Nimki Mukhiya 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mauha alleges Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 16th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki is playing cricket. All clap for her. Tunee hoots for her. Muaha says to Tunee that villagers are glaring at her, I dont like it. Tunee hoots for Nimki. People start taunting that she will destroy our name. Nimki plays for a six and asks Mono to play. Mauha says he wont play. Nimki asks Mono to come. Mauha says he will not play. Mono ignores Mauha and goes to ball to Nimki. He balls her. People taunt that Ram died before seeing this day. Mauha gets emotional and runs from there.
Mauha comes in house and cries. She looks at Ram’s wheelchair.
Tunee is commenting on Nimki’s batting. Mono balls her and bolds her. All clap for Mono. Nimki smiles and hugs him. She says become a cricketer when you grow up. Dumri tells Nimki that Mauha went inside, she takes her

from there.
Nimki comes inside and sees Mauha crying. She says you are missing papa. Mauha says I didnt forget him like you. Tunee says what are you saying? Mauha says she is playing and enjoying. Nimki says Mono is fine, you can keep crying over your father. Mauha says you dont care about papa and his respect? Nimki says you want me to live as world wants? I live my life as I want. Mauha says because you are selfish, they are our people, you could have stayed in house for sometime, think about papa. Nimki says he left us when we needed him. Mauha says he did so much for us, he gave us love of both parents, you didnt cry over mother, papa gave you all happiness and you forgot him? Nimki shouts that I didnt forget him, I remember he left us when we needed his love most. Mono hears all that. Mauha says we didnt even see him, we didnt do his last rituals. Nimki says you want his last rituals? She brings kerosene, pours it on Ram’s wheelchair and sets it on fire. All are shocked. Nimki cries.

Scene 2
Mai says to Tettar that where is Ritu? he didnt arrive till now. Ritu enters house ans sighs. Sweety says he will tell another story now. Ritu says everything is done, Babbu will be back tomorrow morning, he will get bail yesterday, I handled everything with a big lawyer. Mai says you sure? Ritu says trust me. Rekha says I will trust when he is here. Ritu says I have hired a big lawyer. Sweety says he usually doesnt fulfill his promises. Ritu says you are challenging. Sweety says so if Babbu doesnt come tomorrow then black your face. Mai says she is right, if Babbu doesnt come tomorrow then I will black his face and roam him in village. All laugh. Ritu says to Sweety that you think I am weak? Sweety says showing your power in a room makes you a man? I will see how much of a man you are tomorrow.

Tunee says to Mauha that you have to continue your life. Mauha says our papa made us what we are today, he used to make us eat and sleep first, how can I forget him? Tunee says we have to live without people who die. Mauha says only Nimki can do that. Tunee says she miss him a lot, she doesnt show her pain. He hugs her and says Nimki’s life revolved around Ram. Nimki hides and hears all that. She looks at burnt wheelchair and recalls her moments with Ram, how he used to pamper her. Tunee says to Mauha that Nimki is angry that her father left her without saying anything. He was her support, he left her when she needed him thats why she broke.

PRECAP- Babbu comes out of jail and says we will go to village first.
Peon tells Nimki that Tettar’s car just left police station and they were chanting Babbu’s name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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