Udaan 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjor learns Suraj’s death truth

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The Episode starts with Bhanu asking Chakor and Raghav to save Anjor if they can. Raghav attacks him. Bhanu scolds him and says my men can kill you both, but I will punish you, won’t you know my plan, Lallan likes to blast bombs, he wants to fix another bomb in your house, it will explode in Anjor’s hand in some time. They get shocked. Anjor gets the box delivered and thanks the man. She says its a gift from my grandparents. The man smiles and leaves. Bhanu says Anjor will have her innocence until she is alive. Leela asks Anjor to open the gift later when her parents come. She takes Anjor to do homework. Raghav scolds Bhanu. Bhanu asks is she your daughter, you aren’t her father, she will be soon dying, she will be opening the gift box in some time and then…. I have just done the arrangements to send her to her father. Anjor checks the box.

Raghav slaps Bhanu. Lallan shouts Raghav. Bhanu says no Lallan, I want to see how much strength he has. He asks Raghav to beat him. Raghav beats him. He asks Chakor to call home and ask them not to open the box. She looks for her phone and says phone isn’t there. Lallan says phone is here. Raghav rushes. Lallan says I have stolen the car keys too. Chakor begs Bhanu and asks him to stop the bomb. Bhanu says you are too good, you want to die to save your daughter, you just run and save your daughter, I heard you run well. Chakor and Raghav run. She stumbles. He holds her. They reach home and run inside to stop Anjor. Anjor opens the box. They hear the bomb sound and get shocked. They get in and find Anjor fine. They see the video of Suraj’s death. They get shocked. Anjor looks on shocked and cries. Raghav asks what were you seeing Anjor. He switches off tv. Anjor asks who are you… Raghav gets shocked.

He says I m your dad. She says everyone lied to me, where is my dad, Chakor also lied to me, he can’t be my dad. She asks Chakor where is Suraj. She cries and faints. They get shocked. Chakor asks her to open her eyes. They all cry. Bhanu says Lord didn’t give me a child, how can I kill that little girl by bomb, so I didn’t kill her and send her Suraj’s death truth as gift. FB shows Anjor getting Bhanu’s letter and learning about the family’s lie. He reveals Suraj has died, the person living at home isn’t Suraj, play this CD if you don’t believe me. FB ends.

Lallan says what a plan, great. Bhanu says I have written in note that the CD has the truth in it, don’t let anyone stop you. FB shows Anjor plays the CD while Tejaswini reads the letter. She tries to stop Anjor. Anjor says I have to see this CD. Chakor and Raghav’s deal is shown in video. Tejaswini tries to stop Anjor. The remote breaks. Anjor sees Chakor and Raghav’s argument. She learns the entire truth. Lallan asks what’s the next plan. Bhanu says nothing, we will just sit back and see the drama. Imli comes there. Bhanu sees her and says one who needs me can come here at this time. He smiles seeing Imli.

Bhanu says we will play the game together. Imli asks him to give Raghav to her, she can do anything for him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The episode is better because Imli didn’t appear until the very end. I hope soon Chakor starts fighting back because it isn’t fun seeing her two steps behind the villain.
    I wish there is more balance between drama, emotions and normal scenes. Today there was too much drama.
    I think this is Imli’s plan to trap Bhanu.
    Please change this irritating montage.
    Please use better writers, the show hasn’t been the same since it moved to 7:00 pm.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Good episode today. Bhanu is a pretty good villian for a change. He is intellectual, ‘old school thinking’ and witty.
    Though i feel like our heroes aren’t thinking smart these days. Bhanu is going after what he wants and cleverly eliminating his obstacles.
    I really do not want to see Imli as the hero who saves the day. She is not the main lead.

    I bet these writers all money, if they have ‘Sukor’ lead the fight against Bhanu instead of Imli, like always, the ratings will increase.

    Also, it would be nice to show some scenes where family issues are dealt with like normal families do. Throw in some ‘normalcy’ into the story and keep the balance; drama, family, various emotions and so on.

  3. Though the episode was far beyond logic (well we should not see logic in shows) still it is really unbelievable how the whole raghav journey was recorded. Bhanu Pratap is really good after a long time a good villian, Hope CVs use him well.

    Would like our fierce Chakor to get out of her trauma and think as to who is watching her and think beyond her enemies as she normally does. there to much drama. Please focus on Raghav Chakor and Anjor emotions.

    Imli please dont make her like a kingmaker, knowing all ruling all

    1. Safiya Hosein

      The thing about Raghav’s identity is quite unbelievable. There is absolutely no way on earth that a person can have the exact same face of another….LOL? I know its just television, but come on! Never expected that type of unrealistic storyline for a show like Udaan.
      I know some people may say I am being redundant, but I am just pointing out the little things that could actually change the course of the show and ratings.

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