Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chintu pacifies Rocky

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kulwant scolding Rocky. Rocky says fine, I was dating that girl, but she is crazy, she is a stalker, she came with pregnancy drama. Kulwant gets angry on him and says he doesn’t deserve to stand in front of me, he has defamed us. He coughs. He says enough now, I can’t bear all anymore, I will end this at once. His wife says lets go inside and deal with it. He says just get lost and don’t try to join your name with us, else we will be defamed more. He drags Rocky out and pushes him. Rocky sees Happy and goes.

Happy says Chintu is a gem and Rocky is a worm. She praises Chintu and thinks of him. Pratap complains about Happy to Sandhya. Smiley says he started again. Happy stops her and asks her to ignore them. Sandhya asks what if Rocky did this with our daughters, I wanted a girl like Happy to stand for Aaliya. Happy and Smiley get glad. Sandhya says maybe you feel Happy is wrong, but I m proud of her. She doesn’t let Bhabhi say anything against Happy. Pratap and his wife go. Happy and Smiley hug Sandhya. Sandhya says girls have to help girls. Happy nods and smiles. Biji says don’t know where is Rocky. Kulwant says he will be enjoying with friends, he doesn’t think what we think for him, he won’t worry for us.

Rocky cries and thinks of Kulwant’s slap. He drinks wine and shoots in air. Sania asks him to stop drinking. Rocky asks for more. Chintu comes to get Rocky. Rocky says he looks like Chintu. Chintu says its me. Rocky gives the gun to Bunty. Chintu tries to pacify Rocky. Rocky says I don’t cry. Chintu says even boys can cry like girls. He tells Happy’s words. Rocky says whoever has told this is an idiot. Everyone talks about Khosla family. Happy and Sandhya praise Chintu. Pratap says even Happy should get married. Happy says I have some plans. Tai ji says we will get her married soon, we will do our best for our niece. Pratap stops his wife. Happy says I will do a job and get some money.

Pratap asks do you want to do a job. Rocky says sad thing is, whatever I do, it will not make any difference to Kulwant. Chintu asks him to live his life well, he knows dad well. Rocky says he is always cursing me, he never asked me why I did this, Aaliya was saying wrong, I was dating her, but I didn’t do anything that she could get pregnant, I m angry on that Happy, Aaliya was a psycho, who is Happy to intervene in my matters. Chintu says forget this, you were supposed to go on a road trip, live life well, take this credit card, go and live your life, forget what Kulwant thinks about you, I will see him, tour the world, I will consider that I have achieved something, then we will have hotel industry, we will make it a great success, is this a deal. Rocky hugs him and says done. Chintu says that’s like my Rocky.

Pratap scolds Happy. Happy says no, I want to give a better life to Sandhya and Smiley. Tai ji scolds her. Happy says you are just dragging the matter. Pratap says this is my house, I decide here, forget about job. He asks them to find a guy for Happy. He says we will get you married soon. She gets sad. Chintu sends Rocky’s pic to his mum. She cries and kisses the pic. Happy asks what if I don’t get any job and fail, we will never be able to do what we wish, what if I have to marry in Pratap’s pressure.

Kulwant asks Chintu to share the matter. Chintu says I want to marry Happy. Happy says I want to make a good future.

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