Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 31

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Hi sissy’s…
Here with next episode…


Both ragsan were with Thier kids.

Rag: sanskar. Did u think of any name?

San: ya. For both.

Rag: first tell me, if I feel it’s gud then we’ll keep.

San: u decide for prince, I’ll decide for my princess.

Rag: no cheating.

San: ok fine. Sanskruti.

Rag: for prince?

San: u guess.

Rag: (thinking) satwik.

San: correct. How did u guess exact?

Rag: while sleeping u were murmuring those names.

San smiles.

They saw Milan coming at them in tension.

San: wat happened? Y u r sweating this much? From where u r coming?

Mil: swara ma’am met with accident.

Ragsan: wat??

Mil: yes.

San: just now both were with us. How it happened? Where’s she now?

Mil: OT. Laksh sir is waiting there only.

San: I’ll go to him. U be with Ragini till then.

Rag: but sanskar.

San: I’ll see situation and b back. Don’t worry.

Ragini was worried.

Sanskar comes near OT where laksh was standing and crying. He went and hugged him.

San: how it happened?


When doc told that ragsan got twins, San went to meet Ragini and here swara.

Swa: laksh I’ll bring sweets, it’s such a good news.

Lak: wait I’ll also come. I can’t let u go alone in this situation.

Both bought sweets which were ragini’s fav. While coming back a biker hit swara while riding fast. She fell on her stomach. She screamed.

FB ends

Doc comes out.
Lak: doc how’s swara?

Doc: (sadly) sry mr.laksh, we can’t save ur child. Swara is safe.

Laksh left shocked. Sanskar hugged him. He too got teary eyed.

Nurse: Mr.laksh, doc is calling u.

Both sanlak entered cabin.

Doc: mr.laksh, I need to Tel u something.
Swara can’t become mother.

Both sanlak shocked.

Lak: crying. Wat r u telling doctor. We lost our child just now and u r telling that she can’t become…..

He couldn’t say further and sat on chair.

Doc: I understand ur pain. But sry. Chances r very less. And now her condition is like if we Tel any shocking news then we may lose her.

This was hell shock for both.

Lak: if swara get conscious and ask abt child then wat shud I Tel her? I can’t lose her. ( He screams and fell on floor) I can’t lose her.

Sanskar was not able to see him in that condition.

After sometime swara shifted to normal ward but still she was unconscious. Laksh was standing outside not able to step in.

Just then they heard noise of swara. They entered and shocked to see swara with baby.
They go near and saw baby boy in swara’s arms.

Sanskar got shocked. It’s his baby. He ran to Ragini. Ragini was on bed with baby girl. Sanskar understood everything. He looked at Ragini. She was bending her head and holding baby in her arms.

San: Ragini.

She was quite.

San: Ragini m talking to u.

Rag raises her head. She saw sanskar’s eyes red.

San: (with pain in voice) y did u do this?


When doc was explaining sanlak abt swara not being mother Ragini heard that standing near door. She thought herself guilty. She felt herself responsible for swara’s condition. Coz for her swara went outside and this happened. If she wud have not gone then accident wud not have happened.

She decided something and took her baby boy and kept beside swara who was unconscious.

FB ends

Rag: sanskar. It happened coz of me. So I…

San: so u wat?
Sanskar shouts with anger and pain.

Ragini scared for a moment seeing him in that condition. He was still staring at her with red eyes. Tears rolling on her cheeks.

San shouted: so u wat Ragini? U wat? U decided to give our baby? How did u decide? It’s my baby too. U r not having any rite to decide alone abt our babies. Then y u did this? U wanted to show how mahan u r? May b u want but m not. M selfish in this case.

After shouting this much he closed his for a second. Tears come from his eyes too.

San: u hurt me Ragini. U snatched my happiness before I cud feel it. I hate u Ragini. I hate u.

Ragini got shocked with teary eyes looked at him. She never expected those words from him and that too for her. Sanskar went from there.

Rag: sanskar please listen to me..

Before she completes he already left. She looks at her baby who was holding her finger tightly.

Rag: did I make mistake? But swara’s condition was coz of me. Then there was no option. I can understand how a mother feels if her child died before coming to world. It’s not easy for me too to give my child. It’s piece of mine, my ?. But sanskar… He’s also rite. He’s father of child. I snatched his happiness. M sry sanskar. I shud do this after asking u. But she’s also a mother. A mother helped another mother. But don’t hate me sanskar. I can’t bear that. I don’t even want to listen those words from u.


Here sanskar was sitting outside hospital.

San: y Ragini? Y? Y did u do this? I know swara’s condition. It’s really bad. But we had other options too. We cud have suggest them to adopt a child. Doctor said chances r less,but didn’t say that no chance. Then y did u hurry? Wat was need of giving our child? U hurt me Ragini. I never expected this from u.


Laksh who witnessed this all went and sat beside swara sadly.

Swa: laksh. R u not happy? We blessed with baby boy. He’s so cute. After accident I was tensed abt our child. But God made everything rite. He gave us happiness.

Lak in mind: no swara. It’s ragsan’s happiness, which they gave us without thinking abt themselves. Sanskar is hurt with this. If he wants he cud have come and took his child with him. But he cudnt. They sacrificed their happiness.

His tears made there ways. He closed his eyes.

Swara tensed seeing him like that.
Swa: wat happened laksh? Is there any prob?

Laksh wiped his tears: no. Nothing. It’s of happiness.

Swa: arey wat abt ragsan. I want to meet Ragini. She may b upset.

Laksh thought it’s not rite time to meet them.

Lak: actually swara, their one baby ….
Words were not coming from his mouth.

Swa: wat laksh? They are ok na? Both babies r gud na? I hadn’t seen them too.

Lak: actually swara, now they’re having only one baby. ( He said in one go)

Swara shocked.: How? Wat had happened? I want to meet her. Take me to her.

Lak: not now. She’s upset. Later on u meet ok. Pls.

Swa sadly: ok. But m feeling very bad. I wanted to see her with both kids.


Here Ragini was waiting for sanskar. Milan comes with food. He served her in plate.

Rag: where’s sanskar?

Mil: sir went outside. Don’t know where. He hand over this food to me to give u and told he’ll come later. BTW sis. Sry to tell. But u did wrong.

He went out by giving plate in her hand. She kept it on table and started crying.

Hope u guys liked this part.
I know it’s sad part. But story needs. So.

Do likes and comments.

Love you all ????….

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