Phir bhi tumhe chahunga – Episode 4

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Hi guys… My 4th episode… So let’s start…

Aaira goes to mehra office…

She ask staff of arjuns cabin… They show him direction.. She enters cabin n sees arjuns s working in laptop… She clears her throat… Arjuns sees her…

Arjun: tum?? What doing here??? I said i don’t need anything… I mean watch…

Aaira: who says i came here to give watch.. I came here to give u ur phone.. U says that u don’t need anything.. So.. Iso don’t need anything…

Arjuns:no.. U she take that phone…

Aaira: u shd also take any 1 frm 2..

Arjun: 2

Aaira: s..( shows him phone n a purse)
Seeing purse

Arjun: what’s in purse??

Aaira: money

Arjun:money.. I don’t need any money honey…

Arjun POV
See u wat I will do.. That u will not given me phone n not money…

Aaira: if u don’t need this 2.. Then what u want??

Arjun: kiss

Aaira: kiss.. How dare u… I will not give u anything..

She goes from their..

Arjun: plan works…

Aaira comes to knw abt plan..

Aaira POV
How can u be so useless…

Seeing aaira coming from arjun cabin.. Anky ask

Anky: who r u beta??

Aaira: aaira oberoi dauther of raj oberoi…

Anky: raj daughter… He s my bf..What r u doing in arjun room??

Aaira: uncle,, the matter is tat strday arjun broke my phone.. He and me new phone.. So I want to give him a small gift(showing purse).. But he doesn’t take from me.. Uncle.. Can u plz giv it to him??

Anky: OK beta…

She thinks plan work.. She goes from there.. Anky goes to arjun cabin.. And shows him d purse n ask him

Anky: take this… WO tumhe pyaar we di he..

Arjun: but dad..

Anky: small gift beta..

Hearing small gift..

Arjun(thinks): she says money..

Arjun: okk dad.. Give it to me…

Anky gives him n goes..

Arjun opens d purse and sees watch…

Arjun: watch??

And sees a letter..

Tit for tat.. You gav me phone so I want to give u watch.. Samaj lo me smart nahi hu… I don’t care.. I love d phone.. Thanx… Ur welcome for my watch… By: aaira..

He smiles seeing watch..

In OM..

She smiles seeing phone n gets a call

Aaira: hello..

Kaaira: hi.. Di.. I m in aeroplane.. Tmrw I will CME to india..send driver to pickup me.. Bye.. Flight s taking off.. Love u.. See u tmrw… Don’t say to any1 I will give them surprise.. Bubbyeeeee…

She cuts d call

Aaira: hello.. Kitti jaldi baat karti he..

She gets happy n goes to sleeps…

In morning..

She wake up.. Dress up.. And hears bell ring.. She saw hall there was no one.. She open d door., dosent see who it s?? She closes eyes n hugs n says…

Aaira: u knw I was missing u… I was waiting for u from yesterday…

She opens d door n sees kaaira( u guys choose face by itself) there…and broke d hug.. N shock to see arjun…

Aaira: sorry..,

Arjun: btw y u hug me??

Aaira: I thought my sis(pointing kaaira)

Arjun: oh…..

Kaaira: love me thoda air…

Aaira: shut up…

Kaaira: u didn’t say tat u have a boyfriend…

Aaira: he s not my bf… His just my …

Kaaira: friend.. Friend + boy = boy friend..

Aaira: not friend…okk leave it..

Kaaira(seeing arjun): I m ms.kaaira oberoi a fashion designer..

Arjun;: I m Mr.arjun mehra a business tycoon.. Nice to meet u kaaira…

Kaaira: y u came here?? To meet Aaira??

Aaira turns her face..

Arjun: no.. To give wedding invitation to ur dad..

Kaaira: ur wedding??

Arjun signs no
Kaaira signs yes.. Aaira didn’t see tat..

Arjun: yes..

Aaira gets shock..

pRECAP: karan n kaaira meet

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