Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th March 2013 Written Update

Aardhya on way to office in her car. It gets repair.

Rahul gets a call informing to stop a suicide from the same road as Aaradhya’s car is stopped. Identification is white cell phone. Aaradhya to has the same.

Identity is mistaken. Rahul scolds her for creating drama. He asks her to commit suicide in front of truck and drags her to center of road.

The truck driver scold them and leaves. Rahul pulls aaradhya aside at the apt time. He gives lecture that he will murder her if she threatens to suicide again. Actually he had identified her as the girl at press conference

Aaradhya is scolding Rahul in front of Meghna. She grabs the phone and talks to her BIL.

Aaradhya tells what was her experience with Madhav and then Rahul.

Rahul says what happened to Madhav.

Aardhya tells that just her dress spoiled. Meghna comments that nothing happened to tempo.

Rahul says it was just a normal attraction. He asks about the new intern but Madhav avoids

Aardhya is sure that she will secure a place is Ehsaas’s heart as she entered the radio station. Her sister asks about her Monkey cap.

Madhav is looking at the cap lovingly.

Meghna says it was a precious gift from her would be. Aradhya tells it will take her to Ehsaas

Madhav – she is so beautiful, how can I think so about her.

Madhav asks Barathi about his father. She uses some word that her MIL doesnt understand. Madhav explains.

Pallavi, Rahul and Madhav – They talk about getting Pallavi admitted to dramatics course. Rahul says maam loves him more than Madhav, so its better he asks

Rahul lectures about dramatics to Barathi. She again uses a word that he doesnt understand. Rahul spills the beans that Pallavi needs to join dramatics.

Barathi objects. Pallavi pleads and asks for permission. Barathi asks her to do something like any ordinary girl. She compares to Prerna who is doing Ph.D. in English.

She blames Rahul and her MIL for giving these ideas. Barathi’s MIL says Barathi had made Prerna to study so much that they are not able to find a qualified guy for her.

Madhav and Rahul comes to see Pallavi.

Rahul tells that she should do MBA in some college. Both say that they have chosen some college that has facilities to learn dramatics too

Aradhya is talking to Nimmy. She tells that her khadoos boss talks to Jodhpur but looks at Jaipur.

Her friends tease her for breaking the record of scoring low score (2/30).

Peon informs them to get information(photo and name) about Ehsaas soon. Her friends says all is in the hands of Ehsaas and Aaradhya.

Aardhya is on air. She speaks that is heard throughout the office.
Madhav and Rahul are in Jhaankaar office yet.
Aardhya makes an announcement that how long will Ehsaas hide his face.
Both guys go to check who is on air.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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