Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira’s beautiful confession

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I will come, I mean I will go. He goes. Naira says I will come, I mean I will go. She goes. Naksh and everyone laugh. Kartik and Naira run on the road. Raahatein… plays… They see the corn and recall their moments. They see the barriers in between. The man signs her to go. The barricades are removed. Kartik and Naira run. They see each other and smile. Everyone hides and looks on from far. Dadi says just say it now. Naksh says its perfect moment. Kartik and Naira start arguing. Suwarna says their argument started here also. Dadi says stop them, else I will go and beat them. She holds her head. Kartik says I always try, you don’t even try. Naira asks why shall I do always.

Manish says I can’t tolerate now, I m going to teach them, look at them. Akhilesh stops him. Bhabhimaa says I will stop them. Devyaani says don’t go. Kartik says I would have met you and told everything, you don’t know anything, you run away always, sorry. Naira says I have apologized, you are still taunting. He says really sorry, I didn’t mean that. She asks him to say for what he has come. He says I have no courage. She says try. He asks don’t you have to say. Dadi says now I have to beat them, come with me. They all shout. Kartik and Naira see them. Naira says its good you all have come, Kartik is troubling me. Kartik says no Dadi, she is troubling me, explain her. Everyone shouts enough.

Manish scolds them. Naksh says we didn’t expect this from you. Akhilesh says you had to run on the car. Manish says you are still stuck here. Surekha says if you don’t propose in one min, then we will take Kartik away and Bhabhimaa will take Naira. Kartik says no, you are family, don’t do this. Gayu says you will get just 30 seconds. Naira asks what. Dadi says just 20 seconds. They start counting. Naira says no…. Kartik and Naira get on their knees and ask will you marry me. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Everyone smiles. Manish says very good, 5 seconds left to answer. They count down. Kartik and Naira say yes, yes, yes….. Everyone claps and smiles. Naira hugs Kartik.

Vansh ask what happened. Kairav says I m angry. Vansh asks why. Kairav says my parents didn’t call me in my marriage. Vansh says even my parents didn’t call me. Kartik and Naira get frog and tigress puppet. They say we will rectify mistake, but how. Kairav says marry again and invite Vansh and me. Kartik and Naira say we will do this for our baby. Vansh asks if you marry Naira, will your that marriage get cancelled. Kairav asks which one. Vansh says he married Naira before, when he does new one, he has to cancel one. Naira says some times, we don’t cancel old one and make it sure. Vansh says sorry to Kartik. They dance. Gayu says Vansh managed it so well. Samarth says he was going to say it, we should explain him to forget Vedika.

Everyone smiles. Kartik and Naira dance with kids. Kairav says this time, we will make big album with our pics. Everyone starts discussions. Naksh says Kairav wants his parents marriage to be grand. Manish says everything will happen as he wants, Kartik and Vedika’s marriage should end, once pandit gets mahurat, we should tell her. Suwarna asks for next month date. Dadi sits sad. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Dadi says nothing. Suwarna looks at her. Kartik comes to Naira and hugs. He says there is still time. She asks why did you call me alone. He says our relation got fixed today, I have thought of a special rasam. He shows her. He holds her hand. Dilon ke mohalle….plays…. He gets on knees and removes her heels. He says this time, your steps won’t go away from my life. She smiles. She stands on the clay patch.

Lawyer says we want husband and wife’s signs on the papers. Kartik and Naira worry. Manish asks how shall we get Vedika now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vedika is about to mess this people up. Revenge anyone?? They rushed into the marriage. they should have taken a month or 3 not just the day after.

  2. Yea now I’m sure that these 2 r gonna was for the show in February with the leap the way they’re lining up the story it’s looking that way when that happens I’m not watching this show anymore that’s 4 sure

    1. do u mean they are going to die or what .

  3. any one know where i can get this show from naira and kaithk start.
    i know its like 1000 episode where can i get this


    This show is the worst show i have ever seen because it whole day focouses on romance romance romance no other relation why dont youl lock karthik and his so called naira in one room and let them be there for ever no need to come out only

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