Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 15

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Part 15

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The next day, a day before engagement:

Swara and Sanskar were top of the world as they would be one soon..!! The preparations had started from today only ??!! Their family members were over joyed, and why they shouldn’t be..??

It was SwaSan’s wedding??!! (Oye balle balle oye shava shava??!!)

Today both SwaSan were allowed to be together as after engagement, they won’t be allowed to see each other..!!??

Sujata: Bol chore, kidher leke jana hai chori ko..???

Sanskar: Vo mom..aise he bs..(sharma gya?)

Shomi: Tell it now only Sanskar, as after tomorrow, you won’t be allowed to see her..!! Coming near her is far away..!!

Sanskar was total shocked??!!

Sanskar was just feeling like please maaf karo??!!

Sanskar:(not at all wants this to happen) Mom..what’s this..?? How can I..?? It’s becoming impossible to spend a second without her and you are talking about days??!!

Sujata: What ever i just have decided, is just final and nobody can change it..!! Shoo away? i have lots of work to do..!!( Leaves )

Shomi was standing there keeping her hand on her mouth, chuckling as she knew his condition..!!

He was standing there as a lost puppy, like his whole food was snatched?!!

“Sare doob maro idher udher..!!” Sanskar cursed everyone under his breath as he left from there imitating his mother..!!

“What i said is final..!! (Imitates her) Huh..My foot final..!! It will be more fun to see my bride after engagement chupke chupke..!!” Sanskar said first irritated​ and then smirking..!!

He left from there whistling??!!

At a restaurant:

“This is wrong na swara..look you will support me..!!” Sanskar said being abandant..!!

Actually, he was having a tough time convincing Swara to meet after engagement..!!

They were enjoying there last day having lunch outside, before engagement??!!

“No sanskar, look this will not be good, we must obey them..and we would talk on phone na..!!” Swara said muching on her food repeating the same line she had said 10 times whenever sanskar asked her to agree?!!

Sanskar smirked thinking how to divert her attention from the food..!! He rubbed his legs on her’s under the tably slowly..!!

Swara spitted out her food just to look at him who was smirking at her..!!

He was caressing her leg slowly, causing her to shiver at his touch??!!

“Sanskar..please..!!” Swara said pleading as she was losing control yet again, this man will make him mad one day, in his love??!!

Sanskar smiled seeing his effect on her and stopped his naughtiness..!! As soon as he stopped, he listened a sigh of relief??!!

Swara knew he would make her demand more, but she was very sanskari..!!??

While they were talking, a waiter spilled the juice on Swara’s shirt as he collided with her chair..!!

Waiter: Mam, i’m so sorry, you can go in any of the rooms on the 5th and clean it..!! (Guilty)

Swara: It’s OK..!! I will..

As swara stood up to go, Sanskar also stood up and swara gave him a confused look..!! ” I will also come with you..!!” Sanskar said as swara smiled looking at him and nodded..!!

She just felt blessed to have him, who cared so much for her, she fell more for him everyday??!!

Both headed towards the lift, hands enterwined???!! Smile never leaving there faces??!!

Both entered the elevator, sanskar pressed the button of the fifth floor..!! As the elevator reached the 3rd floor, it jerked suddenly and stopped mid way..!!

Both of them were not all all worried as they were together??!!

Kisi ko koi dar nahi hai..!!??

Both looked at each other gave what-to-do-now-look..!!

Sanskar: What can we do now..!! Let’s wait..!!

Sanskar rang the emergency bell of the lift..!!

Both were standing for around 10 minutes in silence when Sanskar pulled Swara towards himself by waist..!!

Swara gasped in surprise as he suddenly pulled her..!!

He was looking deeply in his eyes and so was she..!! She was burning under his intense gaze as she blushed thora thora??!!

Swara smiled as she rested her head on his chest..!! Both felt so much peace, his arms wrapped protectively around her waits while her around his chest..!!

Sanskar cupped her face and made her look in his eyes..!! She was feeling so much good, everything was going well and now they were going to get married??!!

His hands were wrapped around her waist, caressing it slowly..!! Her hands were around his neck..!! She was standing by the support of the wall,as he was pressing her body against her??!!

She shivered as his cold fingers brushed her cheeks as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear..!! She felt as she got everything..!!

He kissed her eyes, both cheeks slowly as she closed her eyes feeling his touch on him once again..!! He dug his face in the crook of his neck and started kissing there..swara blushed as she turned crimson red..!! He was giving her wet kisses all over, as she was just holding onto him tightly..!!

He kissed through her jaw line as she closed her eyes in pleasure..he was making her numb with his touch..!!

Both were not in senses now, being just lost in each other??!!

Swara lost her control and smashed her lips over his..!! Sanskar was shocked at first but didn’t took time to respond..

Both were kissing and sucking each other’s lips with all there love they had for each other??!!

Swara’s hands were in his hairs, while his were still on her waist..!! Both were ravishing each other’s mouth !!

Both were tasting each other’s mouth again and their tongues fighting for dominance..!! Both broke the kiss and rested their foreheads against eachother and murmured at the same time..!!

” I love you..!!?” Both said at the same time finding solace in each other’s arms till eternity..!!

Both closed their eyes feeling the most beautiful moment of their life..!!

Swara broke the hug and kissed his cheek tightly..both smiled looking at each other??!!

He again dug his face in her neck but she pushed him..!!

“Bas..bohut ho gaya??!!” Swara said chuckling as sanskar made an irritated face?!!

After 5 minutes of silence:

“I’m tired of standing Sanskar..!!” Swara said frustratingly..as she banged the door of the lift??!!

Suddenly Sanskar picked her up in bridal style leaving her surprised..!! “What happened Sanskar..??! Put me down..!!” Swara said protesting..

Sanskar was in not at all mood to listen and sat on the floor of the lift with Swara still in his arms, but now on his lap??!!

“Now..no one of us would be tired..!!”sanskar said holding her close to him..!!

“But i can sit on the floor na..!!”swara said as she didn’t wanted Sanskar to get tired..

Sanskar(teasing smile): What’s the fun in it..??! (Winks)

He leans towards her and..(bas bas mere se ni aur likha jata..!!??)

The engagement day:

There was full hustle bustle in the Maheshwari Mansion as it was the engagement of their son’s engagement??!!

Sanskar’s room:

“Bhai she will reject me..!!??” Sanskar said standing in front of the mirror looking extremely handsome in a gold sherwani with light blue embroidery !!

Adarsh: But why..?? (Confused)

Sanskar(almost crying??): Bhai look na i’m looking like a bandar..!!

Adarsh slaps his forehead and hits sanskar’s head from back..!!

Adarsh: You are going to get married and acting like insanes??!! People give hearts in love you gave brain in free along with heart??!! Dimaag ghaas charne gya hai..??

Sanskar: (rubbing the back of his head) Aaoo..!! Huh bhai..not understanding understanding feelings feelings??!!

Adarsh: Stop your nonsense and come downstairs..!!( Leaves thinking where i entered??)

Swara’s room:

Swara (full nervous): Di Am I lokking good na..??

Swara was standing in front of the mirror looking breath taking beautiful in a golden lehnga with blue embroidery with her hairs in a perfect motion swaying till her waist..!!

Pari: But swara hairs..

Swara(smiles): No di, i can’t pin them up..!! He said i look more beautiful in open hair??!!

Pari smiled and nodded her head, thinking how her life would be when they both would be handling the house together, how lucky she was!

The hall:

The maheshwari and gadodia family were equally happy, after all their children were happy..!!

They were standing all together when they saw Swara and Sanskar coming down from the stairs together hand in hand..!! All were admiring the lovely couple and were clapping hard..!!

Swara and Sanskar looked at each other and smiled, Sanskar was already lost in her beauty..!! She was looking extremely gorgeous..??!!

Both were made sit at the big seat, arranged for them specially..!!

“So now without wasting any time, let’s do some naach gaana guys..!!” Adarsh and pari announced on the mike and came on the stage..!!

Firstly the elder ones performed on retro songs..!! DP was the funniest??!!

Adarsh and parineeta performed on various songs entertaining everyone..!!??

Adarsh: Now it’s turn for the bride and the groom..!!

Swara and Sanskar looked at eachother and winked??!!

Khelan kyun na jaaye
Tu hori re rasiya (x2)


Sanskar started Dancing first..!! Swara was standing in the middle..!!

Puchhe hain tohe sari guiya
Kahaan hai Badri ki dulhania

Kurti pe teri malun gulaal
Rang bata blue ya laal
Air mein tere udte baal
Aaja rang doon dono gaal

Both winked at each other passing a flirtatious smile??!!

Are sa ra ra ra.. (x3)
Kabira sa ra ra ra..

Baby ke dekhe jhoomke
Laga de chaar thumke
Chhichore nache jamke re

Swara came forward and started dancing around him..!! Whistles, claps all over..!!

UP mein din dahade
Window aur chath pe taade
Hum dekhe aankhen faade re

Both were staring each other and turning round and round..!!

Arre arre..
Tujhpe tiki hai meri naughty nazariya..

Tujhko bana kar ke (x3)
Le jayenge Badri ki dulhania
Tujhko bana kar ke
Le jayenge Badri ki dulhania
Rani bana kar ke
Le jayenge Badri ki dulhania

Both were just dancing together forgetting about the whole world..!!

Munia re munia
Badri ki dulhania (x2)

Everyone joined them soon..!!

So now, it is the time to exchange the rings????!!

Both SwaSan were standing in front of each other !!

Swara picked up the ring and slid it in sanskar’s hand..!! Both smiled looking at each other happily..!!

Smile was just not leaving their faces..!!

Now it was Sanskar’s turn (chalo kuch tufani karte hai??)..he took the ring and was just going to slip the ring and Swara withdrew her hand at the last moment..!!

Sanskar was shocked to the core and thought she rejected him??!!

All the elders were watching the drama..!!

Swara was looking at him teasingly!! She held her hands at the back and pari popped in between..!!

“Aise kaise deju??(devar + jiju) pehle batao meri behen ka hath aage lane ke liye kya kr sakte ho..??” Pari said eyeing at swara teasingly..!!

Sanskar looked at Swara for help but she rejected him the instance..!!??(koi izzat he nhi hai..!!)

“Main na.. ” sanskar started to speak stammering..!!

“Tch tch..deju kya aap bhi kuch nhi kr skte..??!” Pari said shaking her head taunting..!! (Panga paa kr khud has rhi..!!)

“Main na ro dunga ab..!!! ????” Sanskar said himself laughing..!!

“Wait wait..think again bhali (bhabi + saali )..i will use the tool from whom Swara hates the most..!!” Sanskar said winking at Swara who was looking at him in disbelief..!!

Pari was impressed??!! “Go on deju..!!” Pari said encouraging sanskar and swara gulped in fear thinking what he is gonna do now??!!

He came towards swara and started tickling her..!! She started laughing uncontrollably and he held her hand and slid the ring..??!!

He retrieved back and stood smirking..while everybody was looking at him in shock..swara who was laughing till now saw the ring in her hand and was surprised..!!

Pari started clapping first..”well done deju..engagement accomplished..!!”

“Yeh kab hua..??!” Swara said looking at her ring finger??!!

“Abhi abhi..!!” Sanskar said with a teasing smile..!!

Sujata: Ok now..everyone have dinner and go to rooms..and swara sanskar, you are not allowed to meet or see each other..!! Ager mauka mila toh mehndi pr dekh lena??!!

Swara started chuckling looking at Sanskar’s million dollar expression..!! Reality hits him and he started cursing everyone??!!

“Mere sath aisa kiya na..dekh lunga sabko ..haa ni toh..!! Bhais ki poonch..!! Badla loonga main..!! Huh..??!! Sanskar said while going upstairs..!!

At night:

Sanskar’s room:

Sanskar was coming out of his room slowly to go to swara’s room..!! He didn’t wanted anyone to wake up..!!

As he was going, Ap came there..!!

Ap: Where are you going Sanskar..??

Sanskar(stammers): Vo ma..pani..yes pani..

Ap: Ok..don’t roam like idiots na then??!!

Ap left and he just taken a step forward wgen adarsh and pari arrived..!!

Pari: Where are you going deju..??

Sanskar(frustrated): Air..yes..to get fresh air as i was not feeling well..

Adarsh: Ok take care..but don’t roam like idiots na..??!!

“Hain..!!” Sanskar saud shocked..”yeh plan toh nhi bnake aaye..!!” Sanskar said being  suspecious??!!

Both left and Sanskar was standing there only if somebody else wants to interrupt him..!!

After 2 minutes, he started to go when dp came??!

Dp: Where are you going Sanskar..??

Sanskar: Car..yes car..my things are left in the car..!!

Dp: Ok go..don’t roam like idiots na then??!!

Dp went from there and sanskar went towards Swara’s house scratching his head??!!

Swara’s room:

Swara was wearing a salwar suit and was sitting on the bed..!! Looking at the ring and caressing it, she was smiling whole heartedly..!!

She was thinking of the whole that how good it had been and now finally they were together..!!

Someone knocked her window from the balcony and she was sure it was Sanskar..!!

She knew how desperate he would have been to meet her??!!

She covered her face with her dupatta and opened the window..!!

She immediately turned looking opposite direction from that of sanskar..!!

Swara: Go sanskar!! What if some one catches us..!!

Sanskar: You knew it was me..??!

Swara: Aur kya! Itna toh chor mere gher nhi aate jitna tum aate ho..!!??

Sanskar: Arrey swara what’s this..?? I have not come here to look at your back ..!! Come on..

Swara(calmly): But Sanskar its not good..!!

Sanskar catches her hand she was to go..she smiles thinking of his condition..??!!

She frees her hand and ran towards the terrace smiling..!!

Sanskar ran his hands through his hairs smilingly..”aaj toh tuje dekh ke he jaunga..!!!” He said in mind..

He went behind her..!!

The terrace:

Swara was standing at one edge of the terrace and Sanskar on the other..!!

“Swara only once..!!” Sanskar said pleading ..!!

“I know how much your once means??!!” Swara said chuckling..

“Maine dekhna hai toh dekhna hai..!!” Sanskar said and started moving towards her..swara started breathing heavily and started running in the whole terrace..!!

“Sanskar..ha ha..kitna bhgaoge..!!” Swara said laughing..!!

Sanskar finally caught her and she was about to lose her balance when her caught her from back..!!

Then the magic happened??!!

They were looking down and could see each other’s face in the big water palette which was kept there..!!

He smiled looking at the water as she too smiled..!! He was holding her shoulders from the back..!!

Both were looking continuously towards each other as there reflection in the water seemed to be mire beautiful with the moon above them..!!

“Happy now..rasam bhi nahi tuti aur maine dekh bhi liya..!!” Sanskar said smiling..

Swara nodded and smiled whole heartedly..!!

Sge rested her head on her shoulder and closed her eyes..!!

Sometimes, these small things give so much peace. This time God was with them..!!

Truly, it had its own excitement..!!

To be continued..!!

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