Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th June 2013 Written Update

Dadi asks everyone why they r so silent n inquires abt madhav. Brij somehow tells her that madhav is gone to get thr medicibes n will b back soon. However, dadi is very excited to tell madhav that his son is born. All others r mourning madhav’s death but still doesnt express it b4 dadi. Shekhar is thoughtful outside the OT when the nurse rushes out informing him that his aaradhya is sinkibg. He rushes in only to find aaradhya struggling to breathe. He tries to calm her down but aaradhya is determined to get his promise that he will find a goid mothet for her child. Shekhar is stunned yet promises her as he has no other option. As soon as he promises, she thanks him and dies. Shekhar is shell shocked n he is totally shattered. Just then the nurse brings their baby boy n shekhar takes him in hand and takes to aaradhya n tells her to wake her up. Another nurse arrives n tells that aaradhaya has gained, n he thinks its his aaradhya but his happiness disappear when the nurse corrects that she said abt the other aaradhya. She adds that aaru’s baby has some infection n he needs to check. Shekhar hands over his baby to the nurse n leaves.

Dadi us very anxious n still keeps asking where madhav is. Brij yet again tries to divert her atrention. Just then she remembers that shekhar’s aaradhya was also taken for labor. She asks pallo to go to prerna who is by aaradhya’s side n tell whats the status there. Bharti is crying her heart out near madhav’s body and begs him to wake up. She tells that he always wanted to see his baby n here is his baby n he cannot leave them all like this. Just then prerna comes and she is shocjed to see madhav. She too cries hard n pallo is also there. We see an emotional outbreak of bharti, prerna n pallo and they hug in grief. Not seeing pallo n prerna back, dadi takes rahul forcefully with her to check out on aaradhya. As they come near the OT, bharti,pallo n prerna comes,out of madhav’s room. They r shocked to see eachother. Dadi questions them on what they were doing in that room. They try to cover up the matter but dadi feels something fishy n decides to check the room for herself. As she enters the room, she is also shocked to see madhav. She asks bharti what happened n after a lot of questioning, she tells that madhav is nomore.

Dadi goes to madhav n hugs him hard n cries. Just then a nurse comes n tells that aaru has gained conciousness n wants to meet all. Bharti asks pallo n prerna to take dadi home while she and brij would meet aaru. Aaru is impatiently waiting for madhav to come,along with her baby and just then all enter aaru’s room. Aaru asks abt madhav n they cover up by saying that he is with shekhar n their baby. Aaru tells that she is very impatient to meet her baby. Shekhar is by aaru’s son and he is trying hard to bring his heart beats to normal. He tells the nurse to bring injection as the pulse of the baby is reducing. As she leaves, he gives the baby oxygen mask n tries to make his condition stable but the machine shows the pulse going blank indicating the pulse rate stopping(omg…maya’s baby is also dead???? 😮 ) He remembers how bharti had pleaded him to save aaru n the baby’s life as madhav is no more. He thinks how can he tell them that the baby is also nomore?

Precap: Shekhar enters aaru’s room with his son thinking that he should tell aaru that her son is nomore. Aaru is elated to see the baby as she thinks its her son.

Update Credit to: sio

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