Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Trouble strikes Happy

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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happy ordering the food at the cafe. She hears about her car and goes out to see. They all get shocked seeing Rocky crushing the car. Rocky scolds Happy and goes. Its morning, Pratap sees the car and asks who did this. Happy says I… Dolly says Happy with us in Dinky’s room, how will she know about the car. Param says I didn’t do this, I don’t know driving, you have car keys in your pocket. Pratap finds keys with him. Param asks him who has done all this. Pratap says the day I know who has done this, I will not leave that person. He goes. Happy hugs Param and smiles. Sandhya says thank God you aren’t involved in the car incident. Smiley says no, we aren’t. Sandhya asks them to get ready. She asks them to wear clothes and jewellery carefully and then return everything to aunt. Smiley says we have to maintain uncle’s standards, so we have to wear this, dad would have made us wear our own clothes. Happy makes her smile. Sandhya calls them mad. Happy says your medicine got over, I will go to uncle. Sandhya says no, his mood is bad, I don’t want him to scold you.

Happy asks Smiley to come along. Smiley says they are spending too much money, they can give this to us, we can get mum’s medicines. Happy likes the idea and says just watch what I do, just smile. Biji gets some sweets and asks Happy and Smiley to walk carefully. Happy asks Biji to eat jalebis directly. Biji says you mean I m stealing sweets, I m a widow, can widow eat jalebis, you called me a thief. She goes. Happy says lets arrange mom’s medicines. Happy picks the money and dances. The groom’s family comes. Happy collides with Chintu and falls over him. He smiles. Tumhe jo maine dekha…plays…. Rocky arrives there. Happy apologizes. Rocky shoots in the air. Everyone sees him and say Rocky has arrived. Happy says this guy is after me, he has come here to take revenge. Rocky says its my brother’s wedding. He dances with everyone. He shoots in air. The beam roof begins to fall down. Everyone gets shocked and move away. Rocky says this is called an entry in Rocky’s style, keep playing the dhol. He dances. Rocky looks for money to throw.

He sees Happy holding some cash and goes to her. He snatches money from her. Happy slaps him. Rocky points gun at her and threatens to kill her. Pratap gets Happy back. He asks Happy how dare she creates a scene. Happy says ask him how dare he break your car, he is the man who has intentionally wrecked up your car, ask him if its true or not. Pratap says if he has done all this, how do you know this, you took the car out without my permission. Rocky smiles and asks her to answer. Happy says we went out at night. Pratap says you always insult us. Rocky says I m feeling Happy. Sandhya asks Happy to say the truth. Pratap asks Happy to say the truth. Rocky winks to some girl. Chintu says actually uncle, it happened because of me. Rocky asks why are you interfering. Chintu says uncle wants to know the truth, let me tell him. Rocky’s dad says I knew it, Rocky has done this, poor Chintu is cleaning the mess.

Chintu says I m responsible for your car’s condition. Rocky asks what are you saying, this girl is lying. Chintu says I asked her to lie. Pratap asks you. Chintu says Rocky came with his jeep, right. Rocky says right. Chintu says we decided to go for a drive. Biji says Chintu is lying for the first time. Chintu says I hit their car with my jeep, I was in much pressure. Pratap asks do you know the condition of our car. Chintu says my jeep has hit your red car. Happy says its purple car. Chintu says it was darkness there, I didn’t see the color. He makes stories and apologizes to Pratap. He says Happy lied to save me, its not her fault, I will bear the expenses to repair the car. Pratap says its fine. Bua says forget everything now. Pratap says we shall do rituals now. Chintu smiles seeing Happy. Rocky gets angry.

Rocky’s dad scolds him. Rocky accepts that he has ruined Happy’s car. Chintu slaps him. Rocky says I want to see that car suffering and crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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