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A week has passed Shivay has went back to New York, no phone calls to anyone except to Om for just saying that he is fine and he is trying to return back soon. Their aashirvaad rasam and all other rituals got postponed. He is purposely not picking up her calls and she understood this very nicely the previous day when he cut the call on it’s first ring.

“Pick up the phone damn it” she expressed stumping her foot.

The number you are trying to reach is not answering your call, please try after sometime’ …beep beep…

“Why the hell is he ignoring me?” tears formed in her eyes.

Her phone suddenly rang and she without checking picked up the call thinking it to be Shivay’s.

“How dare you not pick up my calls and reply me back huh? Listen mister… I don’t know what is the matter but I just want to see you in front of me today… get that?” she exhaled expecting a reply.

“Done Anika… my parents wants to meet you too… you have promised me to meet me but after that you didn’t fix any date to meet me, so just let’s meet today… please Anika, come soon at Moonshine Restaurant… my aged parents are waiting” the voice brought back her senses and her eyes widened.

“Ankush you?” shock is a small word to describe the expression she had.

“Please Anika… come and meet my parents once” he humbly requested and she knew how much Ankush’s parents preferred her so she had no scope to say no.

“Okay Ankush… I am coming” she unwillingly cut the call and changed her dress.


“Om… I am returning today, don’t say this to anyone… at first I will meet Anika and then I would go back to mansion, and listen… do not… I repeat… do not disclose this matter in front of anyone until and unless I come back” Shivay warned holding the wet at the bank of his eyes.

“But Shivay for once pick up Anika’s call… the girl is dying to talk to you” Om tried to make the man understand but when he takes a decision he himself can only change it and no one else.

“Om… just do whatever I asked you to do… please don’t question my deeds further and please don’t disclose this matter for now, let me return” he pleaded this time fearing that Om will disclose everything looking at the condition of his family members and their Anika’s state.

“Promise me Shivay you will fix up everything” lastly he can hope this only as Shivay has taken decision which no one can change.

“I promise” Shivay hurriedly cut the call as tears went down his cheeks.


“Namaste uncle… namaste aunty…” Anika greeted folding her hand.

“Please sit beta” Ankush’s mother asked her and smiled broadly seeing Anika settled over the chair.

“Beta… we want to share some of our feelings with you right now… you have every right to say no or yes… but beta listen to us peacefully and carefully” his father very calmly and clearly stated his point.

Anika nodded a yes hesitating from inside.

“See beta… our son Ankush loves you… you also know that” Anika opened her mouth to interrupt but before she could protest Ankush’s father continued.

“We know beta that you just see him as your friend… but beta… we always have desired to make you as our daughter-in-law.” his father stopped.

“Anika beta, I have heard from Ankush that your marriage is fixed but beta the boy who was to marry you has fled away keeping you here in this condition, we have heard about Shivay Singh Oberoi disappearing suddenly and Ankush told us that you were getting married to him only… and as far as I know businessmen, they only disappear like this after committing some crime… so just forget about marrying him dear… he is not going to come back” his mother said with every bit of confidence.

All the words stabbed this girl’s heart and she sat silently listening to everything. Her mind played and replayed all the moments she spent with Shivay in sync.

“Shivay… no… he is my Shivay… he is a gem… speak out Anika… just let these people know how much precious your Shivay is” she thought and tried to open her mouth but again Ankush’s mother started to speak and she held her words back.

“I promise you from my Ankush’s side dear that he would keep you happy in every possible way… please beta… just agree to marry him” his mother’s voice was soft.

“Please beta… Ankush has only waited for you till now… he has rejected all the choices he got for marrying, even he rejected a business man’s daughter who was head over heels in his love… please beta” these words from Ankush’s father’s side disgusted her more.

“If you want we will speak to your family” and this was it for her.

“Stop it aunty… stop it uncle… are you hearing yourselves” her voice seriously has risen high and the moment she realised it she stopped herself and closed her eyes.

Breath in… breath out… breath in… breath out… this calming exercise calmed her.

“Beta please give this a thought for once at least” his mother requested again.

“Aunty listen…” her voice is enough calm this time, only she is feeling the volcano inside her heart but she maintained her calm and spoke the next words “my marriage is already fixed with Shivay… it’s just that he is stuck with some of his deals… so he went to New York… please don’t assume things and aunty I have always seen Ankush as my friend and nothing more… today I came here only because of you two as you two have loved me like your daughter during our college days but aunty… few relations gets build from heart and I can’t even imagine Ankush as my husband then how can I marry him?”

“So… you are sure that your Shivay will return for you?” this sentence cleared that last words of Anika has hit the ego of Ankush’s father.

“Yes uncle” her confidence raised a level up.

“We will also see” is it a challenge? If so… then she was damn sure that she would win.

“Uncle, I am very sorry for letting you two down, but now I should return… bye aunty… bye uncle” without any further argument Anika got up and went out.

“Papa… Maa… she will understand that how much I love her… just give me some more days… she will definitely understand that I truly love her and not that Shivay” Ankush tried to calm down his parents knowing that Anika’s behaviour has made them to feel insulted.

“Listen Ankush… now if she gets ready to marry you, then we would take the revenge for this insult after your’s marriage with her” his mother cleared her point.


Time passed and as usual Shivay’s phone didn’t connect every time she called. She is getting broken down… each passing second… each passing nano second.

“Anika… Anika…” here came Ankush again to add fuel to the fire inside her heart.

Anika has perfectly hid the matter of meeting Ankush’s parents from her family and tried to put a happy face on.

“Why are you here Ankush?” she couldn’t hide her disgust more.

“See Anika… you insulted my parents but then too my love for you just increased… please Anika… please marry me… what’s there in Shivay that is not in me?” how dare he.

“Shut up… just shut up… dare you compare my Shivay to yourself” she shouted. Fortunately no one was there at house at that time.

“Why? Your Shivay is god or something? Listen… he has fled away and listen he is perfectly enjoying everything… every damn thing and even se…” she did not let him complete his sentence and a slap landed over his cheeks.

“Get out from my house, you have no class to speak such about my Shivay… go out I said” she held her collar and pushed him.

“You are marrying him for money right? From when you became such money minded huh?” he was testing her nerves.

“I am not marrying him…” she just uttered this much when the known voice interrupted her.

“You are not marrying me?” Shivay just entered and heard the last sentence and not the above conversation.

“Shivay… Shivay he… look na… he…” she tried to explain the conversation when he showed his palm and nodded no.

“It’s okay Anika… you need not marry me… I am not the one for you, it’s just that I understood it lately… it’s my fault Anika, you don’t feel bad… and I came here to say this only that we can’t get married and see you only said that you are not going to marry me… it’s okay… if you insist I would speak to both of us family… don’t push yourself to marry me only because your family wants… and I can’t marry you… I won’t marry you” he barged out of the room in light speed.

“Shivay… Shivay listen to me… listen to me once” she ran behind him to explain but he just got inside his car.

“Shivay… listen to me… Shivay…” he increased his car’s speed as she ran behind his car.

The moment his car started to disappear from her sight she ran and grabbed her car keys and started her car.

“Shivay…” she called aloud again following his car but he just increased the speed.

This chasing and following game continued until they reached at an isolated area. Shivay got down his car and she stopped immediately and got down.

“Shivay wait” he had no other options but to wait, he looked at her.

Her hairs messed up, tear stains down her eyes and dried up lips.

“Why are you doing this bub?” she by now has known his vulnerability towards this name.

“Listen Anika I made my point clear… and Shivay Singh Oberoi hates repeating his sentences but since it’s you let me repeat the sentence once more… I am not going to marry you… please just go” he looked away.

“Why Shivay? What has suddenly happened? See na… look at me once… please look” she tried to face him to look at her but his neck stiffened and his face lacked any expression.

“Anika Mukherjee… go back… and let your parents know that Shivay Singh Oberoi is breaking this marriage… he isn’t interested anymore to marry you” her hands dropped listening to the cold words.

“Ohh… that means… that means… you got someone else there…. there in New York… okay fine, just look into my eyes and say that you have got someone… I won’t mind Shivay… just say it” he knew that he can’t look into her eyes while repeating the line but he tried.

“Anika… I am not going to marry you… I am calling off this marriage and for this you are allowed to conclude whatever you want… just go back now… and listen don’t follow me” he said every word looking straight into her eyes with the same cold voice and same expressionless face and started walking towards his car.

“Fine… fine Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi… go… just go to hell… but I also promise that I am marrying on the same date… nothing will change but the groom… I am getting married on the same day Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and you are gladly invited” she shot her words, every word a piercing bullet but he hurriedly went to his car and went away.


“Where were you Anika? Where you went keeping the gates open and why are you looking so devastated?” Mrs. Mukherjee sensed something is definitely wrong as her elder daughter entered the house.

“Shivay called the marriage off maa… he won’t marry me, he said that and… and I want to get married on the same day, just fix a groom” she uttered the sentence slowly in a low tone.

“What are you saying di?” Ishana freaked out.

“I have said whatever I wanted to… you have made me to meet at least seven to eight men, now choose anyone amongst them, I promise that I won’t say no to the one you fix for me maa. Just get me married on the fixed date” she is not in herself for sure.

She moved up to her room after saying all these and leaving behind her broken family.


The dreams now shattered and they separated. But reason? Is there any reason? What do you all think?

Thank You so much to everyone who read, voted and commented. Hope you have enjoyed this part as well. If so then please do hit the like button and leave your comment or criticism down.


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