Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 14

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Part 14

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Swara’s House:

“1 more hour please…!!” Sanskar begged swara holding her both hands and there was a inch distance between the two..!!

Sanskar didn’t wanted to let her go, they were standing outside swara’s home..!!

Swara(puppy face): Look na sanskar..its 11..mom dad will scold now..!!

Sanskar: Ok..(Not at all wants her to leave??)

They hugged again, finding solace in each other’s arms??!! Both closed their eyes feeling the hug..!! Swara’s face was buried in his chest, which was the most safest place on earth for her..!!

Sanskar always wanted this, the person whom he loves till eternity, in his arms..without any worries??!!

Both broke the hug and Swara went towards her house..

Swara(smiling): Bye..meet you tomorrow..!!

Sanskar(smiling too) Bye..

Swara was moving towards her house and Sanskar was standing behind playing the palat game??!!

Sanskar(in mind): If she loves me truly, toh she will pkka turn..!! Palat…palat..palat..(staring her excitedly)

But swara didn’t turn??!! She was at verge of entering inside and it was when she turned ??!!

Sanskar eyes glowed up in happiness as she turned and gave him a smile and then moved inside..!!

Sanskar was now in his own dream world smiling idiotically??!!

He scratched the back of his head smiling sheepishly??!! “Solid pyaar karti hai bey!!” Sanskar said in mind !!

Soon he came out of his dream world and went towards his home?!!

After 10 minutes:

Shomi:(shouting from kitchen) Swara, the laundry man will call on your phone in a few minutes as he wants to discuss the pay..sought it out as i mistakenly gave your no..!!

Swara: (shouts back) Ok mom..

Swara was watching the TV fully engrossed in it..!! Her phone started ringing and she picked up the calk even without seeing the caller ID..!!

Swara: Hello..i know you are that laundry man..call on my mom’s cell??!!

Other side: But..

Swara: Kya but..ek baar mein samajh nahi aati hai ya fir do teen lgake smjhani padhegi??!!

Other side: Lekin..

Swara: Tum sab na ek jaise hote ho..!! Ladki ki awaaz suni nahi aur bolna shuru..!! Bas mera Sanskar he acha hai..!!??

Other side: Main..

Swara: Aise ni maanega na tu..!!(cuts the call??)

Actually swara was not even listening????!!

Again her phone rang..!!

This time she saw the caller ID and it was Sanskar??!! Swara picked up the call..!!

Swara:(happy) Sanskar..

Sanskar:(angry) Kya Sanskar haa..!! Main tume kis angle se dhobi dikhta hu???!!

Swara:(confused) What..??

Sanskar: What what..?? You shouted on me this much and now playing what what game??!!

Swara was fully shocked as she got know what happened as she checked her call log..!! She cut her tongue?

Swara: Baby i’m so sorry..vo i thought it was the laundry man..sorry baby..mera shona mona..(extra sweetly with extra sugar??)

Sanskar:(as he is a love stuck puppy, got very happy listening baby??) It’s ok shona..!!

They continued talking??!!

The next day:


“Sanskar..!! Chodo na..” swara said pleadingly to which he just smirked and pulled her closer..!!

Both were in the car at the parking area in the college as they had come together now..??!!

Sanskar was holding her hand and was trying to be just close to her but she..??

Swara is very sanskari??!!

Sanskar smiled teasingly pulling her closer as she was losing control..he knew how he effected her??!!

Swara realised where they were and kissed his cheek tightly as his grip loosened on her hands..!! She took it as an opportunity and  ran out of the car??!!

Sanskar hkka bkka reh gya??!!

Sanskar was damn shocked and looked at her unbelievably smiling sheepishly..

He came out of the car and smiled at her while she was laughing??!!

Sanskar : And what’s the reason to laugh..??!

Swara was still laughing..” blowed by a kiss..??!”

Sanskar just smiled and shaked his head..truly she was an antique piece..!!

At the class:

Everyone was just wondering what was happening??!! Yesterday they were fighting and now..sitting together and doing mushy mushy things??!!

Every body got to know about Swa_Hil break up..but didn’t knew of SwaSan’s relationship..!!

Piya and Ajay were looking at them keenly…staring them continuously like cats??!!

“Lagta hai is gadhbadh ka pta lgana hoga partner..!!” Said ajay, looking seriously at piya!!

Piya: (looking at him) Yes partner, definitely something something cooking cooking??!!

Ajay slaps his forehead..” why you girls always dream of eating..!!”

Piya:(full angry) Huh..idiot i was talking about them..(points towards SwaSan..!!)

Ajay laughs idiotically while she just smiles and looks back SwaSan..she had to know what was cooking..!!

At an empty class:

Sanskar: Swara..why are you so afraid..??!(smirks)

Swara starts moving back wards and hits the wall..she starts breathing heavily by his close proximity..

It all started when sanskar pulled her inside and empty classroom while she was walking in the corridor..!!

Swara: Sanskar..any one would see..!!

Sanskar comes dangerously close to her and blocks her way..!! She notices the heat in his eyes and her cheeks automatically attains the colour of natural red..!!

She looks down unable to match the passion in his eyes..!!

Sanskar makes her look up and smiles at her..!!

She was again losing control in his arms, his smile which always made her magical??!!

Shivers went down her spine as his hand went down to his waist and the other one cupped her face..she closed her eyes feeling his touch..!!

“You know, whenever i see you, i just don’t want to leave you, be near me Swara, don’t leave me ever..!!” Sanskar said looking deeply in her eyes and so was she..!!

She felt so blessed to have him and just threw herself in his arms by hugging him from the neck..he smiled listening her laughing as he twirled her around..!!

Sanskar stopped and they were still standing hugging each other closing eyes..

Both needed nothing else, this was enough, just enough..!! Finding solace in each other’s arms was now there habit..!!

Both loved each other to the core, they hugged each other more tightly never letting each other go..

Sanskar broke the hug and looked at her face which was just an each away from his..he looked up at her and was leaning towards her…!!

But romancing in college is bad manners..!!

Fate didn’t let them kiss this time..!!??

“Caught you..!!” Piya came inside shouting..and immediately turned around..!! “Aaahhhh..!!” Piya shouted closing her eyes..

Ajay also arrived..(ek kabab mein haddi kam thi ek aur aa gya??!!)

Ajay: (laughing) Kya yaar..yeh koi jgah hai romance karne ki..??! Aur bta toh dete tumhara lovet-dovey chal raha??!!

Piya opened her eyes and looked at Swara angrily..she went towards her and started to hit Swara’s shoulder..!!

“Aaoooww..!! What are you doing ..?? Have you gone nuts..!!” Swara said shouting as they ran around the whole classroom chasing each other…!!

Still they were kids!!

“How can you hide this from me..?? Earlier you used to say..Piya my best friend..i won’t hide anything from you..!! And don’t know what else..!!?? Gandi zaalim dost..!! Meri toh mt maari gyi thi jab main teri dost bani..!!??” Piya shouted still running behind her..

Swara hid behind sanskar..??!!

Swara: (pleading) Sanskar..save me na otherwise she will eat me alive??!!

Sanskar was just stuck..!! One side sali sahiba and one side ghar wali??…!!

Piya was shooting glares at him..

“Cool down kanna..she did a mistake..forgive her..you know na she is mental case..!!” Sanskar said winking at piya and eating glares from Swara..!!

Piya started laughing looking at her!!

“I look like a mental to you na..go away..!! I’m not talking to you..!!” Swara said angrily looking at Sanskar who was making a puppy face..

Ek toh problem se bchao uper se daant bhi khao??!!

Swara was moving towards the door as her legs tripped and she was just about to fall..!!

Two strong arms catched her protectively and she opened her eyes immediately as she felt it was not Sanskar’s touch..!!( Superman ni hai vo her jgah hoga??!!)

She opened her eyes only to find her Maths sir who was in his 50s grinning looking at her??!!

Swara immediately stood up and stepped back..!!

Sir: Walk carefully..Miss Swara..what will happen to me if something happens to you..??!

Sanskar’s eyes poped out of his sockets as he saw his maths sir drooling over his girlfriend??!! He immediately stood in front of Swara..!!

“Sir we will take care of her !! You can leave..!! Class khali ja rhi aapki??!!” Sanskar said shooting glares at the old man!!

Sanskar was still shocked and was looking at Swara with wide eyes..”Swara he likes you..!!” Ajay said laughing to which Sanskar and piya too joined..!!

She was looking angrily at them or you can say pretending??!! Soon she too started laughing..!!

“Meri toh jutti bhi na psand kre isko..!!” Swara said laughing??!!

“Mereko toh mera Sanskar pasand hai..”swara said tucking her arms with him and resting her head on his shoulder as he smiled??!!

“How did this happen..?? Two biggest enemies in love..!!” Piya asked adoring them..truly they were the best couple..!!

“Just enjoy the present sali sahiba..enjoy the present..!!” Sanskar said smiling looking towards Swara as she closed her eyes forgetting about the world..!!

When he was with her, she needed no one..!!

Piya and Ajay looked at them smilingly and went out..!!

SwaSan’s relation became more strong and strong..they were just inseparable..!! Now most of the college knew about them..!! Their families were damn happy by this and wanted them to get married as soon as possible..!!

They didn’t wanted any new problem to come in their life..!! The time passed and the  hours changed to days, the days to weeks, the weeks to months..!!


At Maheshwari Mansion:

Gadodia family had just arrived there and Ap welcomed them happily..!!

Ap: Come in na..!! Why you are standing outside..??!

Shomi: Ji ji..come..

Shekhar and Shomi came inside and Pari came downstairs running..!!

“Mom, Dad..!! Aap yaha..??!” Pari asked after hugging both of them..

Shekhar: Yes beta, now we don’t want to delay in Swara and Sanskar’s marriage before its too late..!! Your mom said she wants Swara to live with you as soon as possible..!!

Pari: Wow..it means Swara will come home so soon..we both will enjoy so much..!!

Shomi: leaving us alone!!

Pari: Aww mom..(hugs her)

Pari breaks the hug..

Pari: So no more emotional drama !! ?? Kyunki meri behn ki shadi hai??!! Mom aapko pta main toh na khub naachungi??!!

All laughed at her antics..!!

Ap and Dp smiled looking at them and pandit ji was just sitting there..

SwaSan entered the hall and was just shocked to see all..they were call maheshwari masion after the college as their exams of that term finished that day..!!

But they didn’t knew the whole baraat would be here??..!!

Sanskar and swara greeted all and went to their respective mothers??!!

Sanskar : Mom, what’s going on..??(confused)?

Ap: (smiles??) We are going to take the best decision of your life..!!

On swara’s side:

The same thing was happening..!!

Swara: But what mom..??!

Shomi: You are going to get married to Sanskar..!!

As these words left Shomi’s mouth, Swara’s face turned into a deep shade of red??!!

She looked down shyly..!!( Oye hoye??)

Sanskar was smiling ear to ear listening this and thanked his mom through eyes and stood beside Swara..!!

Smile was not leaving both of their faces..??!!

“Ab toh tum Mrs. Sankskar Maheshwari banne wali..!! Ab nhi bhagne dunga..!!??” Sanskar whispered in Swara’s ear as she blushed more??!!

She was so much happy, after all she was getting her love, her Sanskar??!! These 6 months have been just like a dream for her..!! How he cared for her whenever she was ill, there numerous dates, movies..everything was just flawless..be never made her uncomfortable and now both were going to be together for forever??!!

Swara came as a light in Sanskar’s life..!! He was all broken which she had mend with her love..he was just incomplete without her and so was she..!!

“Ager kundli nhi mili toh..??” Swara asked Sanskar biting her nails..!! (Innocence at its best??)

“Mandir mein shadi kr lenge and then will buy a flat and ek kamte hum band ho aur chabi kho jaye..!!??” Sanskar said teasingly leaning towards her..!!

” Dono ki kundliya mein pure 36 ke 36 gun milte hai..!! Aisi jodi humne kabhi nahi dekhi!! Shubh muhrat aaj se paachve din hai..!!” The pandit ji announced suddenly after studying both of their kundlies..!!

All were damn happy by this news abs sanskar nudged swara from behind with his shoulder and gave his trade mark smirk??!!

The elders had no problem of preparing for the wedding as they were expert in it now??!!

Everyone was now discussing about the preparations while our love birds were standing uselessly??!!

Sanskar pulled Swara and took her to his room..!! “Kya sanskar..sab neeche hai..!!” Swara said trying to get out of his hold..!!

Sanskar: (smirks) So what..??!

Swara: (smirks too) So what do you want..??

Sanskar:( leaning towards her) Ek shadi mubarak kiss toh banti hai??

Swara: ( Goes away ) No..no..no asanskari kaam before marriage ??!!

Sanskar catches her hand pulled her closer..!! She landed on his chest and he was holding her waist firmly..!!

Sanskar:(tucks a strand of hair behind her ear) pakka..??

Swara was now again losing herself..his lips were inviting her and she knew how she was supressing it??!!

Sanskar toh pehle se he lost hai??!!

Suddenly swara started tickling” haha..swara..no..haha..!!” Said sanskar while laughing as he lost his hold and she ran outside the room..!!??

Sanskar slapped his forehead lightly..”kya bey..zyada hasi aa rhi thi na ki chodh diya usko..!! Bhugat ab..”??

After 10 minutes:

“The engagement is the day after tomorrow..ok..??” Shomi’s voice rang in the whole hall as she was declaring the engagement day..!!

“Arrey wah..!! Itni jaldi??!!” Sanskar said all of a sudden as all eyes were looking at him in utter disbelief??!! Swara was looking at him like she will kill him..!!

“Ok ok..now be ready ok..!!” The elders sambhaling the situation??!!

Swara and sanskar hugged eachother as they were finally going to be together??!! Both were damn happy..!! Swara closed her eyes finding peace as all others admired them..!!

But will this happiness stay forever..??

To be continued..

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