Pavitra Rishta 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Punni & Manju talking regarding the contract paper. Manju tells Punni that she does not need any gifts further , but she won’t allow Punni to get the sign from Sulo. She afraids that she has already aattempted that previously and when Vinod got to know about this, Manju had to face his anger. Punni then tries to convince her mother by saying that Sulo will be offered by some money and a new flat exchange of this old broken house. Manju tells Punni that she needs to be good in front of everyone’s eyes, for that she needs to go to see Archana at hospital.

Balan goes to meet Varsha at Jail where he informs Varsha about Archana’s current critical situation in comma as Vishnu has shoot her. Varsha starts shouting that Valan is the only responsible person behind all of this. She says that she would readily accept the fact if Vishnu goes to Archana because she is her real mother.She wants her son to be free, but due to his “mind wash” Vishnu lalla again goes behind the bar. Valan says that Varsha is the only black spot in Vishnu’s life. When she escaped from her house with Soham before many years ago, from that time the bad phase of Soham’s life has been started, Valan says. Some cops come and take away Varsha from there.”Leave him alone” Varsha clams. She then wants forgiveness from Archana as she is the only responsible one behind all of this.She never wants Vishnu to hurt Manav or Archana anyone of them.(Actually here, Varsha talks by herself, she kinda regretting).

Manav is sitting at the hospital and recapitulates few past good memories with Archana. He thinks how they got married, how they were supporting each other and their first hug (here, the tune “Saathiyaa Tune Kya Kiya” plays at background). Manav goes to see Archana at ICU and starts crying. He says that he is now incomplete without her, life has stop for him. Sulo on the other side is crying while remembering Archana. She remembers how Archana used to cook, helped her in daily household works a lot. On the other side, Varsha cries sitting at Jail and remembering about Archana. How Archana was taking care when Varsha just joined the job and she always guided her. Now, Purvi is crying remembering Archana. Archana always considers Purvi as her own daughter. Soham thinks how Archana always loved her. He didn’t want to kill her at all. Savitaa remebers how Archana forgave her. Teju and Ovi also remember their mother.

Punni comes at hospital to see Archana and meets with Ovi. She regretts how her own son has tried to kill her. She wants to know about Ovi’s baby. Ovi tells that she is with Purvi. Ovi tells that hospital atmosphere is not appropriate for her baby, so she has kept her with Purvi. Punni surprises to see such a good rapport between Ovi and Purvi. Punni goes back home while she sees Purvi is feeding the baby at the car at the parking lounge.Punni hides herself to investigate the matter.

Teju is making the salad at the Gujrati family. The lady comes to give relief her. Teju says that she wanted to divert her thoughts from her mother. She tells Teju that her mom will be fine soon as she is so good, so GOD will be always with her. On the other hand, Ovi comes to the car while she sees that the baby is sleeping. She surprises how the baby is sleeping while it is her food time. Punni surprises to see such a bonding between the two sisters. Purvi talks herself that GOD should give her the strength so that she can control her motherhood and keeps the secret away from Ovi and gets emotional.

Pre Cap: Onir is getting emotional as he can’t claim that baby as his own though he can touch her, takes her

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