Divya Drishti 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rakshat to marry Divya

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Scene 1
Drishti checks in the closet. She takes out the pendant.
Divya has Lava fainted she flies her in the store room and locks her there. She says I will tell everyone Lava ran away from the wedding?

Rakshit’s chachi comes and says yu were stealing? She says no I was trying to find jewelry for your dress. She says who sent you to spy on me? Get out. Drishti comes outside. She says ma’s pendant. Where could it be.

Rakshit is taking shower. Pisachini comes in his room and goes behind the closet. Drishti comes there to look for the pendant. Rakshit comes out. Drishti says sorry. He says knock before coming to someone’s room. He says you will do drama of slipping now like movies? She says I didn’t know this was your room and I don’t stoop low.

She is going outside. She collides with Rakshit. She says I thought exit is there. He says why did you come to my room? She says you came to my room as well. He says I came for work. Are you here to tell me what to wear or who to marry? She says if you are confused about Lava then.. He says then should I marry you? Drishti says no I don’t like you. Drishit sees the pendant in his closet. Rakshit locks her outside the room. She says how did Rakshit have that pendant?

Shikhr says wow Rakshit you are getting married. Look at you Raky.. Rakshit looks at Drishti outside. Shikhar says the one you’re looking for is in front of you. stop this wedding. He says this is about two families and two people. I can’t run away from it like that. He says look at your heart. Rakshit says don’t be crazy. Go from here, I have to get ready.

Pandit ji says where is everyone? It is almost shagun time now. Mahima says I and calling them. Mahima asks Rashi where is Lava? She says getting ready. Mahima says are you sure about Lava right? He says yes. Mahima says I hope she is good for Rakshit.

Scene 2
Shikhar dances with Pisachini. He is drunk. She says where is my locket? i went there in Rakshit’s room. Where did it fall.
Divya says her room is locked. She didn’t open when I knocked. Mahima goes upstairs.
Pisachini is looking for her locket. They all lock on Lava’s door. Divya smirks. Lava is not inside. Divya says Lava said something. She was not too sure. Rakshit says she can’t do this. Mahima sees the ring. Rashi says she left the ring. That means..

Pisachini is looking for her locket everywhere. Rakshit calls Lava but she has left her phone on the couch. Divya hides it. Rakshit says tell people there is no wedding. Mahima says how can we say that. Your life could be in danger. Please do something. She sits down crying. Mahima says you have to get married today. Mahima says you will get married. She says to Divya will you save my son? Please save his life. Diya says yes I will marry him just to help you. Rakshit says ask me first.. Mahima says I am not going to ask you now. Mahima says you dont’ know what is going to happen. She ran. rakshit says there is no such thing. Mahima says devil things happen in this world. You have to marry her. Rakshit says I can’t stand her for a moment. Mahima says I will die if anything happens to you. She says you have to marry her for me.

Divya is getting ready. Drishti is walking past. Divya says help me. You are PA to my husband to be. Help me. Drishti says I don’t have time Sh says you have to help me. Drishit helps her in getting ready. Drishit says you are getting married and no one close to you is around. She says yeah I wish mom or di.. I wish they were here instead on you. Drishit says in heart I wish I could dress up my sister.

Drishti helps her in getting ready.
Pisachini asks shikhar to look for her pendant.
Bride and groom come downstairs. Dirshit says now I can find the pendant. Chachi says where are you going? What are upto? She says nothing.

Rakshit sits in the manda with Divya. Lava wakes up she says how am I here? She screams for help. Shikhar hears her noise. Rakshit keeps looking at Drishti.
Shikhar says to Pisachini Lava is in that room. Pisachini goes to lava and says keep your mouth shut. Pisachini grasps Lava by hair. Lava screams.. when she sees her face. Everyone hears. Lava says Rakshit I am here. Rakshit comes there. She screams.. She says she did it. She says that woman.. She was very dangerous very scary. her hands were like a witch. She wasn’t a normal woman. Divya and Drishti recall the witch who killed their mom. Drishit says I knew she was in this room. They both run downstairs. They come to the terrace. Divya says stop.. Don’t try to run. Divya says I wont let you run. She stops Pisachini with her powers. Drishti sees all this. Divya says you killed my mom.. I wont let you run. You killed my papa, you ruined my family. I wont let you run. Drishti sits down crying. Divya says tell me what you wanted to do. I wont let you go anywhere. Tell me why you killed my mom. Pisachini fires on Divya.
Precap-Drishti sees that Rakshit will stab Divya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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