become a king. Sana says who will listen to my rubbish talks if Sid is not here. Sid laughs and says she is a cartoon. Arhaan tells Bagga that I stood with her without questioning but if they ask me then I would say that you deserve this trophy more than Rashami. Rashami was on roads when I held her hand and brought her here from the roads. Only I know how I did it. Sid and Paras hear it. Sid laughs and says he destroyed Rashami with this. Paras says I will tell this when I enter this house. Nomination task starts, Vikas nominates Arhaan and Bhau. Paras watches it and says I will see this mastermind too. Arhaan and Vishal nominate Sana. Bhau and Rashami nominate Sana as well. Paras says get out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This show will make sure that paras, Sid and sana become top 2… Everyone is saying that top 2 would be Asim and Sid but that’s what we think…hoga toh wahi Jo bb chahta hai…like seriously…it’s a threat now…arhaan..god eliminate him…pehli fursat mein nikal

    1. Very true! Only Sid and Asim deserves to b in top 2. Don’t know why makers are so biased towards paras and mahira, always saving them,cant tolerate these two.sana was entertaining at d beginning but now shez irritating, mahira k sangat ka asar hai may be, who knows?

  2. Paras toh shayad hair ki kisi problem ki wajah se gya tha..not bcoz of any finger injury…task ke waqt wig utar gyi hogi..Sana ko toh ab double Khushi milegi..
    Last week toh eviction nhi hua .why this week..inn logo ko Kya lgta hai..Hume kuch samajh nhi aa rha hai???????

  3. still people think that Asim is not pervoking Sidd just to get the footage and plus he is an idiot the success is getting on his head ,before i did not want Salman to leave but now i want Farah to come because she is blunt and will show him his place .

    1. So true Farah khan aayie tho Asim ko direct bol degi, written update we jadha dekane Mai jadha majja aayegha.

  4. Oh please what a cry baby reshmi was please salman stop this act of yours. Its crap like the show. U ha e a past as well did u listen to any advice. Move on be players that’s what u all are not a social worker. You have done this for footage as welll stop the blo*dy snivelling and stop playing for the cameras. This is for show there is no future for the two. Yeap salman has been the social worker and all will be OK. What a joke. As I’m should mind his language it’s disgusting. Be a socia worker salman and make him understand go in the house to do it.
    Day by day really don’t like ur double standards. Next year charge 15cr.per episode it will l be worth while for u as u like that part of hosting bb never mind your reputation. U host a show that has already predertimed the winner from day one.

  5. Paras nominated and goes to secret room and Sid nominated for 2 weeks and goes to secret room. So basically they have been awarded for bad sanchalan and violence.

    1. Right …wrong deed by bb…not acceptable…sorry. .
      Totally baissed for some ppls

  6. Get well soon sid , ?

  7. Channel favorites- sid, paras, sana
    Always get the benefits. Bias show

    1. Yes ..true

  8. Asim disappointed me today…he felt bad of caller’s words and was deeply affected with himanshi’s eviction…just hope that Asim and shefali z. form a bond to play together..he’s not a follower but a small kid…whose advantage is everyone taking ND he’s not realizing…Sid hadn’t done anything..he’s increasing the rift ND giving a chance to arhaan?to play for him…some people have a very negative vibe and I can feel it through tv only ???????

  9. BB should keep mahira n paras out of voting list… why to waste people’s vote…just keep them out of the list till top 6.. u r anyways keeping both of them till top 6.. just put rest everyone in the nomination list…
    No elimination as Devo went for surgery when paras mahira are at bottom… eliminated when paras went for surgery next week…same situation yet elimination had to be done coz Shefali n himanshi were in bottom 2…
    Paras had a chance to leave…so kept him out for Thursday n he is back in 2 days after so called surgery (hair fixing)…
    He is safe for next week as he is in secret room…
    Pathetic decisions by creatives to keep fights and arguments in house…
    Salman ignored Sid completely..I think that’s the only way to make him understand u r going wrong… creatives don’t allow Salman to pinpoint or stop him from fights…
    Vikas entering as proxy or contestant is complete non sense…I was a Vikas fan in his season…provided I would love to see him show contestants how to play tasks without getting physically involved…for that paras n Sid too were required in game… keeping them out doesn’t make sense.
    Asim getting into verbal fights with Sid was not at all required… Sid, good move to control his temper… Asim was frustrated by himanshi eviction and Sid was the one who nominated her…plus caller talks ..
    The arrogance with which Sana said I will do more when reshmi gave chasma shows her true colours…and swiftly said ok Salman sir, when Salman said the same.
    Himanshi was mature n well behaved girl and that’s why she is out of the ?.. kesari, hiten,niruva are similar ex contestants..they don’t require such people…
    Sid seems tired..I hope BB doesn’t kill him for their trp…let him go and get proper treatment and join back as devo.. this is height of idiotism… That man is sick and u r thinking of trp instead of his health…

  10. Iss bar toh jail, secret task ka koi role hi nhi..saare kaam toh log hi kre jaa the Hain…Paras ka toh koi nhi kyunki naa woh top 4 mein jayega naa mahira…inn dono ko isliye rkha hai taki gandagi de ske…that’s why himanshi was out but makers showed their draft so convincingly…. otherwise shefali would have been out…but that’s cool bcoz she’s strong and I believe that the only strong lady amongst all the girls..who deserves to be top 4… Wild card jeetega toh nhi lekin kam see kam usse finalist toh bna hi skte Hain…it would be happy moment when Sid and paras r gonna fight..both bulls and no one I’ll be able to stop them????????????
    Shefali bagga, madhu, arhaan, arti ka toh koi kaam hi nhi hai show mein…

  11. I wish ki bb team yaha apna eyes rakhh rahi ho ..wo ye comments read kare. ..or unko pata chhale how baised they r …

  12. Everytime Salman scolds anyone who are not in good terms with Sid, he smirks and enjoys it. Worst was when Salman disclosed about Arhaan instead of feeling bad for Rashmi he was happy pathetic, this can happen with his sisters also. Some one should give this feedback to sid. He is a good player but this behaviour makes him look bad, bad human being. Even if ur enemy u should show concern in bad times.

    1. totally agree

  13. Wonder why Paras is in secret room? Is it because he was least voted??? Himanshi was a decent player to stay in the house. Sorry for Sid.

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