Shakti 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Panchayat’s verdict is in Soumya’s favour

Shakti 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Soumya to have food and calls her bahu rani. Soumya gets touched and happy. Everyone smiles. Soumya takes the plate from his hand. Harman asks what did you say? He asks Preeto did you hear the same thing which I heard and asks if she saw the same which he saw. He says you asked Soumya to ask food and says you have accepted her. Harak Singh says let her have food first, and says we shall plan to bring Soham back and will not let him go. Harman says when tiger and hs son are together then nobody can defeat them and says they will bring Soham and will open the bottle. Raavi says we all will celebrate and party after he comes. Preeto says I will drink too and says when everyone is here, then Soham will also come and we will have jashn. Harman says we will have a family hug. Harak Singh and Preeto hug Harman, Soumya and Raavi.

Varun asks baby to stop crying and says you are Varun Singh’s son and says you shall make others cry and not cry himself. Nani says baby wants milk and says she will bring milk. Panch lady stops Nani and says Varun shall do all the work. Varun asks if his son is hungry and asks him to rest. He keeps baby on the bed and goes. Baby is still crying. Varun boils milk in the kitchen and comes to baby. Dadi tells that the milk is boiling. Varun touches the utensil with his hand and shout. He applies ointment and then brings milk for baby. He tries to feed milk to him with spoon, but he couldn’t do. He says how to make him drink with spoon and takes baby to room. Soumya asks Harman to take her to Maninder’s house. Harman says we will go to Panchayat in the morning. Nani calls Soumya and calls her, saying baby is crying. Soumya and Harman rush there. Panch lady stops Soumya from going to room and says she shall obey Panchayat order. Varun talks to baby and asks him to be quiet. He looks at the wine bottle and says this is Jadu. Soumya requests the Panch lady. Panch lady says she is helpless. Harman asks Soumya to understand being a woman. She asks her to go and check once. Panch lady agrees to go and check. She goes to Varun’s room and sees him taking wine in the wine bottle cap. Panch lady is shocked. Soumya tells Harman that her baby is crying a lot and she can’t bear to see him crying. She sings lullaby. Baby hers her voice and stops crying. Varun says you saw the wine and kept quiet.

Next morning, Panchayat Sarpanch asks Panch lady Shalini to tell what she observed in 24 hours. He asks how Varun took care of his son. Varun asks her to tell everything. Shalini says baby was crying badly when he took him home. Varun tried to make baby quiet. When Nani told that baby is hungry and needs milk, Varun left baby on the bed and goes to boil milk, but he burnt the milk. When his finger got burnt, he brought ointment and applied to his finger rather than taking care of baby. He then brought milk and tried to feed the baby. He couldn’t handle the baby and then he kept baby inside the room, then also baby as crying badly. She says then Soumya came there, but I didn’t make her meet him due to Panch orders. She says Soumya requested me to go and check baby once. When I went there, I saw Varun drinking wine rather than feeding milk to baby. Varun says I was unwell and having cough, so I was drinking wine so that I can take care of baby. Harman scolds him and asks who knows you might have made baby drink wine to make him sleep. Soumya says you couldn’t take care of baby one day and asks how can you take care of baby all life.

Sarpanch tells that we all have kids and we don’t see anything else rather than our kids, but Varun thought about himself ignoring the baby. Varun says I will learn slowly. Harak Singh says Soumya’s finger was cut, but she was bothered about the baby rather than her finger and says this is called right upbringing.

Maninder says there can be no comparison between Varun and Soumya. Varun says I will learn slowly and says how you can decide in 24 hours. Sarpanch says I gave you baby for 24 hours so that you realize your mistake. Varun says I will learn. Sarpanch says until you learn how to bring the baby, baby will be grown up with bad upbringing. Maninder says this decision is wrong. Sarpanch says baby will be raised by Soumya and asks Maninder why he is against her. He announces that the baby shall be handed over to Soumya. Harak Singh, Preeto, Soumya and others smile.

Soumya takes baby from Varun. Varun shouts and says he is my son. Harman changes baby diaper and says I can do anything for you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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